DIARY OF A POP STAR: Chapter 11 – 20


(Can you keep a Secret)



My heart raced I breathe roughly as a result of attacking him or it could be the way my heart raced.
I tried to to lift my self back up In an attempt to escape, Christians Hands traced down to my Hips, I gasped as he smirked at me.

“Where Do you think you’re going.. ” He Snickered at me.

“What do you think you’re Doing?? ” I shot back he smirked at me.

In the Blink of an eye he tumbled so quickly I couldn’t process how he actually did but he was on top of me, my heart skipped a beat on realizing that.

He took both my hands and slammed them both to the ground, I glanced over my palms realizing I’m trapped once again under Christian as the water slightly splashes On Us.

He arched his back so he wouldn’t force any pressure against me.

“Remember Sleeping Beauty the Prince Charming Woke his Princess up with a K!ss..” His eyes darted directly at my Lips and back at my Eyes Leaning slowly towards me but paused he was breathing gently against me as his grip on me Loosens a bit, I Jerked him off me and Tumbled him down this time I’m the Dominator.

“Never mess with me again.. ” I Slowly got off Christian completely Soaked.
A Cold breeze hit me I shriveled up shaking rubbing my arms.

Christian run his Hands through his hair pushing it back as the hair damped smoothly.
My eyes Darted to His Shirt, his Shirt was carving a Wet Image of His Abs, I bat my lashes as Christian Caught me Staring at him.

“You Like?? ” he mocks at me in a Husky tone, I just rubbed my arms like I was cold

“As if… ” I rolled my eyes at Him, Continuously rubbing my arms.

“It’s getting Late Let’s go… ” He said as I took of my Shoes holding them out while slowly walking in irritation as my toes Sink in the mixture of Water on Sand.

Christian noticed and Sighed.

He Squatted which got me Confused

“Get on..” He Insisted I slowly nod my head pacing back a little nervously.

“No…i Can’t…” I tried to reason

“I know you’re irritated Just get on my Bag or else I’ll Flip you over my shoulders.. ” he Said like in a Threat, I hissed under my breath Cussing myself.

I walked towards him as I got on his back encircling my Legs round him and threw my hands over his Shoulders.

“Ready… ” Christain Called.

“Yes.. ” I said as he slowly gets up and gripping on my thigh as he lifts me up.

He Started Walking while I watched the beautiful Scenery as the Water Splashes against the Bay.

“It’s Beautiful… ” I said in a Whisper

“Wanna go Faster.. ” He Paused

“Won’t that be a Burden on you??..” I asked

“Oh please a Feather Is Lighter than you..” He Said

“Then Giddy up.. ” I said as he Runs, I giggled throwing my hands in the Air and hooting.

“I’m the Queen of the World.. ” i Squirmed I’m excitement as Christian ran faster, I crossed my arms over his Torso Laying my head down on his Shoulders.

I felt the Adrenaline kicking In I never want this to end.


The Weekend Ended Eventually and it was back to School i Kept Thinking about the Saturday with Christian.
The next Day i walked to School, Evelyn was waving at me she ran up to me.

“So How was Your Saturday?? ” She questioned

“Oh Yeah I went to Detention.. ” I said nervously

“Wait You went to a School on a Saturday?? ” She questioned.

“Yeah…. It was Boring… ” I didn’t want to tell her about the hangout with Christian.

“Mine Too, I went to see my Mom and her Boyfriend.. ” she rolled her eyes but she looked kind of hurt but didn’t show it.

“Oh Sorry about That.. ”

“It’s okay my Parents are Practically Divorced so they can do anything they want, at least she is Happy and as Long she’s Happy with Clinton or whatever the Fuck was his name I’m Happy.. ” She Smiled and I hugged her.

“You don’t have to be Strong with me Evelyn..” She just Froze but started Sobbing while I patted her on the back.

“There…. There.. I know it’s Hard But Just know I’m Here for you..” I consoled her.

“Thanks…” She Hugged Me back almost cracking up my spine.

“Eve… ” I choked and she let’s go of me

“Oh I don’t pretty much know my own strength..” she giggled as Rodney ran up to Us.

“Hey Kiara… Eve.. ” He Greeted but despicably voice Eve In a rather odd Tone.

“Hey Rodney.. ” I waved with a Faint grin

“Rodney… ” she scowled at him which was kinda weird but I just shrugged it off.

“The Alphas are Coming.. ” we heard Some girls whisper in a quiet uproar, Daniel was in the Front I looked Down but back at Them.

Isaac pulled his hands out of his pockets and waved at us.

There was Something Weird about Them They were wearing Face masks heading to our Direction.

“Hey Guys.. ” Evelyn greeted first.

“Did you Guys get Sick or something.. ” Rodney questioned as They shook their head sideways.

“Then what’s with the Mask..?? ” Rodney asked, The Mask only Covered half of her face which leaving their eyes out, The rest wore White like all those Doctor masks but Christian’s mask was Black, my throat almost dried up when I stared at him. He was looking back at me I didn’t know if he was Smiling but his eyes focused on our Direction.

“We Just Decided to put on Masks Today, we have a gig This week, You guys Can come watch us.. ” Julian said from his mask.

“I don’t know if I Can.. ” I said as the guys Whined mostly Aaron.

“Why?? Didn’t you get off Detention”

“Ummh I need to Study, I pretty much I’m behind all my Works..” I said, actually I have a Lot to do this week Considering I got detention last week I’m way behind Schedule.

“Oh Come on Kiara.. ” Isaac Whined as the Bell rang.

“I’ll Think about it… ” I said before Turning my back on them and as me and Rodney speed walked to The school Hall.

That Morning I had Economics, I Just Sat behind Evelyn while Rodney was Next to me Sketching Something.

A Student Ran in.

“Mr Wilson isn’t Coming… ” Dave said in a Pant.

“What Happened?? ” Julian asked

“The Teachers are having a Staff meeting with the Principal.. ” Dave said as Everyone rejoiced.

“Hallelujah I Forgot my to do my Homework..” Aaron heave a Sigh of relief.

“What’s Happening?? ” I whispered over to Evelyn.

“The Principal is Holding a Staff meeting it takes The Entire first period so we are not having Class…” She said while I nodded.

“So what do we do now?? ” Isaac asked as Aaron got up slamming his hands on the Desk.

“Let’s Play Truth or Dare who’s in.. ” Aaron Suggested

“In School?? ” Julian asked In Dismay.

“Anyone got a Bottle.. ” Aaron asked as Isaac hands him a bottle as he went up to the teachers table.

“Come on Kiara.. ” Evelyn dragged me up to the Teachers Desks where, Julian, Daniel, Isaac were.

Christian just folded his arms.

“Come on Christian don’t act Like a Saint.. ” Christian Rolled his eyes but still got up to meet us.

“Anyone Else who wants to Join..?? ” Aaron asked as Few girls came up.

Rodney was busy with headphones on perfecting his sketch.

“OK Let the Game Begin..I’ll Start..” Aaron Spinned the Bottle as it Stopped at Daniel.

“Truth or Dare?? ” Aaron asked

“Dare… ” Aaron grinned wickedly

“I Dare You to Kiss Eve.. ” I looked at Eve Who Froze on Hearing That, he glared at Aaron but Looked back Eve.

“Ummh and if I don’t?? ” Daniel said as Aaron rolled his eyes at me in a threat which scared Daniel, he only bloody stared at Aaron.

Wait what does Aaron Know about Daniel??

He walked over to Evelyn and Sighed

“Pucker Up Eve This would be Exciting to watch.. ” Eve Sighed as Daniel places his palm on her Face, slowly pushing his Mask down and smacked his lips on hers, They K!ssed for like five seconds and jerked off each other.

“OK it’s my Turn.. ” Daniel said and Spinned the bottle and it Landed at Julian.

“Truth or Dare.. ” Daniel asked

“Dare.. ” Julian said

“I Dare you beat up Aaron.. ” Daniel said

“That isn’t a Dare.. ” Aaron spat bitterly

“It’s my Dare… ”

“Oh Give me That.. ” Isaac Took the Bottle and Spinned it and it Landed at Evelyn.

“Truth or Dare.. ”

“Truth..” she said Hesitantly

“Do You have a Crush on Rodney.. ” Isaac asked

“Hell no…gross..” she whined while I nudge her at elbow.

“My Turn.. ” Evelyn Took The bottle and Spinned and it landed on Me.

Evelyn rubbed her hands together nefariously.

“Truth or Dare Kiara… ” I didn’t have anything to Hide so I picked truth.

“Truth.. ”

“Who do you Think is Cuter Christian or Daniel… ” She Smirked at me I froze as both guys look at me.


“How Is That even a Question?? ” Aaron Spat Furious

“it’s my question. ”

“Give me That.. ” she Swiped the Bottle from Her and Spinned and it Landed on Christian.

“Truth or Dare… ”

“Dare… ” Christian said as Aaron grinned nefariously.

“I Dare You to French K!ss Kiara… ”

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