We continued kissing but I was still scared then an idea came to my mind “I’m coming let me go and take water ” I said, he agreed.

I tiptoed downstairs, the time was 10pm already I picked my car keys on the table and tiptoed to the gate, I opened the gate first before driving out.

I breathed sigh of relief “sorry I can’t help. You can have yourself there” I said while driving.

I drove to my parents’ house, Aminu opened the gate for me. I tapped the door bell, dad came out “Good evening dad”
“There’s nothing good about this evening, hope you have not come here to pass the night ”
“Yes dad I can’t go back home tonight ”
“Don’t worry, I just spoke with your husband, he narrated everything to me so please and please I don’t have accommodation for you ” he said and banged the door on me.

Tears dropped down from my eyes, I never thought my dad would be this serious and mum wouldn’t even show up.
I tapped the door bell several times no response, I walked to my car and drove out hopelessly.

On my way I remembered Eunice my room mate who lives closer to my parents, she’s still single. I drove to her house and pleaded with her that I’ll leave the next day. I told her I went for visitation and it’s late so I couldn’t go home late.

Few minutes later I got an international call, it was my immediate elder brother Charles who was outside the country. My dad sent him to take care of his company outside.

He’s the only one who knew everything about me and he knew how to speak to me that I would listen.

He advised me to go back to my husband the next day and apologise to him. He also told me sex is not painful as I think and said I’ll end up liking it. I laughed and promised him I’ll do as he said.

Soon I was off to bed thinking about my father’s actions, does marriage guarantee him to disowned me his only daughter?


“Hope everything went well ” Alex asked his wife
“pretty good o, I pray it works out well but for Edith she’s good at keeping secrets. She’d refused to tell me her problem ”
“hmmmm that lady needs a good counseling ”
“I think so”
He kissed her forehead
“let me prepare for dinner ” she said and walked to the kitchen.


Raymond hoped and prayed his wife has listened because immediately they left, she cleared the dishes and cleaned up the house.

If she could only keep the house clean, he’ll be buying the kind of clothes he wants her to be putting on.


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