Edith was restless about what Gift told her and it seems Sunday was too far so she decided to call Gift.
“Hello Good afternoon madam ” Gift began
“thank you dear, I’m really worried about what you told and I want you to brief it to me”
“I can’t say it here because of my fellow workers around here and that was why I said Sunday ”
“why not take excuse from your boss and come over to my house today?”
She was quiet for a while before she spoke up “okay ma”

She waited patiently for Gift. Soon gift arrived, she served her a meal and waited for her to finish before she would gist.

“So what did you intend to tell me?” she asked immediately Gift finished eating
“it’s about the new PA” she began contemplating on how to fix her words
“what about her? ” Edith asked with interest because she has a strange feelings towards the lady.
“Ma, she behaves like a possessed lady and can seduce any man at any time. Please tell your husband to change her department ” she said
Edith hummed “really? I don’t think my husband will fall for her because of the way she expose herself and dress like Jezebel of our time. She’s just deceiving herself ”
“I know but ma’am prevention is said to be better than cure, most of those kind of ladies are not walking natural ”
“I wonder why my husband employed her she is just outrageous. Thank you dear! I’ll have a second thought over it”

They chatted a little bit before Gift left.

To be continued