Episode 8

Mrs Alex walked gracefully to her car. Without doubt she could be seen as a satisfied woman. She has a boutique where she employed sales attendants to look after for her. She had kicked against being a full house wife, she refused to ignore her career because of marriage. So her husband opened a boutique for her unlike Ray whose wife insisted she works but he was strongly against her working.

She drove home happily, she had just left the hospital. She got home happily to inform her husband the great news.

“Sweetheart!! ” she shouted while she was still inside the car.
Alex who was confused at her call, he was standing in the kitchen frying plantain when he heard her call, he rushed to her.
“Sweetheart guess what ” she said enthusiastically
“what? You know I’m not good at guessing ” he said trying to smile to keep his happy woman more happy
“you are supposed to know about this na” she said, she gave him a paper.
Alex close looked the paper but he was still a lay man that needed an explanation in a lay man understanding.
“I still don’t understand what you are talking about ” he said looking confused.
“oh dear, I’m two months pregnant ” she said jumping up while he grabbed her for a hug.
“this called for a great celebration, our miraculous son will join us soon ” he said in a loud voice.

She turned to look at him after his last word, “common dear, let’s celebrate him” he said she let go of his hands from her and looked at him sternly.
“honey did you just say son? ” she asked
“yes our son ”
“no she can’t be a boy” she said
“he’s a boy” he began
“no she’s a girl” she said, they began to repeat the same words soon they shorten it.
“boy” he said
“girl” she replied
“Then let’s see who the baby will respect” he finalized
“her mother of course, I’m the one suffering ”
“have you forgotten I suffered to put it there? ”
“two minutes suffering ” she said, they both ended up laughing
“Now you’ll not be going to shop frequently, I’ll get a maid for you. Fruits will be your favorite ” he said
“yes dear ”
“don’t worry we’ll carry the pains together, I’ll always be there for you ” he said and kissed her forehead.

Raymond and his wife were having lunch together at the dinning table, she started her irritating character, the lunch was semo and banga soup prepared by Mrs Ray.

The food was so delicious but her eating habits was too bad, her hands were filled with soup. He felt disgusted “we would have used spoon instead of eating with bare hands” he began
“how can we be eating swallow with spoon? You have your own problems ” She said
“Did you just say that to me? ” he asked
“sure we are just two here and you know I’m referring to no one but you. If you are tired of eating or you don’t like the food just tell me let me get another one for you instead of making face like pregnant woman ” she said

He looked at her in surprise, he never knew she had the guts to speak to him in such a manner, he thought she would keep licking his feet for his funny attitude.
He washed his hands gently to avoid quarel, she ignored him and continued eating, she berged very loud causing him to mumble.

“What’s the problem? ” she asked facing him
He contemplated within himself on how to tell her about her dirty character without hurting her feelings but he couldn’t figure out what to say “you are too dirty for my liking ” he blurted out without intending to but was fed up.

She stared at him for long before crying “I’m now a dirty lady right? You are heartless and wicked ” she said and walk away.
“Whatever, you need to know the truth that’s all I care for ” he said and left the dinning table.


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