“But why did you choose to punish me this way? You would have even done what Belinda did that one is better but you got me hard at the end of the day story. Wo, just let me be” I said and walked away but she ran after me and held my hand.

“No baby don’t do this to me ” she said but I turned and back at her.
“Don’t baby me, you are trying to call me baba agbaya. You are calling me baby and treating me like a baby yesterday I saw when you tiptoed to the living room picked your car keys meanwhile you told your baby you wanted to go and drink water. Do you know what? I think you are the baby because you act like a baby. Let go on a vacation, you go and learn how to cope with husband while I’ll go and learn how to cope with wife, that’s our assignment. I can’t be babying and babying like a fool. I’ll never tolerate that name baby. For now you are Miss Danny, please go and learn how to become Mrs.” I said and walked out leaving her crying.


Ray enjoyed Belinda for just that Sunday she resumed her dirty life the following day, he decided to be using c0nd0ms on her to avoid her bushy pub!c region.
He tried his best to clean up the house daily before going to work because Belinda had totally kicked against house maid saying she had heard many stories of maid and how they have ruined marriage.

Danny promised to tell Ray about his new system with his mistress the PA trying to help his friend free from marriage problem. He thought that would be the best.

Danny tried his best to stay away from Edith sexually in other to avoid unpleasant drama.

Anabel was so glad her plans were working, she has started getting her boss. She was the unknown Pov.

? Things are getting hot don’t miss the next episodes because more Wahala and secrets are yet to be unveil. Most men don’t cheat willingly o


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