Nicholas stared for what seems like eternity. He closed his eyes and parted his lips.



Savannah, Kenneth, Zayne, Aidan and every other people present turned to the entrance.

Matteo got in, aiming his gun directly at Xavier. The other cops ran in and barricaded the area, all aiming at Xavier.

“What’s happening?” Hailey demanded angrily..

“Xavier Hayes, you’re under arrest for illegal drug trafficking…

You have the right to remain quiet, if you don’t have a lawyer the law will provide one for you” Matteo said, bringing out his handcuff.

“What the h’ll is happening here?!” Aidan flared up.


“Your father here has been proven to be implicated in illegal drug dealing thanks to our secret spy..

We have formal proof. Right now, as we speak the police force are at your hideout were we discovered more than 50 bags of marijuana” Matteo said.

“I see..” Xavier said calmly.

He raised both of his hand up and Matteo handcuffed them.

Hailey looks utterly surprised. Now that Xavier is being arrested, if he opens his mouth she’s a goner too.

Nicholas smiled from where he stood. No satisfaction is greater than the one he’s feeling right now.

Seeing this bstard being arrested was enough to lift up his mood

“Before I leave. Can I see the face of your spy?” Xavier asked calmly.

That was when Brittany walked in. All eyes widened as they watched her catwalk down the aisle with a hand in her pocket.

She held a smug smile on her face.

Brittany stopped right in front of him, staring at him with no fear in her eyes.

“I did” She muttered.

Aidan’s eyes widened. Now he gets it,, it all makes sense to him on why she was released..

Nicholas just looked at her, not feeling surprised. She already told him anyways.

Xavier looked at Brittany with eyes filled with..with anger and rage.

The girl he’s been protecting for his son is none other than a spy..

Matteo nudged him and he began walking away, still glaring at Brittany till they left the hall.

They got out and as usual, reporters flooded the entrance, taking pictures while firing all kinds of questions at Xavier.

In all his life, he has never felt this humiliated before as the citizen mocked him while giving him hateful stares.

They got into the car and the cops drove off with him.

Meanwhile, the hall was in a complete disarray with the guests whispering to themselves.

No one expected this to happen talk less of it happening to Xavier.

Valerie watched as the guests all left one by one..

“No… The wedding can still go on right?” Valerie said and turned to the priest.

“Continue with the vows.. C’mon!”

Nicholas shook his head..

“This is a sign Valerie, a sign to let you know that we aren’t meant to be and we’ll never be.” Nicholas said and looked at Brittany who has been staring at him all along.

They stared at each other for awhile till Nicholas broke it. He turned and left..

Brittany diverted her gaze to Valerie who was already crying. That made her mascara smear all around her eyes, making her look ugly.

“It’s all your fault Brittany!! I háte you!! I hàte you!!!!” Valerie shouted.

She heaped her gown in her hands and ran out of the hall.

“Val!” Ruby and Sandy chorused.

They both went after her..


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