Brittany nodded too and turned. She began dragging her feet towards the door. Strangely, she doesn’t want to leave..

It’s as if there’s another thing she want to tell him but her lips felt too heavy to move.

She reluctantly stretched her hand to hold the door knob and made to turn it.

A light gasp escaped her lips and her eyes widened when she felt strong arms wrapping round her tummy, preventing her from moving further.

Nicholas hugged her tighter with his face buried on her shoulder as his tears dampened her shirt..

“So you were really gonna leave if I didn’t stop you” He muttered.

“What Brittany? Tell me,, what should I do for you to stay..for you not leave. It’s been barely a week and I feel like I’m slowly díeing.

I’ve been acting like I’m fine,, like everything is okay but deep down I’m not.. I’m really not Britt” He cried on her shoulder.

Brittany stared at the door as tears slowly trickled down her eyes..

“What do you want me to do huh? Tell me and I’ll do so, I swear. Is it because of me being a playboy?

Then you don’t have to worry, I quitted it the moment I laid my eyes on you.. Is it because of Alex?

Then don’t worry, I promise I’ll treat him like my own.. I’ll love him just as much as you do.. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it,, but please don’t leave me.”

“If you can’t love me back,, fine I don’t care. Just let me love you and hold you in my arms” He said.

Brittany’s hand left the door knob. She quickly cleaned her tears and removed his hand from her tummy.

She slowly turned to him and looked at his teary face.

“If you can do anything for me then please just do this one for me.. Don’t cry again for me” Brittany said and brought her hand to his face, cleaning his tears.

She finished cleaning his tears and then brought his face down to her level, pecking his lips.

Nicholas’s eyes widened.

“I’ll stay..just because I don’t want you crying this way. It makes you look like a walrus” Brittany smirked.

“You’ll.. You’ll stay?” Nicholas stuttered.

“Yeah, don’t tell me you’re now deaf” Brittany said and finally smiled.

“Come here” Brittany spread out her arms and hugged him, placing her head on his chest.

Nicholas slowly smiled and hugged her too..

“I should be the one asking you to stay.. Each and everyone I love always end up leaving me” Brittany muttered.

“My middle name from now one will be glue because I ain’t leaving you” Nicholas said and Brittany laughed.

“Glue? C’mon” She muttered breaking the hug..

Nicholas cupped her cheek, staring at her face like it’s the most precious and most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

“I love you Britt” He muttered, smiling widely.

Brittany just smiled and cupped his cheek too then stood on her toe. Their lips met in the softest way ever.

Nicholas felt like sparks, fireworks were exploding in the pit of his stomach as he held Brittany like an egg.

He lifted her up and gently placed her on the table such that she was now at his level of height.

They broke the kss and Nicholas rested his forehead on Brittany, staring at her red lips. Brittany had her eyes closed..

“Does that means you now love me?” Nicholas blurted out and Brittany chuckled.

“Well love will be a very broad term of how I feel for so I’ll say… I like you” Brittany said.

“I’ll turn it to love.. I’ll make sure of it.” Nicholas said and reconnected back their lips

Brittany buried her hands in his silky hair as their lips danced on each other..


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