“Thank you sir. You can keep the change..” She said and smiled.

The taxi man drove off immediately..

Brittany turned back and looked at the mansion in front of her.

Well she helped Alex out in his homework and also put Angel and Alex to sleep before she went to her own room.

She closed her eyes to sleep but she couldn’t, her mind kept going to him.

Without thinking she quickly changed into something simple and left for his house..

Brittany closed her eyes and exhaled loudly before ringing the bell.


Few minutes later, a security guard opened the gate for her.

“Miss Brittany?” He called looking surprised.

“Hey. Can I see your boss?” She asked.

The guard pondered on whether to let her in or not but he later decided to let her in.

“The boss is in his room right now. She’ll lead you to him” He said and Brittany nodded.

Brittany followed the maid till they stopped in front of his room.

“Here’s his room miss” The maid said.

“Okay thanks a lot”

The maid nodded and left..

Brittany stared at the door for a while still reflecting on whether to knock or not. She bit her lips and brought her hand up to knock but abruptly stopped.

“Gosh.. What I’m I even doing here? Why I’m I even here” She said inwardly and brought her hand down.

She was about to turn back and just leave when the door suddenly opened, jolting her.

Nicholas looked at her with nothing but surprise in his eyes. She was definitely the last person he was expecting to see.

“Brittany?” He called and his raised his brows.

“Uhh.. Hi”

“What are you doing here?” He frowned.

“I… I came to,,, to apologize” Brittany stuttered, not knowing what to say.

Nicholas looked at her for a while before pulling her in, closing the door behind.

“So you were saying?” Nicholas asked and crossed his arms.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry.. Look when I accepted the deal, I never thought it will turn out this way..that you will end up falling for me.

It wasn’t my intention to play you but I had no choice, I was afraid that if I tell may ruin my plans and also I was scared that it’ll hurt you.

I barely knew you when we met so I wasn’t sure if I should tell you or not.” Brittany said..

Nicholas just looked at her without speaking..

“Also I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping me out, if you didn’t I’m sure I wouldn’t have succeeded and I would have been back in jail at the moment we speak..

Thank you” Brittany said while looking at him.

Nicholas sighed and closed his eyes.

“You’re welcome, that’s the least I could do and also… I forgive you, I totally understand you didn’t mean for it to end this way so I forgive you” Nicholas said.

“Thank you Nicholas..” Brittany smiled lightly.

“Guess I’ll be leaving now.” Brittany said.

Nicholas just nodded.


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