Brittany stopped at a particular grave and smiled. She knelt down and dropped the two bouquet of flowers she stopped by to buy on two graves close to each other.

“Here’s your favorite flower… Roses” Brittany smiled and touched the grave at her right.

“And here’s yours lillies” she smiled and touched the one at her left

She squatted in front of the graves and stared at it for a long while before she closed her eyes and released a heavy sigh.

“How are you doing over there dad? Did you meet mom? Are you two back together?” She said and touched the cemented grave.

A drop of tear fell on the grave. She slowly cleaned her tears and smiled.

“Too bad we didn’t get to achieve our dreams together. Too bad you didn’t fulfill your dreams dad,, watching me get married..

You didn’t even get to hold your grandson” Brittany said as new rounds of tears came out again.

“Thanks for always believing in me dad. When everyone thought I was guilty, you believed in me..

I’ll make you happy dad and I won’t stop till I correct every mistakes you made and that includes Hailey” Brittany said.

She looked at her mom’s grave and touched it while smiling..

“Please forgive dad for cheating on you. I know he acted like a jerk but please forgive him,, for the love that you two share” She said.

She released a sigh.

“Hope I find someone who’ll love me just like you two love each other” She said.

“Though I think I’ve found him but…” She bit her lips, thinking about Nicholas.

Brittany stayed there and talked to them as if they were alive for almost 30 minutes before she stood up.

“Need to get going. Have to pick up Alex, will come here whenever I’m chanced to do so.. Bye mom, dad. I love you guys” She waved and left the cemetery.

Brittany stopped a taxi which took her to Alex’s school.




“So I’ll be leaving guys. Need to meet up with my boo” Paisley said and winked at Luna before leaving the office.

“Always like that.. Every lunch break she either leaves us for her boyfriend or for Brittany. Now that Brittany resigned, she now focused on her boyfriend. Have some pity on my single life!” Luna whined.

“Speaking of Brittany.. Hey Rhett have you seen the boss’s new secretary? How does she looks like?” Luna spoke but got no response.

“Rhett?” Luna called and looked at Rhett’s side.

To her surprise, he was sleeping on his table. Luna smiled as she stared at him.

She brought her chair close to him and began staring at him. She didn’t even know when her hand slowly went to his cheek.

“I think I must be going ¢ràzy, liking someone who’s in a relationship with another. What’s wrong with me?” Luna thought as she traced his brows lightly.

Her gaze landed on his lips and she gently rubbed her thumb on it.

“How can someone be so handsome in his sleep?” She said inwardly and didn’t know when she began leaning in.

Her thumb pressed more harder on his lips, making Rhett to move.

Luna’s eyes snapped back open. She quickly shifted away from him back to her table, pretending to be working on some files.

Rhett opened his eyes and yawned lightly, sitting upright.

“Can’t believe I fell asleep” Rhett muttered, stretching his arms.

“Yeah. I was talking to you but you weren’t replying” Luna said, staring at the blank files as if there’s something important in it..

“I’m sorry,, I’m so tired.. Barely slept a wink last night. Slept at Jessica’s house and we talked all night” Rhett said.

“Oh I see” Luna replied coldly.

“Hey what’s wrong? You’re acting weird right now” Rhett asked.

“Nothing.. I guess I’m just a bit tired too” Luna lied and smiled.

Rhett smiled too and stood up, leaving for the restroom.

Luna’s smile immediately fell. She buried her face in her palms before releasing a frustrated groan..

“I’m ¢ràzy…”


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