“Please sign here and here…” Matteo showed her where to sign.

Brittany took the pen and signed where she was showed to sign with an overflowing happiness in her. She finished signing and placed the pen on the paper.

Matteo took the paper and smiled, stretching his hand forth.

“Congratulations Miss Rodriguez. You’re now a free woman” He smiled.

Brittany gladly accepted his handshake..

“So I guess I can start calling you Matteo since you’re not longer my boss” Brittany joked.

“Are you flirting with me?” Matteo raised a brow and smirked.

Brittany laughed.

“Shut up!” Brittany smiled.

“I’m married for your information.. And my wife is a jealous freak..” Matteo said.

“Your wife is lucky I guess. Having a sxy officer as husband” Brittany smirked.

“Stop flirting with me!” Matteo said and Brittany laughed.

“Can I see my two friends?” Brittany asked as Matteo stood.

“Sure I’ll bring them in” Matteo smiled and left.

Few minutes later, Reagan came running in while Doc just walked.

“Britt!! Is it what I think?” Reagan asked excitedly.

“Yes!! I’m free!!” Brittany said and they began screaming like kids while Doc just blocked her ears..

“OMG I’m so happy!!” Reagan squealed and hugged Brittany tightly.

They broke the hug and Brittany rushed then hugged Doc tightly. Doc smiled and hugged her back..

“I’m happy for you beauty cutie” Doc whispered to her and Brittany’s eyes widened.

She broke the hug staring at Doc with shocked eyes. Doc patted her shoulder.

“I’ll be released in two weeks from now. Don’t miss me too much..” Doc said and smiled.

“What about me!” Reagan pouted.

“I’ve already talked to Matteo. He’s processing your papers. Due to Xavier’s case, it’ll take some time so you’ll either be free tomorrow or the next day” Brittany said.

Reagan almost fell but luckily Doc caught her.

“Wait.. You,,, you aren’t joking right? You’re serious right? You… You..” Reagan began stuttering, not knowing what to say.

“Of course I am. Though it cost me my full salary I earned as being a secretary but it’s worth it,, I always stick to my promises” Brittany smiled.

“Brittany..” Reagan broke down in tears.

Honestly, she doesn’t even know what to say again. Words aren’t enough to express how she felt.

“Come here” Brittany hugged her and rubbed her back.

“Thank you Britt… Thank you” Reagan cried.

“No thank you… Thank you for being there for me all these while. I promised Paula I’ll take care of you so I’ll do it” Brittany smiled.

They broke the hug and Brittany cleaned Reagan’s tears. Reagan smiled afterwards..

“I’ll need to get going guys.. Have to meet up with someone important to me.” Brittany said and they nodded.

“Bye guys. Take care” Brittany waved at them before leaving.

She got out of there and smiled, finally she’s free. Right now, everything looks new to her as if she was reborn..

Brittany flagged a taxi and got in.

“To the town’s cemetery” She said and the man nodded before driving off.


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