Written by Raji Abigael

Episode 51


“Hey Karen can I talk to you for few minutes? Kathrine asked walking into Ariel’s room all dressed up.

“You leaving for school already, isn’t it too early? Ariel asked.

“Nope, we have an up coming project. I have to be in school early to meet up with my partners so we could discuss. Kathrine explained.

“Alright, so what do you want to talk about, it should be fast before those monstrous babies wake up, I still wanna get some sleep, didn’t have one all night. Alexandra cries were ear deafening. Ariel stated yarning.

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“Really wow girl you are trying really well. Anyways it’s about Austin, don’t you have any special feeling towards him? Kathrine asked.

“Why asking it’s not important right. Ariel shrugged.

“Yeah, I just want to know, twins share everything with each other, so tell me, do you?

“Maybe, I am not sure yet, okay.

“Come on Karen you shouldn’t waste so much time on this, it’s been eight good months, don’t you think you should give him a chance. Kathrine said which made Ariel suprised.

“Kath, are you okay? Is something wrong? Did Austin tell you to come here and say all this? Because as long as I remember, you hardly associate with him, so why?

“You don’t understand Karen. I am running late please think about giving him a chance. I will see you when I get back. Kathrine hugged Ariel and quickly rushed out.

Kathrine was kind of acting strange, why she suddenly wants Ariel to get together with Austin.

Ariel shrugged her weird attitude off, she went back to sleep for two more hours, before she got ready for class with her tutor.



4pm Ariel was home alone with few maids. Kathrine wasn’t back from school yet, ken and Kimberly where at work and Jerald didn’t visit.

She thought of something to do with her free time, the babies were presently asleep, she was completely bored.

Then an idea strucked her, she thought of preparing a wonderful meal for the family, and she was sure going to invite Jerald.

She went straight to the kitchen, she met a maid, checking the food list, probably checking what’s for dinner.

“Isabella, you don’t have to worry, I will be preparing the dish for tonight. Ariel said to the maid.

“Really ma’am, is there an occasion, she asked.

“No, I just want to prepare something special, but don’t worry you can assist me, let me check for the ingredients. Ariel replied going through the refrigerator.

Her face turned into a frown, when she couldn’t find the ingredients she needed.

“Is something wrong ma’am. Isabella asked.

“Yeah, there’s no ingredients for the lasagna I want to prepare, how unfortunate. Ariel sigh.

“I could go get them from a store if you want, there’s still time left. Isabella volunteered.

“No, I don’t want to stress you, I will go myself. Ariel suggested but Isabella shook her head, it won’t be right to let her go on her own.

“Why don’t we go together. Isabella asked.

“You think so? Ariel replied unsure.

“Of course ma’am. I will get the grocery bag. Isabella said and left for the store room.

Ariel went upstairs to change into something better. She assigned some maids to take care of her babies till she returned. Then she left with Isabella to the store.

Unknown to her, a man watched silently as they both left. The man threw a magnetic tracker on the car, then placed a call across to his boss before leaving the premises.


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