Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



“Then who could be at the door. Wait, we’re not expecting anyone,who can that be? Or are we?

We all looked at each other.

“I’ll get that”. I said.

I stood up and moved close to the door as I opened it.

I turned the knob open as the alarm stopped .

“Hello “. The voice said .

I stared at the figure in front of me . She looks tall a bit. She wore a short blue gown and she looks so much like Jennifer.

But her eyes were different.

Her lens are just like that of a cat.

“Hi.. ma’am,how may I help you? I said politely.

“You must be Valerie?

“I think I am”. I scoffed.

How did this strange woman know my name? I thought .


” I’ve heard a lot about you,Can I come in? “. She said entering the house.

“Ma’am,who are you, please…” . I started but she didn’t wait to listen to the rest .

I followed her in as she went to the dinning room where Jennifer, Jeffery and Nanny Jade were seated, they were saying something funny without me .

They stopped suddenly and faced the woman whose eyeballs is like that of a cat.

“MOM??? Jeffery and Jennifer said.


Did they just say Mom? This woman is their mother? My eyes couldn’t deceive me !

“Tonia,it’s been a while…how are you doing? Nanny Jade said smiling as she stood up to hug her.

Nanny knows her too? Ohh right

I answered myself again .

Nanny worked for them too.

“Awwww, Nanny you haven’t changed one bit, you’re still you “. She smiled.

“Hi Mom”. Jeffery and Jenny said in unison

“Why are you home now? What are you doing here? Jeffery said.

“Valerie.. nice to see you,I’ve only seen your pictures on Jeffery’s phone…you look so beautiful in person more than the phone”. She moved closer to me as she hugged me.

“Ohh , thank you ma, Jeff’s phone? I said a little bit baffled.

How can I be on Jeff’s phone when we’ve just met once or twice.

“Yeah, Jeff’s don’t know? You’re his wallpaper”. She whispered to me.

Jesus! This people are so hilarious. I scoffed .

It’s not even possible.

“Mom?? Stoppp…!!! ” . Jeffery said shyly.

We all turned to look at him .

Wait a minute,why did Jeffery use my picture as wallpaper?…let me see your phone Jeff . I faced him.

“What? He said.

“Let’s move to the sitting room, Tania,have your seat”. Nanny said switching on the TV.

We all moved to the sitting room

“Jeff,your phone? I asked again.

“It’s not with me”. He said

“Hmmm, why didn’t I notice this earlier?? Jennifer said rasing her eyebrows.

“Notice what? I and Jeff said in unison.

“Notice that Jeffery likes you” . Mrs Tania said as they all laughed

I and Jeff didn’t find it funny.

Me to Jeff!

I can’t even think about that stupid and horrible idea. I don’t have such bad taste in guys .

“Mom,I have my own girlfriend,I can never date Valerie…she’s like a sister to me…blehhh,ehewww”. He said .

“Am I that disgusting? I said with a serious look

“No! You’re beautiful”. He said

“Gotcha! Jennifer said as we all laughed.

“It’s high time we left,Nanny Jade,thanks for entertaining us.. I’ll come here often to say hi to our beautiful Valerie”. Their mom said.

“Okay,Tania..take care of yourself”.

They all stood up as we escorted them to the door.

“Bye Valerie”. Jennifer said hugging me.

“Bye,pink princess”. I said

Jeffery went ahead of them .

“Jeff,bye..” I shouted .

“Don’t mind him,he’s trying to act like a baby, say me hi to your parents darling”. Mrs Tania hugged me.

“I will ma’am”. I hugged her back.

We bade them goodbye as they left .


“So,when are you gonna tell me about the Harris – some guy”. Nanny started

“What do you mean by Harris-some guy? I said pretending not to understand what she meant.

“Come on, Valerie,I know it when you’re lying and pretending”. She scoffed.

“I’m not,I…I.. sincerely don’t know what you’re talking about”. I looked away.

“Valerie,if you wanna keep anything from someone, should it be me? At least,if you can’t confide in your parents,you can actually confide in me… right? She said.

“Fine,Nanny Jade . I’ll tell you about it”.

“Now go ahead and do”. She smiled.

“So hummm ..these guys are the coolest guys in our school, they sing cool songs,you know those songs I do listen to during my jogging hours..was sang by them “. I said.

“Really? Wow?

“Do you remember; love me like you do,that love song that went viral ?

“Yeah, love me like you do baby,I wanna hold you tight,I can feel your fingers running through my hair..” She sang

I sang along with her as we laughed.

“Yeah,I found out they were in our school, isn’t that great? They’re actually like my celebrity crush . Jennifer told me little about them and their names are ; Harris , Ricky, Dennis and Drake “.


“Yeah,lemme show your their pictures”. I brought out my phone and showed her the picture of the four of them when they took a picture together.

“Awwwn,this one looks very cute and innocent”. She said pointing at Drake.

“Drake,is actually very cool but he’s boring. So boring”

“How did you know?

“Jennifer told me of course,he likes making tea, he doesn’t like girls ,so few girls swim around him, unlike Harris Grayson- he’s the man for the girls”. I explained .

“But,I thought Harris has a girlfriend already”

“Yeah, one wench, she almost dealt with me today, thankfully she didn’t do anything stupid. I was almost bvllied”.

“Stay away from people that will bully you okay? I hate it when you get bvllied”. She said silently.

“Yeah,I’ve heard you Nanny”. I hugged her, heading upstairs.

“Your Mom called”. She said as I paused and turned.

“None of my business,it’s not like she cares about me”. I turned to leave again.


“Nanny Jade,not now please,I hate it when you make flimsy excuses for them. It ain’t right,or is it? Consider yourself to be in my shoes, Nanny Jade,it’s hard,so hard . They never wanted me, do they?

“Val? She called again so confused.

I kept talking out of annoyance.

“’s high time you stopped covering for them . I know the truth already that they don’t love me”. I swallowed hard as those words rolled off my tongue with tears as an accompaniment.

“Valerie,they love you.. they’re just too busy with their work”. She explained as I cut her short.

“Nanny, too busy with their work, I wish we were actually poor,maybe they’ll have time for me. I wish they were never my parents”. I yelled angrily and ran towards the stairs.

“Valerie Matthews?

I paused and faced her.

“NANNY,this will be the last time we’ll be having this conversation, please”. I said softly heading to my room.

I hate myself!

I wonder why I was born,I know I’m the mistake they never imagined could happen to them

I accepted that but still the shouldn’t make it so obvious that they hate me.

They claim to do everything all because of me yet, they’ve never for once made me happy.

I cleaned my tears till I slept off.


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