Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade

? EPISODE 21 ?


During break, I and Jennifer went to the Cafeteria to get lunch . I carried my tray of food alongside Jennifer.

“Hey,nerdy”. A feminine voice said as we paused.

“Autumn”. Jennifer muttered within her breath.

“What do you want this time around? I turned back to face Autumn and her girls walking towards me.

“I see you’ve gotten yourself glasses or probably you won yourself an award as the first girl to use glasses in our class”. She scoffed .


I sighed.

“Have you got any Val? No body is gonna take you out for Valentine’s day and you know that so if I were you,I’ll stay at home to avoid humiliation”. She said and with that she left with her puppets.

“Those fools,I’ll give them a taste of me”. Jenny said with clenched fist

“Let it slide girl”. I said and walked towards a round table and chair as we sat on it.

We we’re still eating when the four walked up to our seat followed by the noise of many girls.

I knew it was them.

“Birthday girl,I see you’ve gotten glasses…it suits you though and I’m expecting a Valentine’s gift from you “. Harris said with a command tone.

My heart skipped a beat , I looked at his cold ocean blue eyeballs.

He has the tone of a king ???

“I mean it”. He said again as he walked away with his friends.

Some girls eyed me as I looked away.

Why does he want a gift from me?

Oh my goodness!

Is Harris asking me to be his Val?

“Did Harris Grayson just speak to you about gift? A Valentine’s gift? I mean any girl would fall down at his feet instantly.

“I know right? I blushed sharply.

“But…what if he is deceiving you”

“What if he is falling for me already? I gasped.

“Falling for you? I don’t think so”.

What Jenny said made me a bit annoyed.

How could she say such a thing when she knows how much I love Harris Grayson.

“If he doesn’t likes me he can’t ask me to the dance floor…he can’t tell me to get a gift for him too”.

“Maybe….”. She started.

“What you should ask is that how are we gonna get something for him? I flinched cutting in sharply.

“I’m sorry if that offended you,I was just trying to act as like a sister”.

I looked away and saw Harris gaze fixed on me.

I was convinced.

“Okay,so what are we gonna get for him? She said .

“Good question”. I hugged her.



We were at our special spot at school. We have a building where we catch cruise and sometimes organize mini concerts .

We have a studio there too, actually the studio belongs to Drake but he chose to use our name.

“So,what’s up for Valentine,are we gonna do a song that day? Rick said.

“Yeah,that right? Dennis added playing bouncing a ball and catching it back.

“The principal actually told me about it”. Drake said as we all fixed our gaze on him.

He wore an apron to his slim body ad he approached us with a tray in his hands.

He dropped the tray of four cups on the table and removed his apron.

I know what he is about to do!

“Peppermint teas and decaffeinated Tea are good for the voice but drinking green and herbal teas with some honey or lemon is going to have major soothing benefits for your voice. Peppermint teas will naturally energize you while chamomile teas have a natural relaxing effect.

“There we go again”.

“Come on man, we’re tired of this history of tea,tea and tea… we’ve become a bag of tea ourself”. Dennis said smacking his forehead.

“What’s Chamomile tea? I said.

I just had to say something.

“Good question , Chamomile tea Calms the vocal cords and throat. Chamomile is another one of the best teas for singers. It’s hydrating and soothing. … It does the same thing for the vocal cords and throat. When you get a cold, chamomile helps your voice by being anti-inflammatory.

“Good story,good story…can you tell us what the principal said”. Rick clapped his hand and helped himself with a cup of tea.

“Sure,I will…she said we are gonna perform for the whole school that day. I won’t be performing with you guys that day ”

“You seldomly participate man and we know that”. Dennis shot at him

“I’ll be handling the catering department”.

“Harris,man…speak up why are you not saying anything” . Rick sIapped my hand.

“I guess he’s thinking of his babe, Autumn…he’s taking her out for val, remember? Dennis said as the three of them laughed.

“That’s true, remember,we need to take cute girls along with us…I trust you guys”. I said referring to Rick and Dennis .

The take classy ladies out anytime they like .

“What about you Drake? Who is the lucky girl”. We all chorused.

“None”. He responded sharply as he hurricane to the counter.

Hmmm, I know when he is like this.

“Just tell us…come on..D-R-A-K-E”. We called his name like chant so he would tell us.

“Just a random girl at school,she’s in our class…”

“Wait,you mean?

“Valerie Matthews”. We all chorused and he blushed.

“The fk man,you have a bad taste”. Dennis spat

“It’s his choice,we need to be happy for him since she’s gonna be his second after what happened to Rihanna”. Ricky said .

We all became silent at once.

“Guyy…you shouldn’t have said that”. Dennis smacked him at the head.



I know y’all are probably wondering who Rihanna is.

Rihanna is the first girl I fell in love with . She has this dark eyeballs which is so full .

She looks like a gemini.

I’ve never seen anyone that is as beautiful as she is. She’s our childhood friend.

We all grew up together. Along the way, I found out I liked her.

And funnily enough,she likes me too. We started dating and the boys were happy for me except Harris.


????FLASHBACK ????

“You both can’t be together”. He said that day.

“And why not”. I argued, Rihanna was behind me .

I had to defend my love for her.

“Harris? Are you crazy? Rihanna said. Her voice was shaky . She held my hand tight.

“I’m crazy…yes because I’m in love with you…If I can’t have you then no one else will”. He shouted back at her.

“Harris,what’s wrong with them being together? Dennis said.

“Because…I love her too”. He landed.

“WHATTTTT…!!!”. We all exclaimed.

“How could you say that man”. I dashed towards him and gave him a blow in his mouth.

I knocked him down as we fought fortunately for us Dennis and Ricky separated us.

“Whatever belongs to you belongs to me and mine alone”. He said and walked out .

He had no shame !!

This won’t be his first time, he has done that several times as we grew up as little kids. He might come to my house and claim my toys.

Our parents were close so they treated us like twins . He’ll come to my house,sleep over and claim my toys .

I’d have to leave it for him .



I just came back with the guys from school. Rihanna didn’t come to school and we don’t know why.

Harris didn’t come to school either,he told us he was gonna travel or something.

We decided to give Rihanna a surprise visit after school.

“You think the flower will be cool? I said smiling as we greeted some of the maids at Rihanna’s house.

“Yeah man, it’s great”. Dennis hit my chest.

“She loves flowers yunno”. Rick added .

They both wrapped their arms around me.

“Where is Rihanna ma’am? I asked one of the maids.

“In the upper Chambers”. She replied me.

She can’t be in the upper Chambers if she’s not doing something important. What could she be doing that is so important than her health

Such a stubborn girl!

I ran with joy in my heart holding the bouquet because she’s someone that loves flowers.

You can’t see her wearing a dress or clothe that doesn’t have flower.

Her room , her house everything is surrounded with flowers.

I smelled the flower and didn’t even think about knocking. I’m her boyfriend and even her parents want us to marry each other after school.

I opened the door to behold my greatest shock.

“HARRIS…!!”. Dennis and Ricky dashed forward and brought him out of the bed as Rihanna curled up in bed.

“Rihanna? Her name rolled out of my tongue in a whisper tune .

My heart sank, my heart beat increased. How could she do this to me?

I don’t wanna hear any explanation but how could she? How? How?

I wept bitterly.

She couldn’t face me! She buried her head inside her bed cover.

I stood there as the flower dropped from my hand in a slow motion.

Words failed me,all I could do was cry like a baby.

Dennis and Ricky kept pvnching Harris as his mouth bIed bI.ood.

I ran away from the house and I couldn’t even face anyone.

I had to travel the next day.

The pain was too much for me to bear. I couldn’t stand to see Harris , I had to leave that place silently.

If I didn’t,I would kll him that day .

I decided to let go of every grudges and continue my life. I heard Rihanna moved to Korea .

I hope she finds a man that love her.

I tried erasing all our memories but it proved so difficult. I decided not to give love a chance anymore.

Love is scam! Girls are scam!

Or probably because I didn’t find the real and ideal girl .


??? PRESENT ???

Finally, meeting Valerie was a dream come true. At first,I didn’t wanna notice her.

But she kept reminding me of Rihanna.

I once asked Jennifer,the pink princess during Valerie’s birthday that what could I get for her and she said Valerie likes flowers.

Did my Rihanna come back ?

My heart was drawn to Valerie.

I was the one throwing her a white paper at school. I didn’t want her to know it’s me.

I’ll just give her the shock of her life when we see on Valentine’s day.

I just wanna keep doing things anonymously.



Come to think of it. Rihanna,liked me first because I’m the coolest.

Don’t let Drake get into your head with his warm words

That’s what he used in taking Rihanna away from me.

How can he have a pretty girl,and a happy relationship when mine isn’t so cool .


And now, Valerie Matthews the girl we sang for at the birthday party.

The new nerdy girl in our class.

She’s gonna go out with him!

She’s actually pretty,very pretty much more prettier than Autumn. Autumn is becoming so clingy and I can throw her away anytime.

I’m just doing what my Mom wants because Autumn’s Mom is her friend.

With the look of things,I can see clearly that Valerie likes me.

I’m the king of all girls,I know you’re probably falling for me .

If you were to choose between Drake and Harris,who would you choose?

Me of course ?

I’m gonna use her anyways!

“So guys,let’s do the rehearsal of the song we’re gonna sing”. I said breaking the silence after Ricky spoke about Rihanna.


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