Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade


I revved the engine after parking like a mad man . I got down from the car and shouted.

“Nurse…Nurse…. please help us”. I was panicking real bad as they rushed out with a stretcher and opened the back door as they brought her out .

I ran behind them as she was wheeled inside.

I wanted to follow the to the room they took her to but the doctor tried to calm me down.

“Young Man, she’s gonna be fine… just calm down…breathe in and breathe out…very good, she’ll be okay”. She tapped my shoulders as I sat down on the iron chair for visitors.

“Gosh! I shouldn’t have called her to come at all…I should have just allowed her to stay at home”. I blamed myself for it .


I inbox the boys on the group chat that Valerie fainted and I won’t be coming for any party .

I stood up some minutes later feeling uneasy. I messaged Nanny Jade that we would be a bit late,I didn’t want her to panic because of Valerie.

She has had enough already.

I paced up and down and kept checking the direction of the ward she was taken into .

Is this a major accident or what’s going on?

My heart raced forth and back again when Dennis and Ricky ran towards me.

“Guys? I called as they both hugged me

“How is she? Dennis said putting his hand in his jean pocket .

“She has been in the ward for a while now…I don’t know what’s going on? I rubbed my hair as my eyes formed misty tears

“Hey…Drake,calm down.. she’ll be okay… she’ll be fine,the doctor didn’t come out to say anything? Ricky touched my shoulder as they both assisted me to a chair .

“No! None came out”. I said .

Then Dennis phone rang.

“Hello? Yeah… we’ll be there soon”. He said and hanged up.

“You’re leaving? I asked facing him

“Yes, the chief just called us now that Harris mom came back from the States ”

“WHATTTT!!! “. I and Dennis chorused.

“Again? I said

“Yes, it seems she suspects that something is going on with Harris and another girl but she doesn’t know if it’s Valerie or not”. Ricky explained

“Valerie is in trouble with the old witch if she finds out that she’s the one “. Dennis said

“But how did she get to hear about it? I wondered

“Autumn and her mother has been the brain behind everything. Her mom wants Autumn to marry Harris and Harris on the other hand doesn’t want it, but who is Harris to decline what his mother wants for him”. Ricky explained to us

“She has really changed eversince what happened between her and her husband”. I said

“She has now become an arc – angel”. Ricky made jest of her

“You mean a demonic angel”. Dennis added as we laughed

They eased my pain a bit when the doctor came closer to us .

“Who is the guardian of Miss Valerie? The doctor said as we all faced her.

“We’re the one”. We chorused.

“Can one of you follow me? She said .

“Drake, you should go… just tell us what the problem is, we’ll head to the Chief’s place, the wtch must be waiting for us”

“Don’t worry, We’ll cover up for you, as for Harris . He should be serving punishment by now if the wtch has seen the pictures”.

“Thanks man”. I hugged them both as the left and I followed the doctor.



“Welcome….Drake right ? She said sitting down and staring at a file .

“Yes ma’am, DRAKE”. I said feeling so uneasy. She’s scaring me with the way she’s talking.

“How is she? I interrupted her.

“She’s fine and she’s resting now.. but I wanna ask you a question, how are you related to her? She said

I adjusted my seat. What am I gonna say?

“Well…hummm, she’s my best friend”. I knew I had no other qualities I can attribute to her. That’s all I could think of since she’s not my girlfriend.

“Best friend? Hmm… interesting, how is your intimacy with her and how old is she? She said again.

Damn! These questions are getting on my nerves seriously. Does she need this for checkup or what? I was really baffled.

“We’re close ma’am and she’s sixteen”. I replied her.

“Sixteen? An exposed sixteen years old girl . So pathetic! “. She said

“Please ma’am,can you stop speaking in parables and go straight to the point. I’m worried sick about her and I’m responsible for her”

“Responsible? Then you’re the father of the baby she’s carrying. I thought you said you’re best friends…ohh you meant friends with benefit which later resulted into pregnancy”. She said again.


Would this woman stop speaking like that ?

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say ma’am”. I cleared my throat.

“She’s 8 weeks gone”. She landed .

“You mean pregnant? I said trying to be assured

“Yes, she’s carrying a baby in her womb and she has tried to ab.ort it with different junks which she is eating…and she took some drugs which were very hazardous to her health.

Thankfully, you brought her in as soon as possible. If the pregnancy grows more and more and she continues like that. We might lose the baby and the mother”. She explained to me and later wrote on a file .

It was as if she dropped a bombshell .

How could Valerie be pregnant? Tears welled up in my eyes.

“Harris you bstard”. I clenched my fist and hit the table making the doctor startle.

“Young man, are you not happy about the pregnancy? You should be happy with it, weren’t you happy when you were having sx with her”. She said .

“I never did anything to her, this matter is more than complicated, can I see her now? I requested.

“Yes, sure you can…my advice is that don’t ab.ort this baby. For him to withstand the pain you led him through out the past few weeks, he’s a strong baby and would do something great in this world.

If you know you can’t take care of him, just sign here”. She tossed a file to me.

ADOPTION FILE? was boldly written on it .

“What do I do with it? I looked at her in annoyance knowing fully where she’s driving at .

“Make sure she gives birth to the baby and then sign that the baby is no longer yours. You can live your life and be rest assured that the baby is gonna be safe, we have buyers already who are ready to adopt him”. She said

“How could you be so heartless to discuss about an innocent baby who is not yet born ? How? I said in annoyance.

I just stood up for Harris and Valerie’s baby .

“I’m sorry,it is actually optional”. She said.

“Okay”. I said standing up as we both went to the ward where Valerie was.



I woke up to a throbbing headache. The lights coming from the florescent light attached to the ceiling of the hospital roof shone to my eyes as I opened it .

“Where am I? I sat up and rubbed my forehead

I looked around and saw a rubber connected to my hand and to a standing drip.

I’m in the hospital!!

What am I doing here? How did I get here? I wanted to kll myself before but how did I get here?

“Drake? His name rolled out of my tongue .

Then it dawned on me that I fainted when I excused myself for the toilet.

I was still ruminating when the door opened. Drake came inside with the doctor.

“Drake? I said in excitement. I wanted to leave as soon as possible. I hate hospitals.

His countenance was not a happy one. What’s wrong with him? I questioned my heart because he was not saying anything and he avoided my eyes.

“Can we go home now? I said again facing the doctor

“You’re 8 weeks gone Miss Valerie”. The doctor said.

Her voice echoed in my ears as everything became silent again .

“Excuse me? I said .

“You’re 8 weeks gone Miss Valerie”. She repeated the statement and handed a file to me .

I held the file and saw the pregnancy report test.

“I’m carrying Harris baby…but I’m just sixteen”. A tear dropped from my eye as my hand kept shaking my heart wanted to jump out from my mouth.


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