Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



After months of what happened between I and Valerie , we’ve not been talking at all and I decided to message her one day and she didn’t reply.

I actually thought she craves for me and wants me badly even after our first sx. Now she comes up with a message that she wants to see me.

Who knows what she wants us to discuss. Maybe she wants us to date officially. I bet she couldn’t withstand my looks and she craves for me the more .

A smile curled up my lips as I remembered how she moaned my name into my ears.

“Harris, you’ll soon be with Autumn..your together forever so get rid of those thoughts about Valerie in your head and focus on your wife”. A voice said in my head.

And the thought of marrying Autumn became a headache to me. I just had to do what Mom wants . She wants me to marry Autumn, the daughter of her best friend .

I was still thinking about Autumn and Valerie when I smelt a familiar fragrance .

“Valerie? Her name escaped my lips as I beheld her in front of me.

“Hi.. Harris”. She smiled faintly

I was devastated by her looks . She has changed a lot. She looks more chubby and ugly. Is it because she stayed at home or is she sick?

She wore a big red hoodie and did her hair in a ponytail . She was looking so sweaty as if she wants to faint.

I held her hand and pulled her to the chair so she could sit.



I saw him seated afar and the thought of how I would tell him I’m carrying his baby filled my head.

How will I do this? C’mon Val, you can do it . Just let him know and that’s all .

“Are you okay? Why are you like this? Have you been sick? Why are you in a hoodie? Are you cold?

He said a lot of questions and I don’t even know which to answer first .

“Harris? I said his name again and smiled .

“What’s funny? He said slightly annoyed

“I’m sorry…I just…I was just wondering…I mean thinking, why are you so worried about me by this time ? I mean you’ve always bvllied me”. I explained playing with my fingers.

” Do you wanna tell me something? He said out of blues. I looked up instantly .

Is he aware of what I wanna tell him or what?

“Harris? I said with tears in my eyes

” Babe, what is it? You’re making me worried”. He said softly, this time touching my cheeks and looking deep into my eyes.

Oh I missed his touch. I stared right into his blue eyes and down to his long nose and pink lips.

“I’m pr.egnant”. I landed .

“WHAT!” . He shouted moving away from me like I have a disease.

“Harris? I said tearfully trying to move close to him.

“And… how…how is that my business? He said .

“Your business? It is your business because it’s your baby”. I tried not to raise my voice as I blinked and tears dropped down my cheeks.

“My baby? My baby? My ba-?” . He laughed hard . He stood up held his tummy and laughed so hard that he was tearing up .

“What’s wrong with you Harris? I raised my voice.

“So you actually think I’m gonna accept that thing inside you? No wonder you look so chubby and ugly”. He said as tears escaped my eyes again .

“Harris? I said softly

“Don’t you Harris me…I’m not ready to be a father…I have a dream and a goal…I’m just 18 years old and you want me to accept that? He pointed at my belly.

“Harris? I stood up with tears

“How am I even sure that the baby is mine and not for Drake”. He ranted as I gave him a hot sI.ap.

“I won’t let you speak ill of Drake like that, he is no mnster like you… you’re nothing but a jerk, an handsome mnster”

“Call me whatever you like I don’t care, you can never ruin my life, I have a future to hold….you know what Valerie? He said dipping his hand into his pocket as he brought out some dollars .

“Harris? I said softly as I felt a little rumble in my stomach. I rubbed my stomach in tears . Why is Harris doing this?

“You know what? Take this money and get that thing out … live your life, travel out and don’t ever call me again…” . He threw the money at me as the flew in the air finally landing on the floor .

“Goodbye till we see no more”. He turned his back to leave

“I thought you said you love me? I thought…I believed every beautiful words that you said…how come you’re changing it now? Harris ..few days ago,….you…you still sent me messages showing that you care about me ….why now? Why?”. I shouted and started htting his chest as I wept

“Stop”. He held my hand fiercely and threw it forcefully back to my body

“Stop it right now and get hold of yourself…. everything was a game and a bet”. He landed.

The tears in my eyes dried little by little. As I looked up at him

“What…what do you mean by a bet”. I paused

“Yes,it was all a bet….all this love thing you think I had for you was fake! I made a bet with the boys that I’ll lay with you since you were playing hard to get , and yes you were getting closer to Drake which pisses me off every time, I decided to hatch my plan on my birthday and thankfully it succeeded…I enjoyed every bit of your b.ody….your screams…your soft mo.ans…. everything “. He cackled into my ears

“No…I don’t believe you”. I shouted blocking my ears. I staggered to the back and tried believing everything that is happening currently is a dream

A bad dream to be precise!!!

“Yes, it was all a bet to have sx with you, I entered and combed through all your honey pot”. He licked his mouth se.ductively.

I raised my hands up high to sI.ap him but I guess I was just too slow and he was too fast. He grabbed my hand and held it tight.

I wanted to use the other hand and he did the same .

“I hate you Harris Grayson and you’ll pay for all what you did”. I spat on his face as he sI.apped me.

“Bch…!” . He said and left .

I sat down and crouched on the floor. I felt breath escaping my body. I wanted to die. I couldn’t breathe.

Every moment of rejection, I want the floor to swallow me up .

I sobbed so hard. I started hitting my chest. Why do I have to be in this miserable world? Why? Why do I need to birth this stupid baby? Why? I sobbed so hard tears flowing freely from my cheeks as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

I’m sorry….I whispered. My baby is probably angry at me. Who do I turn to? I took my phone and wanted to call Drake when I saw a message from Harris.

I opened the message and took a quick glance at it.


?? HARRIS ??

?Incase you wanna have more fun meet me at the first place where I took your vrgnty… I’d love to have a taste of your honey pot and hear you scream my name . Live a good life after abo.rting your baby Valerie ?

My eyes was puffy and red. My heart was heavy and full of tears . I screamed in pain as I threw my phone away .

I was hoping it would land on the floor but it didn’t. I looked up and found Drake and Angel in front of me .

Drake actually caught the phone as he stared at the message. Angel came closer to me and bent down as she gave me a motherly hug.

“I’m sorry Valerie”. She sobbed too kssing my hair.

“Love has blinded me “. I groaned in annoyance. Drake stood afar watching me as Angel pulled me up.

“Let’s go… Let’s go VALERIE” . Angel said as I stood up and ran into Drake’s arms and cried in pain .

“I’m sorry….I didn’t know this was gonna turn out like this, I actually tried warning you but you took me as your enemy anytime I bring up the discussion…. including Jennifer and Jeffrey. .you made them your enemies and you embraced the real d’vil” . He explained patting my back softly

Jeffrey and Jenny? Can they ever forgive me for what I did to them ? Can they? I sobbed again.


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