Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade



“Is this not???

“Angel…yes, Angel McKenna,she’s the one…thanks to her this happened. She actually came to rescue me when the President granted prerogative of mercy”. I replied my wife .

“I’m so glad you’re finally back, now my knee can rest. I prayed day and night for our safety and for you to arrive sooner and my God didn’t fail me….I’m so glad Mark”. Martha kssed me in tears .

“How? How did you where Dad was? Jennifer said

“Valerie,she told me everything when I told her my story”. Angel said timidly. She’s probably blaming herself for everything that happened.


“Who is Valerie?

“She’s my friend, she once stayed in our neighborhood but not anymore”.

“I prepared food, never knew I’ll be having visitors….today is the happiest day in my life, Jennifer let’s go to the kitchen

“Mrs Martha? Am I forgiven? Angel bowed her head .

“Yes my dear,my husband has explained everything…I understand and I’m glad you did what you did to your father…” Martha hugged her .




Things had really changed eversince Angel left us in the hands of a stranger .

That night, I had this bad feeling that something is gonna happen but I didn’t take it to heart . I got up few times to check up on Jordan . He was fast asleep in his room , I would check up on Cecelia to to make sure she’s asleep and yes,she was.

The next morning,I woke up and wanted to stand up to resume to my morning chores when I felt so stiff, I couldn’t move . My hands hurt as I looked at the edge of my bed when I discovered I was tied with a rope.

My hands were tied with a rope, a very tight rope. How come? What happened? Wait…! Jordan? Cecilia??

My heart raced towards the door as I fixed my gaze on it . Then the door opened.

“Hello dear”. Cecilia came in with a tray of cookies and orange juice.

The door creaked opened as she entered closing the door behind her .

“Is this some kind of joke? Why did you tie me with a rope? Why? I said , my voice was shivering .

“Well…it’s a long story, anyways…be prepared, my boss kinda likes you but you’re not really important to us what we need is your son”

“Jordan? You bch…what do you want from us? I said with tears in my eyes .

“I’m a child trafficker ….we kidnap children and when Angel told me about you, I saw it as an opportunity to work….your son even looks so expensive because he’s cute…as for you, you’re gonna be a sex instrument to my boss”. She cackled.

“You’re a deviI…. you can harm me but please let go of my son…don’t do anything to him I’m begging you”. I sobbed trying to stand up from the bed but I couldn’t. I laid still .

Her phone rang .

“Boss, yes…tell the boys to hurry up with the van, we need to act fast…the baby is in the sitting room, yeah…he’s just a little kid…2 year old I guess…his mother is here, wanna see her? Okay”. She said turning the phone towards my face.

It was a video call . I shoved my face away as Cecilia held my jaw tight .

“Keep your beautiful face well or I’ll destroy it with few punch”. She threatened me.

I didn’t answer her I only bit her hand as she sI.apped me making me h!t my head in the wood of the bed as bI.ood gushed out.

“Easy with my princess….easy with her”. Came the hoarse voice from the phone.

She held my neck at the back and pulled my hair. As she forced me to look at the phone .

“You’ll rot in jail for this… you’ll fking rot in jail” . I spat on the phone as a sI.ap landed on my cheeks again .

“Bch”. She said

“Let her be CeCi,she’s as beautiful as snow white,her skin is fair and it glows don’t hurt her “. He said laughing and showing his brown teeth

“Yes boss”. She bowed and ended the call then Jordan came inside.

“Mommy? He said with his little innocent face.

“No…Jordan, run…go away” . I shouted with tears in my eyes. I can’t lose him when I’ve losed Harris .

“Jordan honey… come to aunty”. She said and he walked towards her as she carried him .

“Give yourself a break my darling…it’s not yet time,okay…I’ll give you time to spend a mother and son day with him but when the van comes….say bye bye to cute Jordan”. She cackled and untied me.

“Don’t try anything stupid or else your son gets it”. She sneered and went out after locking the door .

“Sweetheart? I knelt down as he ran into my arms .

“Oh my gosh! Did she do anything to you? She’s eviI….don’t take anything from her… don’t”. I hugged him and wept.

Why is this happening now? Angel…where are you? Cecilia already took my phone and blocked all exits in the room . She probably took her time .

I knew it was over . I ceased the opportunity to hug Jordan for the last time . He never understood what was happening he only smiles and wipes my tears .



“Have you tried calling the house line? Drake said as we boarded a taxi heading to my house.

He has been longing to see Jordan and Valerie so he just had to follow me down .

“I didn’t think about that”. I smiled but I was becoming worried.

“Call the lady you told to stay with them,her number should be reachable”. He suggested

“Her line has been switched off eversince she got to my house,I’m having a bad feeling about this”. I said

“They’ll be fine”. He smiled.



I searched the house for what I can take, I took all the jewelry boxes and all expensive stuffs too that is useful.

Zzzzz….my phone rang .

” Hello? We’re outside…. bring the boy now, you’ll walk down the street…we can’t stay in front of the house because of CCTV cameras… hurry up”. Rascal , one of the boys said and hanged up.

I hurried upstairs and opened the door as I met Valerie petting the little boy

“Time up, time to go”. I said picking up the boy who is half asleep from her hands .

“Mommy? He wanted to get down from my arms as I held him forcefully. He noticed the grip was tight on him as he started crying.

“Please… don’t take my baby away”. She stood up and wanted to carry him from my hands .

“Are you crazy? If you take another step , I’ll do something you’ll regret in your life…move to the back now”. I said

“Cecelia? She was in tears but I had no compassion on her when I’m not Jesus Christ.

“Don’t Cecelia me, I’m counting one to three, do as I say or Jordan gets it real bad”. I threatened her .

She was not gonna listen as she pressed further and wanted to carry him from my hands as I slapped her and she fell to the ground htting her head on the edge of the bed .

She was unconscious because she didn’t say anything. The boy kept crying as I left the door opened and grabbed the jewelry box and took a sweet as I gave it to him.

“Mommy? He said . His innocent eyes almost made me back out, but I can’t except if I want trouble .

“Mommy is coming,she wants to sleep for a while…let’s go out to play”. I said to convince him as I wiped his tears .

His noise can actually attract the neighbors. So I had to prevent it.

He stopped crying as he licked his sweet. I placed him inside the baby stroller and wore his cap for him. He had this innocent eyes that looks as if he wanna cry .

“I’m sorry kiddo,but I love money”. I smiled and patted his head. I wore my brown blazers and a blue jean as I headed down the park .

I got to the compound when I remembered that I left the jewelry box . I ran upstairs inside to get it while leaving Jordan outside.

The door was opened. I didn’t leave this open when I came out .

I had no time for nonsense! I was about going out when I saw a travelling bag too.

Oh my gosh! Angel is back!!

How come? She didn’t tell me? Oh…? I fidgeted as I turned my back and was about going when I stumbled across this cute guy.

The jewelry box I was holding dropped from my hands and poured on the floor and the stuffs he was holding poured on the floor too .

We looked at the floor together and I noticed his stuffs were baby stuffs, toys and clothes .

Oh my gosh! I looked up at him again.

This must be Jordan’s father. I now know where he got all the cuteness from.

We bent down together and started packing our stuffs . My fingers were shaky as I packed the jewelries into it’s box back .

“Hi,who are you? He said with a calm voice .

I didn’t even turn to look at him again but dmn he’s so cute!

Cecelia focus…! Focus!

I turned away and stood up briskly as I headed towards the door closing it behind me when I heard Angel’s voice.

“Stop that Child Trafficker….!!!”. She shouted.

My feets didn’t tell each other as they started the race of life towards the backyard.

I grabbed on to the head of the stroller and started running towards the park.

If I’m caught that’s the end for me!!


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