” Good morning Ms Moreno..” The cops greeted as Godiva got in with Raphael

” Yeah.. so what happened? How did the culprit die?” She asked taking a seat

” We just found his body not long ago and an autopsy was carried out which showed he took harmful drugs that was very dangerous to his system..” The cop said and Godiva sighed

Does that mean I won’t know who wants me dead? She Wondered

She faced Raphael.

” What should we do? ” She asked

” I see they can go to any length just to hide their identity.. but could it be they’re working for someone in the states?” Raphael asked

” I have no idea ” She breath out and turned to the cops

” Thank you for your time, I’ll leave now.. ” she stood up and Raphael did same

” Alright Ms Moreno.. sorry we couldn’t be of much help..”

” It’s fine..” she did a little bow before facing Raphael again

” Let’s go to the company.. Nana hasn’t called me and I’m worried.. ” She said and he nodded

They did one last bow before leaving the station




” Why is everyone so busy?” Godiva asked as she watch the employees moving in and out.. no one even noticed her

” Is something wrong? ” She Wondered before proceeding to Nana’s office but she couldn’t find her anywhere there

” What’s happening?” She asked

” Let’s go to the board room.. maybe she’s in there and probably doing a presentation since the employees we saw earlier looked like they were busy too..” Raphael said and she nodded

They left the office and went to the board room. She stopped when she heard Nana talking.

” She’s really doing the presentation..” She smiled and turned to leave but Raphael urge her to go inside.

” I don’t think she needs my help.. she’s doing great already. With the few I just heard, she’ll make us great profit..” She replied

” For the sake of the partners here, just take a seat..” he said and she inhaled before nodding.

” Let’s go in..” she told him and they entered the board room

She wasn’t putting on her mask

” Who is this? ” A partner asked and Nana faced the direction only to see Godiva

” Ma’am..”. She smiled

Godiva did a little bow before finding herself a seat and Raphael sat next to her

” In a nutshell, Golden wear communicates Love..” Nana concluded and the board members applauded her for a great presentation

” But before I leave, I’ll like to introduce my boss to y’all”

” Ms Godiva Moreno..” Nana said and noise errupted

That’s the first time they’ll be seeing her. Nana walked to her but she smiled without leaving her seat

” Greetings everyone ” she smiled before introducing herself.

” I actually have nothing much to say since she said it all already but all I have to say is, I believe you all know our company doesn’t disappointed..

And if y’all don’t make any profit from our products, you are free to tell us and we shall terminate your contract.. “she said

” Since I became partners with you, you’ve always been the best.. ” a partner said

” Your products are always unique..” Another said and she smiled at their compliments.

” I need 70% of the product”

” I need 100% ”

” I believe there’s more than enough for everyone..” she smiled

” I’ll be on my way now..” she said to Nana and Nana nodded..

She faced Raphael

” Let’s go home, we need to rest since we’re leaving tomorrow..” she said

He stood up and they both left the room while Nana handled the rest of the meeting


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