Lydia too has been crying non stop

The workers at diva’s collection all came in at once.. Gianna bowed to Larina then her husband, her eyes were very red now

They all stayed with the family untill it was 6pm and everyone started leaving.

” Stay strong okay?” Jerry patted vespertine’s shoulder while he nodded gently

” Thank you..” he replied

” Sorry for the lost Mrs Moreno.. I know it isn’t easy but I hope God gives you the strength to make it through this difficulty..” Mr Harmsburg said

” Thank you Mr hamburger..” Larina replied while the students around looked at her then the principal..

Most of them, bit their lips, trying to hold their laughter.. It was funny but they couldn’t laugh as they blinked their eyes

” Sorry for your lost ma’am..” The students also said their words of consolation to the Moreno before leaving the house with the principal but Trisha didn’t leave with them

It was now left the family and Trisha in the sitting room.. she walked to Larina and hugged her tight

” Mom.. ” She sniffed gently

” I don’t wanna go home, I want to stay with you tonight..” she said in tears while Larina stroke her hair gently

” You know your mom might get worried, you need to go home then come back tomorrow if you want..” Larina said disengaging from the hug.

” But….. she couldn’t complete her statement when her phone rang and the caller happens to be her mom

She sighed, then did a little bow

” I’ll be on my way now mom.. I promise to come over tomorrow..” she said and Larina nodded

” Bye dad.. comfort mom okay? Make sure she doesn’t cry too much okay?” She said while Alston nodded

She hugged him and he kissed her hair

” Regards to your mom.. ” he said and Trisha nodded before facing vespertine

” I’ll head home first, I’ll call you when I get home.. ” she told him and he smiled a little, walking out of the house with her

” You shouldn’t cry too much okay?” She hugged him tight while he just smiled cos he couldn’t promise her that

” Get home safely.. ” He kiss her hair

She stare at him again before leaving the mansion..

He was about going back into the house when he sighted Alora.. she ran towards his direction and her eyes went wide at how red his eyes were

” Vesper, it’s…true?” she asked in a shaky voice

Vespertine ignored her and helped her with her little bag while she rushed into the house

She met Larina on the floor
” Mom..” she called and Larina immediately looked up thinking it was Godiva but was disappointed..

Alora noticed the disappointment in her eyes and sigh sadly.. she walked to her and hugged her

” Mom.. ” she sob and this only made Larina cry more

They remained in that position for a while sobbing gently


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