(Be Careful With My Heart…)


Godiva walked into her room so did Raphael.. they came out not too long after, looking all refreshed. She walked to unconscious Larina and bent next to her

” Hey Larina, just stand up already, Your daughter is farmished.. ” She said into her ears and larina’s eyes flung open at once

” My baby..” Larina hugged her before breaking into tears

” Not again mom.. maybe I should have just died..” she scoffed releasing herself from her mom before walking to Raphael.

She smiled at him which he returned at once..

” Let’s eat something.. ” she said, pulling him to the dining with him..

Vespertine smiled as he joined them

Alora and Alston also joined them while Larina walked into Godiva’s room to get the food she brought..


She didn’t bother to call Lydia or the other maids as she walked to the kitchen to microwave the food.

She was done in matters of seconds and joined the rest at the dining

Godiva dropped her spoon at stared at her parents and siblings one after the other

” Did something happen?” Alora raised a brow

” No, it’s just…. I have a boyfriend now.. ” she said and a wow was heard from Vespertine

” I knew it already.. It was everywhere on magazine.. Ms Moreno only didn’t show her face but her boyfriend too..” Alora chuckled but suddenly frown

” Hey psycho! Were you planning to get yourself klled? Why would you show your face to them?

What if something had happened to you? Gosh I’m so m.. ” Godiva shove the beef with her into her mouth, shutting her up

” Just eat, you talk a lot.. and as for the news, they weren’t real then, he only said that because we kssed ”

” He kssed you when you weren’t dating?” Vespertine asked

” Can we just forget about it? What matters now is that we are dating.. ” Godiva replied and Alston chuckled before facing Raphael who have been mute

” Do you really like my daughter? ” He asked and Raphael dropped his spoon

” Yes Sir I do and I wish you give us your blessings.. ” he replied and Godiva blushed

” You’re blushing, OMG this is unbelievable.. ” Alora laughed and Godiva held her cheeks

” Just shut the fk up Lora..” She muttered and Alora sealed her lips together..

Larina didn’t find their talks interesting

” So are y.. Alston couldn’t finish with his statement when Larina interrupted

” How come you didn’t follow the first flight like you said?” She cut in

” Oh that.. ” Godiva sighed and leaned back on her seat


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