Alora was about leaving for the office when she saw the news.. though she had no idea about the plane crash but immediately she saw Godiva and Raphael’s pictures as one of the passengers in the plane, her eyes widened

” Which Godiva Moreno? Not my own crazy sister right? It can’t be her.. of course it can’t be diva..” she laughed which suddenly turned into tears

” My phone…” She muttered, taking her bag from the floor.. she brought out her phone in a hurry and quickly dialed Godiva’s number but it was switched off

She tried her Japan line, it was switched off.. She tried all her other lines but it was switched off as well

” Oh.. God, it shouldn’t be her..” she muttered while her maids stare at her like she was insane.

‘Vespertine or mom..’ she thought before dialing vespertine’s number

After five rings, he finally picked up and the first thing she heard was his sniff signifying he has been crying for a while

? Vesper.. she called calmly

? Sis.. he broke out in tears again

? Just tell me the news isn’t real.. diva isn’t the one right?

The picture of her being in the plane is fake too right? She asked but he only sniff unable to even talk

? Mom, what of her? can you give her the phone? She asked

? Mom is still unconscious.. he managed to say

? What? I’ll be back to the States.. she said and ended the call.

” Robby.. ” she called her head maid..

” Get my things prepared, I’ll be heading to the States now..” she said and Robby nodded, entering Alora’s room to pack few clothes for her

” I should call the company ” Alora muttered taking her phone

? I’ll be traveling to the States right away and don’t know when I’lll be back so do a good job Bell.. she said

? We saw the news.. is ma’am Diva really dead? Bell asked

? That’s why I need to head home right away, so do a good job untill I come back..

She replied and ended the call. Soon after, Robby came out with a small bag

” Your things ma’am.. ” she said and Alora nodded.

” My passport?”

” In the bag ma’am”

” Thanks Robby ” She collected her bag and walked out of the house.

” Coy, drive me to the airport..” she told her driver immediately she got to her car.

Coy ignited the engine and started zooming off roughly cos of how Alora kept pressurizing him to drive faster

” We might end up having an accident ma’am..” coy said

” Just shut the fk up and drive quickly.. you should be glad to have an accident with a pretty boss like me.. ” she said

Coy didn’t utter anymore more words as they drove to the airport


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