QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 11-20

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 15?

By Debbie

Lissa’s pov :

We kept picking clothes while gisting and laughing

“Best I want to use the restroom” Emily said

“Ok be fast” I said and she left

“Hello beautiful” I heard from behind

I turned to see a cute guy with blue eyes and brown hair, combed neatly. He wore a black p@nts and red button down shirt which fit his fair skin perfectly.

“Hi” I replied

“I’m so sorry to burg you. I really do not know which colour of shirt I should pick and I was wondering if you could help” he said shyly

I collected the two shirts from him and studied them. One was blue with a red write up and the other black with white write up.

“The black will fit you more” I said handing him the shirts back

“Thank you very much” he said

“My pleasure” I replied

“Thanks once again. By the way I’m Antonio”

“Lissa” I replied

“Hope to see you around” he replied walking away

“He is cute” my inner mind said and I brush away the feeling.

I saw a black sweatpants and sweatshirt and decide to look for the grey colour of the same design before Emily comes back. Emily takes the black and I take the grey. I walked toward the other section and sight a grey sweat pant and shirt with different design.

“No I love this design” I thought

“Or maybe I should look for the black color of this grey and the grey color of the black” I smiled


I checked through the racks of clothes but couldn’t find any. I decide to call one of the attendants for help.

“Hi can I get the black color of this design and the grey color of the other design” I said

“Of course you can” he said smiling

“Ok just get me same size with these” I said and handed them to him

“You look beautiful I must confess”

“Thanks” I answered trying to sound nice

He left and I sigh. He’s cute though. But I don’t care

I don’t fking care

Aidan’s pov :

“Sir it’s time for the meeting” my PA said

I stood up and went for the meeting with my PA. I entered the conference hall with my PA trailing behind me.

“Good morning Mr Aidan” Mr Anderson greeted as he extend his hand for an hand shake

“Good morning sir” I answered taking his hand.

“You should have your seat” he pointed at a chair

“Thank you sir” I replied and sat down

I watch him greet others before finally settling down on his seat.

“Good day Ladies and gentle men” he said and the meeting began

Emily’s pov :

I was done using the restroom so I decided to do some touches to my makeup. I applied little lip gloss and went outside. I got to where I left Lissa but couldn’t find her

“Where could she be”

I decide to ask one of the attendants. I saw a guy holding some clothes and heading towards my direction.

“Hi” i said


“Have you seen my friend?” I asked

“Your friend?”

“Oh sorry. Have you seen any girl with purple hair?”

“Wait purple hair? She wore a cr@zy jeans and black top?”

“Yes, have you seen her”

“Yes I have, she’s over there” he said pointing at her

“Thanks” I said walking away

“Lissa ” I called and she turned

“What took you so long? Were you giving birth” She asked

“Maybe I am” I answered laughing

Aidan’s pov :

The meeting with Anderson Enterprise was a success. Although it was a tough one, we were finally awarded the contract. There were about a hundred companies’ representatives but we won.

“Congratulations sir” my PA greeted

“Thanks” I said and we entered into the car

“Sir you are having a lunch meeting with Mr Frank by 1pm and this is 12:30pm”

“Where is the meeting scheduled to hold”

“BJ’s restaurants”

“Ok. We are heading to BJ’s restaurants” I said to the driver

“Ok sir” he answered

“Any news from Adams and son?” I asked my PA as the driver start the car

“No sir”


“Let me call Mason, he will be so happy” I thought

I picked my phone and dialed his number, he picked at the second ring

?Tell me we got the contract, just tell me we did!!

?Chill man have you been waiting for my Call

?Of course I am. Have been curious you know. Just tell me we got the contract

?Sure we did

?Oh my God we did it, we fking did it (screaming)

I removed the phone from my ear to prevent him from deafing me. I placed it back when he stopped screaming.

?This calls for celebration Aidan

?Of course it calls

?Why don’t we go clubing in the evening

?No we can’t, you know today is Monday and we got lots of work to do

?Yea, you”re right

?You know what I’m on my way to BJ’s restaurant to meet Mr Frank. Why don’t we talk about the contract with a glass of champagne when I get back. That way we can kill two birds with one stone. We talk about business at the same time celebrating. What do you think?

?Perfect idea. Let me get the necessary things done before you come back. Bye


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