QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 31-40

LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 31?

Aidan’s pov :

When I got to the office, I signed all the vital documents and sent them to the right channels. We have less than a week to travel to France for the conference.

I just hope the conference is successful, it will help me a lot with the contract.

After signing the documents, I have been trying to concentrate with work but it’s not working. I just couldn’t concentrate. I felt so nervous for the first time.

I am just wondering how tonight date will go. I just want the best first date. I want a date that will be memorable. A date that I will remember and smile.

I trust Manson so well to get the best place for the date. I also trust him to make the place awesome.

“But why do I feel nervous” I thought

Maybe because it’s my first date, or maybe it’s my first time loving a girl.

I just hope the date goes well.

Violeta’s pov :

I felt so happy when

Mason’s pov :

I finished my food and went to the gym. I did the necessary things because heading out to look for a nice restaurant.

I’m so happy for Aidan. If he truly loves Violeta then we definitely are leaving the earth very soon.

I miss Laviana. I miss the Spring festival, the rivers. I so miss everything about Laviana. I miss using my powers too. I could still remember our favorite place in Laviana. We usually go there when we get tired of people or wants to play pranks.

We do a lot of cr@zy stuffs there which I loved and missed so well.

I hope the love becomes strong enough to return our powers. If ours powers are back then quest has been fulfilled.

I got to an Italian restaurant. It’s called Vetri Cucina. It’s one of the best here. I went straight to the reception and asked for the manager. I was directed to his office.

“Good morning” I greeted and he answered

“I will love to make a reservation tonight” I said

“What time?” He asked

“From 6pm to 11pm” I answered

He checked through his book and luckily there was no reservation for that time. We talked about the price and other necessary thing before leaving.

I went straight to the empire to give Aidan the news. I know how restless he can been when he’s getting ready for something and is not sure if it will work.

When I got to the empire, I went straight to his office. I pressed the button before going in.

“Mason what are you doing here?, have you made the reservation?, is there any problem?” He bombarded me with question the moment he saw me

“Hey everything is fine. I already made a reservation at Vetri Cucina Restaurant” I replied and he smiled

“Thanks man. I just feel nervous” he said

“It’s normal to feel nervous, after all it’s your first date” I replied and he nodded

We chatted about other things, anxiously waiting for the time to go home so we could get Aidan prepared for his first date.


Aidan’s pov :

It’s past 5p already, I have less than two hours to get prepared for the date.

“What do you think I should put on?” I asked Manson who was laying on my bed pressing his phone

“I don’t know” he shrugged still pressing his phone

“Hey get your stupid a$$ off my bed if you are not helping me” I said

“Just wear the black suit” he replied nonchalantly

“Black suit, I have tonnes of black suits there, which of them are you talking about?” I asked angrily

“Just chill I will get you something to wear” he stood up and followed me to my closet.

After about 30 minutes of searching, we finally settled for a blue dinner jacket and trousers. With a black Italian shoe.

I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. When I was done, I dried my hair before getting dressed in my clothes. I combed my hair and put on my shoe.

“How do I look” I asked Manson

“Hmmmmm, you look ok I guess” he replied

“What? I look ok you guess?” I asked and he nodded

“Hey, what’s wrong, my shoe or the way I combed my hair?, should I change my hairstyle?” I asked curious

“Come on man you look perfect, I’m sure Viol will loose control when she sees you” he answered and I sigh

“Are you sure?” I asked

“Of course darling. It’s past 6. You should get going already” he said

“I’m nervous” I said

“You don’t have too. I wish you all the best” he said pushing me slightly

“Hey stop pushing me”

“You don’t want to be late on your first date?” He said and I nodded like a baby

I left the room and went straight to the car park. I choose my black 2019 Bugatti la voiture noire car. I entered and left for Violeta’s home

I feel really nervous. I just hope all goes well

Violeta’s pov :

“Hey you, is my shoes ready” I asked one of the maids

“Yes ma’am”

I was so happy when he called me this morning to tell me about the date. Dad was super proud of me. I’ve been getting ready for this date since morning and some stupid maids are trying to get me pissed


“Hey did you want to sit on my cloth, are you sick or something?” I yelled at one of the maids

They are all so stupid. Simple instructions they can’t follow.

I hate clumsy wre.tched people

‘If I do not get ready before time, I will fking kill you all” I yelled

“Are you stupid, why are you so slow. You are too clumsy for my liking. I will sure sack you when I get back” I told one of the maids

After two hours of yelling, screaming and been frustrated, I finally settled for a black strapless dinner gown, silver stiletto shoe and clutch bag.

I pointed at three of my maids and they bow

“I do not want to come back and meet you” I said

“I..i..i am sorry ma’am” they say at the same time

“I do not care, I do not care if you are sorry or not. I just don’t want to fking see….”

The door opened, preventing me from finishing my statement. I glared

“I’m so sorry ma’am. Master Aidan is here” she answered bowing

“He’s here? Oh my God, he came to pick me himself, that’s so nice of him” I thought

I walked to the door. I opened the door and turned

“Marianne?” I called the maid that came to inform me about Aidan

“Yes ma’am”

“Take your bags and leave before I come back” I said and she ga$ped

“What have I done wrong ma’am, please do forgive me” she cried

“Like I said, I do not want to see the four of you when I get back” I said before leaving the room

Well you might be wondering what Marianne did to me. She barge into my room without knocking and she also cut my words short.

I hate clumsy people. You might say I’m heartless but I don’t care?

I walked majestically through the stairs and then I saw him. He was so breathe taking.

“Hey” he said and I really wanted to melt

I can’t believe I’m going on a date with him

“We should get going” he said jolting me out of my thought

I smiled and gave him my hand. We went to the place he parked his car and he opened the door for me, made sure I was in before going to the driver seat.

He ignited the car and we left

He’s really a gentle man.

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