Unknown pov
Few hours after the wedding party ended and the newlywed left. Tonia walked into Marie’s room sadly and stared at her daughter who had a large bandage on her head. Mariana was asleep on the bed looking peaceful quite opposite from her behavior.

Tonia sat on the bed and pat Marie’s hair slowly. After few minutes, Marie slowly opened her eyes and whispered ‘Water’. Her mother hurriedly handed over a glass of water. “Mom, what happened?,”Marie asked and her mom couldn’t say anything.

Marie sat up and held her head in pain. Then she gasped remembering everything that had happened. “Mom, you have to take me to the wedding immediately. We have to stop that bitch!,” she said and tried to stand up from the bed.


Her mom pushed her back to the bed gently and said,“ It’s of no use Marie. The wedding is over and they already left.” Marie sat down frozen as she stared into space. She couldn’t seem to comprehend the sudden news. Her mother said,“Marie, you should have listened to my instructions.”

But it seem like Marie didn’t hear anything as she continued to stare into space.


At the Brian’s Mansion

Ivy greeted her in-laws who welcomed her warmly. All of Brian relatives seem happy to have her in their family. They kept on talking about Brian’s embarrassing moments and all other things she didn’t really need to know. Meanwhile, someone was checking the time impatient for people to vacate his house.

Brad looked up and eventually noticed his brother’s expression. He laughed and said,“ Hello everyone, it’s time for us to vacate the newlyweds house as someone seems impatient to start their honeymoon.”

Everyone looked at Brian and laughed before dropping their gifts and leaving the mansion. Brian’s parents were the last to leave. Brian mom hugged Ivy and told Brian,“ Work hard and give us healthy grandchildren fast.” Ivy blushed and everyone laughed at her flushed expression. Then they left.


As soon as they got back inside, Ivy asked,“Why is the house so silent and empty. Don’t you have servants?” “I gave them one week leave for us to enjoy our honeymoon,” Brian answered cheekily.

Ivy glared at him and turned to leave the room when he stopped her. “Woah! Woah! Where are you going? Aren’t you going to prepare dinner? I’m famished,” Brian asked rubbing his hungry stomach.

Ivy laughed and asked,“You expect me to go to the kitchen and cook for you?,”
“Yes, isn’t that part of a wife duties?”
Ivy looked at him,“ I’m too exhausted to cook for you dear husband so go in to the kitchen and cook for yourself.”Then she turned to leave again but Brian dragged her to the kitchen and locked the kitchen, hiding the keys in his pocket.

“None of us will leave until you cook something. Unless I’ll die on our very first day of marriage,” Brian said dramatically. Ivy thought she would prefer he die but she’s too young to be a widow. So she decided to cook something quick.

“Well, if I’m cooking. You have to assist me in cooking,” Ivy asked Brian. Brian was stunned. He’s never touched anything in the kitchen before talk less of cooking but he nodded as he’s too hungry to care.

Ivy smiled and thought of what to give him before finally giving him onions to chop. Staring at the confused expression on Brian’s face, she smirked. Brian carried the onions and looked at the knife and the onions weirdly.

“How am I supposed to do this?,” he asked Ivy.

Ivy smiled and said,“You have to peel off the layers of the onions before chopping. Cut the top and cut the bottom,then lift it up close to your eyes and count the layers as you peel them.”

Brian looked at her suspiciously,“Why do I have to put the onions close to my eyes and count the layers?” Ivy immediately replied,“It makes the dish taste sweeter. It’s my secret recipe.”

Brian nodded and did as she said. Ivy kept on glancing at him from where she was cooking. She tried hard to hold her laughter in as she watched Brian’s counting the onions layers seriously. Brian started to blink his eyes as they felt hot and sore.

He stopped counting it and used his hands to rub his eyes furiously in pain. “My eyes are on fire…” he said. Ivy still made fun of him and said,“You have to continue peeling the onions like that..” But Brian finally realized she tricked him. So he walked over to the door and ran out of kitchen with tears coming out of his sore eyes.

Ivy finally let out all the laughter she has been holding in before she continued cooking.


I sat on the couch in my room and waited for Ivy to come out of the shower as I thought of how to repay her for tricking me into peeling onions like. I had to bath and she didn’t stop laughing while we were eating.

As soon as she came out, I gulped hard trying not to let her white nightdress distract me. I won’t fall for her $eductive look this time. I’ll have to revenge.

I stood up and took a pillow and a bedsheet before throwing it on the floor. “You have to sleep on the floor as your punishment for what you did to me earlier,” I said.

She laughed and climbed ontop of the bed. “No, you will sleep on the floor and I’ll take the bed.”

“How dare you try to command me in my own room and on my own bed?,” I asked arrogantly. “Dear husband, have you forgotten that this is now our room and our bed so I also have the right to command you.” she answered. I gritted my teeth.

But then she stood and went to the door opening it preparing to leave. “Where are you going?”, I asked.

“ I’m going to the other room to call my mother in-law and complain to her of how badly my husband is treating me on our wedding night. I’ll even show her the room as proof,” she said leaving the room.

I hurriedly got up and left the room to follow her. I can’t allow her to complain to mom. But it’s like she disappeared cause I couldn’t find her. When I got tired of searching for her, I went back to the room and was shocked to find a pillow and my phone outside the room. The door was locked. Dmnit! She fooled me again.

“Ivy, open this door right now!,” I said.
“Go to the other rooms and don’t disturb my sleep,” she answered sleepily. I kicked the door angrily, picked up the phone and pillow and left. I entered a random room and slept thinking of what I’ll do to that feisty kitten tomorrow.


The next morning

I was awoken by the sound of my phone. Looking at it, my friends are video calling me. I rushed to the bathroom and left the tap on before picking the phone.

?Yo bro, how did the wedding night go? Where’s your wife?- they asked immediately I picked the call

? She’s in the shower right now and I’m not telling you guys how my wedding night went- I lied

We continue chatting until one of my foolish friends spoilt the vibe.

?Bro, the background of the room looks like the one I stay in anytime I come over to your house.

Others looked and nodded before staring at me suspiciously. I didn’t know what to do so I cut the call and switched off my phone. Sht! I should have checked the room first.

That feisty kitten is gonna pay for this. I stood up and left my room to look for her.


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