SINGLE MOM: Episode 1-10


{When love decides
To take over}


(I know that you’re rich)

?Episode 10?

Bryce’s POV

I stare down at the loads of files in front of me and sigh.

My mind was far from me at the moment. I keep thinking about her.
I scroll through my phone and stare at her new pictures.

What is she doing at Seattle?

I quickly put away my phone and buried my face in my hand. Why can’t you be here Zendaya?


The telephone started ringing and I placed it on my ear.


“Miss King is here with her nanny.”Katie said, I groaned and cursed under my breath.

“Let them in.” I said and dropped the telephone.

The door was soon pushed open and Faith walked in with Arley beside her.

“Daddy.” She called and rushed towards me.

I bend and kssed her both cheek and smiled.

“Why are you here baby?” I asked.

“I made muffins for you daddy, Faith and I.” She said with a proud smile on her face.

I chuckled silently and my gaze landed on the box on my desk.

“It’s gon’ be delicious, I’m sure of that.” I said and she nodded vigorously.

“Let’s check it out shall we?” I said and open the box. “Wow,”

“It’s delicious to the eyes.” I said and took a piece of the muffin and took a bite.

“I love it baby.” I said and she smiled proudly.”Thank you.”


“Where do you wanna go baby?” I asked as I decided to take her out.

“I want to go to Ana’s cafe, I miss Penny.” She said, I furrowed my eyebrows and glanced down at her.

“Penny?” I asked and she nodded, “Where do you know her from? How did you get to know her?”

“Faith and I went to try out a cafe the other day and I saw her there,she was very nice to me. She added more strawberry shortcake for me and smiled at me.” She said dreamily. “She is Christian’s mother.”

I stood there gaping at my six years old girl.

She…..she never speak much about herothwr but she’s all biography on another woman?

“Let’s go then.”I said and took the elevator.

I press the button to my underground garage and it started moving.

Penny, Christian.

She have a child, she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring or engagement ring. She is so poor as well.

My mind went back to the scene that happened five days ago at the school parents meeting.

I shook my head and fished out my car keys from my breast pocket.


I park the car in front of the cafe and got down with Arley.

“Daddy are we going to visit grandma tomorrow? I miss her, I’ll get her pancakes from Penny.” Arley said.

I just nod and pushed the glass door open.

“Welcome to…….”

“Penny!” Arley shouted and Penny looked up.

“Hi baby girl, are you alone today?” She asked Arley, never making eye contact with me.

“I came with daddy.” She replied and grab hold of my hand.

Penny eyes widened and she glanced at me then my daughter.

“Good day Mr King, what can I get you?” She asked.

“What do you want Arley?”

“Peanut, pancakes for grandma. Strawberry shortcake and two cups of Cappuccino please.” She said with a smile.

“Your order coming right up, you can take a seat while I prepare it.” Penny said and i nods.

Penny’s POV:

My heart sank into my stomach when I found out that that cute baby girl is Bryce King’s child.

That was why she looked familiar to me.

I quickly prepare her orders and pack it inside our customized polythene.

“Here you go Miss King, it’s $450.” He dip his hand inside his pants pocket and fished out a wallet.

He opened the wallet and hand over $1,000 dollars to me.

“Mr King, I know that you’re a rich man but you ought to know that we dont have a change for this amount of money.” I said dejectedly.

“You can have it Miss James,” He said in a monotone voice.

He collect the polythene from me and grab hold of baby girl’s hand then pull her towards the door.

“See you next time Penny.” She waved at me and I waved back.

Such a lively little daughter of a rich cold billionaire business mogul.

Bad combination.

I shrugged and went back to my daily work.

At least i got $550 dollars today.


I put in the CD and the music started playing.

The soothing voices of westlife makes me close my eyes.

I do much love this crew, there song is everything.
My favorite of all time is “someone needs you”

“Get me the salt please.” I told Chris and he did.

“You dances like Jennifer Lopez Mom.” Chris said and roll his eyes.

“Oh stop the flattering baby, jlo is a genius.”

The music was blasting and I was swaying my hips carelessly to the beats.

“Mommy there is a knock on the door.” Chris said and I stopped dancing. Who could it be?

I walk out of the kitchen and clean my hand with a neat towel then pause the music and walk towards the door.

I peeped in through the keyhole but couldn’t see anything.

I opened the door and my mouth was left hanging.


The only word that I was able to mumble was.




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