SINGLE MOM: Episode 1-10


{When love decides
to take over}


(Her dismissal letter)

?Episode two?

Penny’s POV:

After hanging up on Sasha, I set Chris’s lunch and walk off to my room.

My thoughts went back to what she said earlier “don’t you want to know whom your sister’s fiance is?” those words had me thinking.

It is just a few lines but it brought so much emotions to my heart. who could her fiance be?

I removed my clothes and tie my towel around my body. I walk off to my bathroom and strip out of my towel.

Turning on the shower, I got in and let the water cascade down my body. my mind keep moving back and forth.

It is really amusing, when people talk about their first love they say it with so much emotions. yes there is an emotional aspect of it but mine was a sad emotional aspect. He left, never coming back, never caring to know how I am feeling, not caring to know if I’m dead or alive.

He told me he loved me.

I guess it was all a facade after all, he played with my emotions.

I took a deep breath as my tears merge with the water on my face. but I’m not that Penny anymore.

This Penny right here is a strong willed woman who will do anything to train her child and succeed without the help of a man or her family.


The only word that I love and hate at the same time.

They neglected me when I needed them most, they mocked me especially Sasha.

I couldn’t help but start reminiscing on what I had to go through in the hands of a woman I calledmy sister including my own mother.

I grabbed my towel and cleaned myself up before tying it around me and walk back to my room.

Few minutes later, I was already wearing my dress for work.

I grabbed my bag from my vanity table and grab my car key.

I picked up my presentation for the day that I wrote inside a file and walk out of my room.

“where are you baby, we gon’ be late.” I called out for Chris.

“Front porch mommy.” I heard him replied from the door side.

I walk outside and we hurried to my car.
When I dropped Chris off at his school, I drove straight to the company where I work.

I got out of the elevator and headed to my office, I closed my door behind me and dropped my bag on the desk but a letter was laying flatly there. I don’t remember mailing any letters yesterday though, I grabbed the letter and peel it open.

From the desk of
CEO Jones Brownie

Miss Penny James, you’re hereby dismissed as the accountant of our company. it is caused by your incompetence for the work.

luck finding job out there.

Brownie Inc corp
PA Ariana gilbert


incompetence? what the f**k did i just read? I’m fired?

no, oh God, no please no, let this be some blurry stuff.

I washed out of my office with my bag and headed to the CEO floor. I got there and met his assistant.

“Miss James, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“please I want to seem Brownie, this is urgent.” I said in a very visible pleasing voice.

“I’m sorry miss James but Mr Brownie told me not to let you in.” she said.

I’m finished.

This is it. I lost my $30,000 job and now I’m with not much than $100,000 in my bank account.

Ain’t this life good?


I thanked her and walk out of the company with all that belongs to me.
My apartment rent is due in two weeks, where do I get $20,000? From my bank account? Then what do we eat with?

How do we survive?

I brushed away my tears and enter my car, with nowhere in particular to go to I drove around the city aimlessly.

I’m the most unlucky person in this world!
Why’s all the bad things happening to me?

I have been with this job for over four years now, they didn’t find me incompetence then but now?

Just shts!

I stopped my car at the park and got down, I walk towards a bench and had a seat.

What do I do with my life now?
What do I tell Chris?

In few days I’ll have to pay $20,000 for his school fees.

The more I think about it the more frustrated I become.

I had $100,000 and I’ll spend $40,000 in it.

What will the remaining sixty do?
Can it feed me and my child for long?

How do I get a job in this city.

I stood up from the bench and headed back to my car as I wasabout to enter I saw a placard that’s want a sale girl. In a cafe?

Oh good, from an accountant to a sale girl.

Life Good!

Let me check it out.

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