JUST TWO MONTHS: Chapter 51-The End

?Just Two Months ?.

Written By Tamara Blair

Chapter 51

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
The Police were trying to track down Kylie’s location.

“Have you seen it?” I asked anxiously.
“Almost..got it, she’s at an abandoned house in avenue street”
“Avenue street, that’s so far away,it will take like 3 hours” Mason said frustrated.

“It won’t if you use a helicopter,we will go get her” one of the police men said.

“Then let’s go”

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Jamil was already shirtless,he was trying to take 0ff my sh!rt.

“Please,Jamil, don’t do this, please I beg you” i said crying my eyes out.
“You don’t know how long i have dreamt of kssing every inch of your b0dy,am not wasting this opportunity”

“Jamil, don’t do this to me”

Suddenly he stopped pulling my sh!rt 0ff.

“I don’t want you in this cl0thes, Daniel has touched it,i want you to wear a brand new one,stay here while i got get another cloth”

He walked away and shut the door behind him,i have to get out of here.
I can’t let him rape me,i rather die. I looked around and there was a curtain,i pulled it open and there was a window but it’s locked.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
I and Mason followed the police to where Jamil and Kylie is.
We got there and the place was isolated and very quiet.

“You two stay here while we go get them” An officer said.
“But i need to see my Kylie” I said.
“Stay here or you will get hurt”

“Bro,he’s right,let them do their job” Mason said and i sighed.

? Jamil’s P.o.v?
“Sir,the police are here” One of my goons said.

“What? How’s that possible?”
“I don’t know but we are totally sc.rewed,sir”

“Just go and distract them”

I turned back and went to take Kylie away,i saw her trying to open the window.
I gr.abbed her by the hair making her scre@m in p.ain.

“How did you tell them?” I yelled.
“Tell who what?, Let go of my hair”

“The police are here,who told them?”

“I don’t know,let me go”

She pushed me away, that’s when i saw a blinking light on her ankle.
“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”
“That on your ankle”

“It’s an anklet, Daniel gave me”

“That ba$tard,he put a tracking device on it”
“He did?”

“Let’s go” i said and started dragging her out.

?? Kylie’s P.o.v??
Jamil kept on dragging me to the back door,he wanted to escape the police.

“Let me go,you mon$ter”

“Shut up or i will hit you”

I struggled with him,i bit his arm and kicked him in his gr0in section, he bent down in p.ain.

I started to run but he held me down,we kept on struggling until i felt something pierce my back.

“I rather see you dead than to see you with Daniel or anyone else” Jamil said and walked away.

I fell to the ground, then i realized Jamil stabbed me with a knife,i was bl.eeding so much,i passed out.

? Daniel’s P.o.v?
The police went in and after a few minutes, gunshots were heard.
Oh,God, please save my Kylie.

Minutes later, the police came out with Jamil,his hands was stained with bl00d.
I came closer to him, dragged him by the collar and punched him so hard.

“Where is she, where’s my Kylie?”
“She’s gone,she’ll never come back” He said laughing hysterically.

I wanted to punch him again but i heard Mason yell my name,i turned around and saw Mason holding Kylie’s bl00dy body.

I rushed towards him and carried her from him.
She opened her eyes slightly and smiled at me.
“Da..danny,you came for me”

“Yes,i did but don’t talk too much, let’s go to hospital”

“I..i love you”
“I love you too”

“The Ambulance is here” Mason said, the paramedics put Kylie on a wheel bed and rolled her into the bus, I and Mason followed them.

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