SINGLE MOM: Episode 1-10


{When love decides
To take over}




Penny’s POV:

Since my last chit chat with Maggie, I gave been having a worried sleepless nights.

For years now I never considered going on dates with a man, I was still hoping, still holding onto the fact that one day he’ll miss me, one day he’ll miss us and…..and come back.

But I was wrong, it is almost five years now, what was I even thinking?

I sigh heavily and gaze out of the window, right now Chris and I are on a bus to there school since my car broke down earlier and there is a parent meeting in his school.

“Mommy I think we will be going on a getaway this weekend.” Chris said and i turned my head to face him.

“How baby… can’t go.”I said and sigh, I don’t have the transport fare and most of all I’ll miss my son a lot.

The ride to the school was bumpy but interesting, I came down from the bus including tons of students as well.

Some of the parents are already arriving in their flashy cars and designer wears. I felt so out of place in my baggy gray jeans and blue shirt.

D@mn it, I should have dressed better, many wear one of my work clothes.

“Let’s go mommy.” Chris said grabbing my hand and tugged me forward with all his might.

I allow Chris go to his class and I shamefully walk to the meeting room.

The place was already filled up with parents of the kids. I lowered my gaze to the ground as most of the eyes were directed at me immediately I opened the door.

“Miss James, it’s good to have you with us.” The proprietress said with all smile. I managed to return her smile and blindly walk towards and empty chair then sat on it.

The meeting soon kicked off with parents discussing and complaining about the difference in their kids.

Since I got here, I felt like someone was watching me. But why will anyone watch a woman who is dressed so poor?

I look sideways and my eyes came in contact with that of Bryce King.

Holy cow.

What is he doing here?

I blinked rapidly. My heart thudding loudly. My mouth slightly parted.

I can’t believe that I was sitting with Bryce King for good thirty minutes now and I didn’t know.

Why is he in this school?

Does he have a child?
Then a question pop up in my head. Is he married? If so maybe God forgive me, I was drooling on a married man all this while.

“You may want to face front now Miss,” He said coldly and I blushed hard.

He caught me staring at him, notheless I felt mortified.

Will he see me as a weird woman now?
Am I weird?

“So please the donation should begin.” I heard the proprietress voice after ages of staring/drooling at Bryce King.

What donation?

“You spaced out while watching me, the getaway donations.” He said curtly.

You don’t have to sound rude?

Donation? Oh my goodness.

How. What am I going to do now? I don’t have any money and sitting here are businessmen and women while I…..I’m just a cafe sale girl not even a cafe owner.

“$40,000” A voice said then everyone clapped.




This goes on and on, I was watching everyone with hunger, how can they be spending all this while I’m not even eating good food.

I gulped loudly, tears swelling in my eyes.

Chris will be disappointed,he won’t be able to do what his mates are doing because I got no money on me.

“Miss James? It’s your turn now.” The proprietress said, I bite my lip and refused to say a word.

I keep fighting my emotions, my eyes stuggs and my nose running.

They’ve probably get the signal by now.

“$500,000” A voice said and I heard gasps in the room.

It was Bryce who said that, he is donating half a million dollars? Oh my goodness….what!

“Thank you mr King.” The proprietress said and eyes were fixed on me yet again.

“It is for Miss James.” He said and I stared with wide eyes.

For me?

“What do you mean Mr King?” A woman I assumed is the wife of the head district sheriff asked.

He kept quiet not answering to anybody, the meeting ended just like that and I hurriedly scurry away out of the room.

I took a deep breath immediately I got outside and rest my back against something.

I sigh and closed my eyes for a brief moment but opened it quickly when noticed something.

Bryce was walking towards me, I squirm at his steady gaze.

What does he want now?

“Mr King, I want to say thank you for helping me back there.” I said and he just nodded.

I nods as well, none of us moving.

“Shift.” His cold calm voice said and i rose my eyebrows.


I turned around to see what i was relaxing on but lo and behold, it was a navy blue sport car, I don’t think my mortgage bill and account balance can ever buy such a car.

I nervously bite my lip and move away from the car, he stood there for a moment. His eyes following my mouth movement then all too quickly he opened the car and got in then drove off.

There is something about this man.

Something interesting, something dark. Something that keeps telling me to come closer.

Why does my heart race increased at the sight of him?

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