SINGLE MOM: Episode 1-10


{When love decides
to take over}


(Hired/first day at the cafe)

?Episode 3?

Penny’s POV:

As i walk inside the already busy cafe, I saw a girl dressed in a uniform and grabbed hold of her arm.

“I’m sorry but can I meet the owner of this place?” I asked her. she stared at me for awhile and nods.

“MrsAnnabelle is just behind the counter.” she replies.

“Thank you.” I walk off to the direction she pointed to, my eyes scanning the area.

“Excuse me ma’am.” I said to the woman I assume to be the owner.

She smile brightly at me and lean on the counter.

“What is your order my dear.” She asked sweetly.

“I want a cup of ice tea please,” I told her.

“Coming right up, go and sit down.” she said.

“Do you need a sale girl here? I saw the placard on my way.” I said to her she stops what she was doing.

“Yes dear, do you maybe know someone interested?” she asked, hope laced on her voice.

“Yes, I…..I actually am the one.” I replied and she stare down at me. I’m sure she’s doubting me because of my dress.

Today I was wearing a black dress that stopped right on my knees with a red bottom heel and a red birkin bag.

“Stop the joke please, a high class woman like you can’t probably work here.” She said and I chuckled bitterly.

“Look ma’am,” I starts looking around me to see if anyone was listening. “I just got fired for no reason from my job. I need this job in other to survive with my son. please I beg you I need this job.”

She stares at me speechless for awhile and smile.

She scrutinize my face for awhile before motioning me behind the counter.
I went behind the counter and stood beside her.

“Sit down there, we will talk more about this.” She said pointing at the seat.

“Thank you ma’am.”

I sat there for an hour before the customer became less rampart.

“What is your name?” She asked me.

“Penelope James, a former accountant at Brownie Inc corp. A mother of one.” I introduced myself to the bewildered woman.

“With your certification, can’t you get a job somewhere else?” She asked gently.

“It is hard to find job this days ma’am, I can’t waste my time on that. please give me this job.” I begged.

“Call me Ana, your salary is $5,000. Will open by 7:00am and close by 8:00pm but I’ll make an exception for you. Are you in?” She asked.


“Yes.” I replied dejectedly.

I tie the apron around my waist as I collect the cup of ice coffee from Ana and walk over to the person who ordered it.

“Enjoy your drink.” I told him and dropped the cup on the table.

I turn to leave when my eyes caught on my fellow sales girl her name Maggie.

She was held by a man.

“Leave her alone.” I told the man holding her.

“I was talking to her not you.” he spat at me.

“She clearly doesn’t want to talk to you, let her go right now.” I said angrily. I hate it when men manh@ndled women.

He let her go and stood up, he brought up his hand to touch my face but I slap it off.

He chuckled and wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.

“You are too classy, look at your hairstyle, your dress, your makeup, what are you doing here as a sale girl?” he asked. I gulp down nervously glancing around.

“Get out of here if you came to h@rrass others before I call the cops.” I told him.
He raised up his hands and chuckled.

“It’s okay lioness,” he mocks and sat back on his chair.

I heaved a sigh of relieve and walk back to the counter.

“You did well.” I hear Ana said. I flashed her a smile and continue with what I was doing.


I took permission from Ana and drove to Chris’s school to pick him up and she let me go for the day, at least Chris won’t find out anything yet.

“You look sad mom, what’s up?” He asked and look straight into my eyes.

I lowered my gaze and forced out a smile.

“No baby, the presentation was hectic maybe that’s why I feel so tired.” I lied.

He kept quiet without saying another word. I park my car in front of my apartment and got down with Chris.

We got to the front porch and I opened the door before going in.

“Go to your room and freshen up while I microwave your food.” I told him and he nods.

He walk off and I sat down on a couch.

Just what the h.ell is going on with me?
I can’t help keep thinking…..keep thinking about him.

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