It was already late at night, but Tim couldn’t sleep. He felt bothered by Kira’s word earlier.

Tim raised his body from lying on the bed. He then gets off the bed, he took his phone at the top of the bedside table and took a key before he got out of the bedroom.

Tim headed to his study room. He put his phone at the top of the table before he sat on his swivel chair. He opened his drawer and took his father’s journal.


‘I’m sorry, I don’t have enough courage, to tell her the truth,’ Tim said inside.

He doesn’t know how to start telling Kira that his father has something to do with the accident fifteen years ago, which caused her parent’s death.

Every time he attempts to tell her, he would suddenly lose his courage, being in his place is not easy. He is hiding a dark secret from his wife, and he is the reason why her life is in danger.

‘Was he wrong for marrying her?’

He is now bearing the consequences of not listening to Helena. She was against his decision to marry Kira, but he still insisted.

Tim missed his hair, he is so confused. He felt like he is going insane.

Tim’s deep thoughts were interrupted when his phone suddenly rings. Tim froze before he looked at the phone at the top of the table. It took a few seconds before he decided to pick the call. He swiped his finger on the phone before he brought it to his ear..

“Hello?” he answered.

“Mr. Tan,” it was Coby.

“Coby, why did you call late at night?” Tim asked.

He can hear noises from Coby’s background.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, sir, but this is an emergency,” Coby replied.

Tim knitted his brows, he straightened his body when he heard the noises of a fire truck siren.

“What emergency?” He asked, alarmed.

“There is an explosion in the garage, sir,” Coby replied.

“What?!” Tim was stunned.

“The explosion causes a big fire which burned a few buses units, sir,” Coby said.

Tim got rattled, “I’ll be there!” He said as he hurriedly put back the journal on his drawer.
He then hurriedly got up from his seat without locking his drawer.

Tim got out of his study room and headed back to the bedroom. He just took the jacket and his car keys and did not bother to change his dress.

He hurriedly got out of the room again. He headed downstairs and opened the front door. He took big strides toward the garage and hurriedly rode in his car and drove away.

He was in a hurry that he did not notice the car parked a few meters away from the Villa’s gate.

Inside the car, the man who is sitting in the driver’s seat straightened his body when he saw a car drove away. He instantly took his phone and made a phone call.

“Boss, I think he already knows about the explosion,” he said to the person in the other line.

“That’s good then,” The man from the other line said.

“I think this is the perfect time to go in, boss,” The man said.

“Go and find anything that we can use against him, Storm,” The man from the other line agreed.

The man who is called Storm ended the call. He then wears his mask-like ninja before he gets out of his car.

Storm climbed up on the Villa’s wall. He moved swiftly that the securities that are doing a roving did not notice him. He jumped down and hurried towards the house.

He stopped and hide when he noticed the security coming into his direction. He waited for the security guards to pass before he continued heading to the house.

He found a portal to the house through the ceiling to floor window. He was able to enter the house without catching the attention of the securities. He headed straight upstairs and opened each room one by one.

He opened the guest room and entered, but he got out again when he did not find something useful. He transferred to the other room but still couldn’t find anything.

The next room he opened is the master’s bedroom. He saw a person lying on the bed, fast asleep. He carefully widened the crack on the door and carefully closed it again.

He took light steps towards the closet, he checked the drawers on the table and every possible place where Tim might put his important documents, but, like the two previous rooms, he did not find any important documents that he could bring to Mr. Fuente.

He was about to leave but he saw the fourth door. He hasn’t entered that room yet. He hurriedly yet carefully headed to the door. He turned it open but it was locked.

Storm pulls something sharp from his pocket and used it to open the study room’s door. He entered and closed it again.

The room is dark, but Storm is still able to see things using his flashlight. He checked on the bookshelves and the files at the top of the table but he did not find something.

Storm releases an annoyed sigh. He was about to give up, but he noticed the drawers in the table. He tried to open it and bingo, It wasn’t locked. He searched the draw, but still, nothing is interesting but then… A red-book-like journal fell into the floor. Storm picks up the red book.

He should not make a mess, he should not leave traces of evidence to make them suspect that they were intruded.

Storm was about to put back the red book but he froze when he noticed a photo in between the pages of the book. He pulled the photo out of curiosity. He then takes a look at it. It is a photo of a young girl with two grown-ups, which he suspected to be her parents. Storm looked at the photo and he seems interested.

He was about to put it back on the book, but he got curious about what is written in the journal.



Tim saw the thick smoke in the garage. Some firemen are still distinguishing the fire. He stopped his car and hurriedly got off his car and walks closer to the garage.

“Mr. Tan!” Tim heard Coby called him.

He stopped in his track and turned his head to Coby’s direction. Coby took big strides towards Tim. He is panting as he reached him.

“Coby, what exactly happened?” He asked.

Coby took a few deep breaths before he spoke.

“The security said, that there is an explosion in the north side of the garage, ” Coby replied.

Tim went silent as if he is thinking.

‘An explosion?’

Tim looked at Coby again.
“Did they notice any suspicious person in the garage before the explosion?” He asked.

“According to the security guard, there is someone who came tonight to have a check on the newly arrived bus units, but after an hour the explosion happened,” Coby reported.

Tim narrowed his eyes.

“A check-up at night?” He wonders.

‘That is already suspicious!’ He thought.

Tim looked at Coby again, “Did you confirm it from the maintenance department?” He asked again.

“Yes, sir,” Coby replied..
” But the manager said that they did not send anyone to do a check-up because they don’t do a check-up at night.” He added.

Tim took a deep breath.

” Someone did this on purpose.” He mumbled.

“I was thinking the same too, sir.” Coby agreed.

“How many units have been burnt?”

“About ten units, sir,” Coby replied.

“Prepare the papers to claim the insurance,” Tim ordered.

“Copy that sir!” Coby replied.
“How about the garage, sir?” He asked.
“The fire department said that we have to do a clearing, they will also investigate the cause of the fire. Where will we put the other units, sir?

“We have to transfer to the garage at Hilltop Village temporarily,” Tim replied.

Coby froze as he looked at Tim. The garage at the hilltop village was the old garage of Tan Corporation’s busses. It is outside the City and the road is a bit risky.

“But Mr. Tan. I heard that the old Master Tan already ordered to abandon that place a long time ago.” Coby commented.

Tim sigh!

‘I know!’ He thought.
And he knows the reason why his father ordered to close that garage fifteen years ago.
Because he doesn’t want to go back to that place again.

“We don’t have a choice, we have to fix this garage. We need a wide space for all the units and I can’t think of any temporary garage but the garage at the Hilltop Village, it’s just temporary, anyway,” Tim said.

“Alright, sir!” Coby did not object anymore.

Kira is half awake, she shifted her position and was about to embrace Tim, who she thought that is sleeping beside her. She knitted her brows when she couldn’t touch Tim beside her. She slowly opens her eyes and looked beside her.
Tim is not there!

Kira looked around before she raised her body. She checked the time at the clock in the bedside table. It is almost midnight!

‘Where did he go at this hour?’ Kira asked her self.

She got off the bed and checked the bathroom, but Tim isn’t there.

She gets out of the bedroom and went to Tim’s study room.

Storm smirked as he read the journal.

‘The boss will get interested in this!’ he said inside.

He then folded the journal and put it in his pocket. Just then, he heard noises of footsteps from the outside of the room.

Storm looked at the door’s direction and realized that he did not lock it again.

Kira knocked on the door before she turned the doorknob to open, but she was met with darkness and silence.

Kira knitted her brows when she saw Tim’s messy table. Her husband is an organized kind of person, so, she wonders why his study room is a mess.

‘He might have left in a hurry,’ Kira thought.

She entered the study room and started to fix Tim’s things.
Kira is focused on what she is doing, but she was a bit startled when she heard a noise on the window’s direction. She stopped what she’s doing as she turned her head to the window. She noticed the long and thick curtains move a bit.

Kira knitted her brows, ‘What’s behind the curtains?’ she wondered.

‘Ohmo! Is there a ghost here?!’ Kira couldn’t help but think.

Why on earth would the curtain move?
She can’t say it’s because of the wind.
The windows were always kept shut, so the wind couldn’t enter the room.

Kira put down the files that she’s holding. She slowly took a step towards the window. She wants to make sure what is behind the curtains.

Kira held the curtains. She is a bit scared. Her heart is thumping so hard and she’s trembling.

She closed her eyes as she took a deep breath before opens her eyes and suddenly flipped the curtains. The cold night breeze automatically blew her face as soon as she flipped the curtains.

Kira knitted her brows.
Why the window is opened?
Do the servants forget to close it again after cleaning?

Kira just ?ssumed that the servants forgot to close the window after cleaning it.
She just closed it and then gets back to what she was doing earlier.


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