“Good evening, officer.” Ron and Dan smiled as they greeted the officer.

The officer nodded his head as a response, he was about to walk away and let the car pass, but he froze when he heard a sound from the car trunk.


The Youngman inside the car trunk felt the car stopped again. Even though he felt exhausted, he still tried to kick the trunk cover.

The officer looked at the two people inside the car suspiciously, “What’s inside the trunk?” The officer asked.

Ron and Dan looked at each other, “Ah, our load must have fallen off,” Ron said, but the noise repeated which made the officer get more suspicious of the two people inside the car.

“Could you open the trunk? We have to check on it,” The officer said.

Ron and Dan got alarmed, they looked at each other with their stunned expression.

“Open the trunk now!” The officer said with authority, but Ron did not move, instead, he held the gear stick, he moved it before he stepped on the accelerator and drove away with full speed.

“Hey!” The officer tried to stop the driver of the black car, but it did not listen to him.

The officer hurriedly called the other officer and they rode on the police car to chase those men.

“Chase that car!” The first officer said to his partner.

The second officer speeds up the car and tried to catch up with the black car.

The first officer called to the other checkpoints and told them about the fleeing car, which was suspected to be involved in an illegal doings.

The other checkpoints were quick enough to respond, they were able to locate the car and cornered it before the fleeing car could drive outside the City.

“They’re chasing us!”.
“They’re chasing us!” Dan said repeatedly to Ron.

“Hey!” Ron yelled, “I’m trying to find a route to escape here, so, stop acting coward!” Ron was furious.

“Dmn it!” Ron cursed when he saw the two police cars chasing for them now!”

The Youngman repeatedly kicked the trunk cover when he heard police sirens.
He felt the car speeds up.

Could it be that they were chased by the authority?

The Youngman’s body suddenly plunged when the car suddenly stops. It seems like the driver was caught off guard and suddenly stepped on the brake.

“Ugh!” The Youngman grunted when he felt the pain in his entire body.



The black car almost reached the crossroad ahead of them but suddenly…

“Look out!” Dan shouted when another police car popped out of nowhere and blocked their way.

Fortunately, Ron’s reflexes are fast! He automatically stepped on the brake but because they were over speeding, the car did not stop right away. It only stopped a few inches away from the police car which blocked their way.

Ron’s face plunged on the steering wheel while Dan’s is on the dashboard.

The authority got off from their car, they pulled their gvns and aimed it to the car in front of them.

“Get down now!” One of the officers shouted.

“What should we do now? The boss will kll us if he learns that we get caught!” Dan said.

“We have to escape from here!” Ron said.

“How?!” Dan asked.

Ron did not say a word, instead, he pulled out his gvn and aimed it to one of the officers outside the car.

“Bang!” The loud gvnshot resounded.

“Ah!” One of the officers outside the criminal’s car cried when he felt the pain in his shoulder.

The other officer doesn’t have a choice but to shoot their gvns to the people inside the car.

Dan took his gvn too and shoot outside the car.

“Ah!” Ron cried when the bvllet buried into his ?h?st!

Dan turned his head to Ron, and he was stunned. Ron was shot in his left ?h?st and it made Dan felt furious. He continued shooting his gvn.

The officers hid behind the police cars as they exchanged gunshots!

After a while, the people in the car stopped shooting, the officers looked at each other. Someone tried to peek on the criminal’s car, the front seat was ruined!

The window glasses shattered, and they can see the unconscious people in the front seat with blood trickled down to their faces!

One of the police officers walked closer to the car, he tried to check the men’s pulse, but he couldn’t find it.
They were dead.

The other officer opened the car trunk and they were stunned of what they saw.

It’s a Youngman, maybe in his early twenties. His face is bruised and swollen, he could b?r?ly open one of his eyes! He looked like he was t®rtured.

“Help me,” The Youngman blurted out in a faint voice before his vision went dark.

The shooting incident was reported to the national TV, including the death of Ron and Dan.

“Argh!” The old man roared due to anger when he saw the news.

He smashed the remote control to the floor which made it shattered.

“Boss, easy!” The Gang leader tried to calm his master.

“How could I get easy? Your men were all failure. Failure! “The old man repeated.

He then grabbed the Gang Leader in his collar, his eyes were bloodshot and the veins in his forehead could be seen due to his anger.

“I gave my trust to you and you will only give me this kind of service?! A useless and idiot people!” The old man said in gritted teeth.

“Four years. We’ve been planning this for four years, and yet, we couldn’t succeed!” The old man said.

“We are in trouble especially now that Youngman is on the authority’s hands!” The old man added, still in anger.

“Boss,” The Gang Leader held the old man’s hand and removed it from his collar, “You know that you won’t like to be my enemy, don’t you?” The Gang leader said, mysteriously.

The old man snapped back to his senses.

The Gang Leader smirked as he slowly put down the old man’s hand. He then fixed his collar, ” I will take care of that Youngman,” The Gang Leader said.



The police brought the Youngman to the hospital, and he was still unconscious for the whole night. Police officers are guarding outside his ward, they want to make sure that this man won’t get away once he regains his consciousness. They’re going to question him about the two people who fought back the police the last night. They have suspicions that those two people are involved in illegal doings and the beaten man in the trunk could be a witness.

A man in a nurse uniform walked towards the Youngman’s wardroom. In his hand was a medicine kit, inside it was a stethoscope, blood pressure monitor and a syringe that contains chemical. The man in the nurse uniform wears his face mask when his eyes caught the police standing outside the Youngman’s room.

The man in a nurse uniform has reached the room, The police officers guarding outside the room looked at the man, “May I see your ID?” the police asked.

The man in the nurse uniform showed his identification card to the police.

“You were just here a few minutes ago,” The officer commented.

“I will just check the patient’s vital signs, sir,” The nurse replied.

The police looked at each other before they let the nurse pass the door. Little did they know that the nurse wasn’t the owner of the Identification card and was just disguising himself!

The man in the nurse’s uniform locked the door. He took the syringe inside the medicine kit, the man’s gaze sharpened as he stared at the chemical inside the syringe. It was a poisonous chemical that can burn the main vital organs.

The man in a nurse uniform took off his mask as he slowly walked to the bed. He put down his medicine kit in the bedside table.



The Youngman was half awake, his eyes were closed but his mind is awake. He heard the sound of the opening door which made him think where he is.
Is he dead already?
But why he can still feel the pain in his entire body? The Youngman asked himself.

His body was aching, and he still felt weak, so he did not bother to open his eyes.

The Youngman heard footsteps getting closer to him. A few seconds later, the footsteps stopped and he felt like someone is staring at him.

The man in the nurse uniform stared at the beaten Youngman unconsciously lying on the bed.

“Oh boy, you used to be the boss’ favorite, but now, it’s time for you to say goodbye!” The man in uniform whispered to the Youngman.

“Don’t worry, this won’t take long, it will only take a few minutes after I inject this chemical to your body.” The man in the nurse uniform said.

Little did he know that the Young man was already awake and was just pretending to be asleep!

The Youngman clutched his fist!.

He felt the man’s hand in his right arm where the drip was placed.

Just then, the Youngman suddenly opens his eyes, he used his left hand and grab the syringe from the man’s (pretending nurse) grip!

The pretending nurse did not expect for the Youngman’s move! He was caught off guard and lost the syringe from his grip!

Though the Youngman was still weak, he still tried his very best to defend himself!

The Youngman ki¢ked the pretending nurse with his full force!

The pretending nurse lost his balance, he staggered back before his body slumped on the floor!

The Youngman raised his body to see who’s the person.

“Diego!” He blurted out when he recognized the man who attempted to p®ison him!

Diego is the Gang Leader’s assistant!
The Youngman has only one thing in is mind! Diego is here to kll him!

“Ha!” Diego laughed sarcastically, ”
“Yes, It’s me! And you know why I’m here!” Diego gets up from being slumped, and attack the Youngman again but the Youngman won’t let him win without fi ghting back!

Diego strangled the Youngman, but the Youngman kicked him again which made him staggered back to the bedside table! The bedside table shook, which made the medicine kit fell and created a loud noise that caught the attention of the police guarding outside the room!

“You can’t kill me. I still have to take them down!” The Youngman yelled.

The two police officers looked at each other when they heard a noise!

One of them held the doorknob to turn it open but to his surprise, the door was locked!

“It’s locked!” The officer said to his partner.

“Let’s kick it!” The other police said.

The two of them started to kick the door, on their third attempt, the door opened up!

“Freeze and put your hands up!” The officers shouted as they pulled out their guns, but they were startled of what they saw inside the room!

The things are scattered, and the patient was holding an empty syringe, and the nurse was lying on the floor and struggling to breathe.

“Put your hands up!” The officers shouted as they aim their guns to the Youngman.

The Youngman followed what the officers said, with his gaze on Diego, who was now struggling to breathe because of the poison!

“What happened to him?!” One of the officers asked.

“That man tried to kill me with this poison!” The Youngman said coldly as he showed the empty syringe.

The other officer hurriedly pressed the button near the headboard, after just a few seconds, the nurses and the doctor arrived.

“I’m sorry doctor, but this man needs medical attention, I think, he was poisoned!” One of the officers said.

Diego’s lips and nails turned purple, as he struggled to breathe. The nurses put him in another bed and took him away.

One of the officers looked at the Youngman suspiciously, “Who are you?”

“Why there are a lot of people trying to kill you?” The police officer couldn’t help but asked.

“If I tell you who I am, could you guarantee my safety?” The Youngman asked coldly.

“Of course!” The police officer did not hesitate to answer.

“Then why did you let that man get inside my ward?” The Youngman asked.

“I’m sorry if we were so easy for the people who come into your room, but we will ?ssure you that this will not happen again.” The officer replied.

” Alright, since they want to kill me, there’s no use to keep my loyalty to them,” The Youngman said.

“But,” He spoke again, “I will only confess in the presence of Timothy Tan!”


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