SOLD TO MR RUDE: Episode 11-The End





By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Episode 17?


Eric’s Pov:

I quickly knelt down in front of Nicky with a box of ring.

She was about to lash her anger on me but she became stunned.

She gulped hard and threw her face away.

Daniella covered her face smiling broadly.

“Please be my lady forever! ?” I said still on my knees.

Tears welled down her cheeks.

“Sir Eric! Please this is an expensive joke” Nicky said still backing me.

“This is no joke Nicky! Am damn serious” I said

“No I can’t believe you! You don’t love me right? You hate me because am worst nightmare” Nicky cried

“No Nicky! I love you so much and I love our baby in there” I said pointing at her tummy.

She quickly turned around and flinched.

“You know about the baby?” She asked in shock

“Yes Nicky! I know that I live in you…. I live right inside of you” I said as she scratched her hair.

“Aww… This is so sweet! Please say yes Nicky!” Daniella smiled heartily.

“Shhh… Keep quiet Daniella! When adults are talking you shouldn’t interfere” Mrs Susan said

“Please be mine forever” I said still on my knees.

Nicky was already crying her eyes out.

I can’t really say if it’s tears of joy or not.

“Yes….” She said as I widened my eyes in happiness.

“Say it again! I just wanna hear it!” I said as I gave out a shrieking scream.

She nodded her head smiling.

“Yes Eric! I’ll be your lady” She said as I quickly jumped up.

I carried her tightly as Mrs Susan and Daniella clapped for us.

I slipped the ring through her fingers and she smiled as she kssed the ring.

“I can’t wait to have you with me” I said happily as our lips drew closer.

Slowly, our lips met and hungrily we kssed each others lips

Nicky’s Pov:

I sat in front of the giant mirror smiling graciously.

I was dressed in my immaculate white wedding gown.

I looked absolutely gorgeous in my expensive attire.

So finally Eric and I are getting married.

I rubbed my tummy with smiles on my face.

Today Eric and I will officially become husband and wife.

I grinned from ear to ear.

“Are you ready for this child?” That was my lovely mom’s voice.

“Yes mother!” I smiled

“Am so happy for you my child…happy married life Nicky!” Mom pecked my forehead.

I smiled excitedly as Daniella hugged me.

“Thank you mom!” I said as we group hugged.


I walked down the aisle slowly.

Almost everyone was smiling at me including Eric’s family.

I have grown to love them as well.

Eric and I stood right in front of the priest.

“Eric Santiago do you take Nicky Romero as your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in health for richer or poorer till death do you part?” The priest asked.

Eric looked at me and smiled broadly

“Yes I do!” He said happily

“Nicky Romero do you take Eric Santiago as your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health for richer or poorer till death do you part?” The priest asked.

Tears dropped down my face…

Tears of joy ??

“Yes I do!” I said as the audience applauded us.

“YOU MAY KSS THE BRIDE ?” The priest said

This time our lips met more than hungrily…

Do you know why? ??

Well because the kss is now legal ??


Eric helped me down the stairs as I kept screaming.

Water rolled down my legs.

“My waist! Please massage it” I screamed

Eric held me massage gently but I still yelled.

“No! Please take me to the hospital” I cried

Eric tried massaging me again but I shouted at him.

“Don’t you dare touch me! I said take me to the hospital” I cried.

? Am feeling Eric’s pain ?

? Pregnant women can be really annoying…. I know cos I’ve had an experience when I encountered with one of them?

My tummy was so big now.

He carried me with his remaining strength into the car.

“Hey! Open the gate!” He ordered the security guard.

Mehn! Am in labour oo ?

He drove me straight to the hospital.

With the help of a stretcher, I was taken into the labour room.

“Push..” The mid wife yelled at me.

I was already sweating profusely and crying as well.

? ?

The cry of a baby was heard…..

Eric wrapped his hand round my neck and kssed me.

it’s a baby girl.

“You made me a father” He smiled

“And you made me a mother” I said happily

“I call her Moana..” Eric said as we smiled and hugged each other.

Then kss ? ? ?

We lived happily ever after ? ?




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