SOLD TO MR RUDE: Episode 11-The End





By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Episode 14?

Nicky’s Pov:

The door throw open…

“How may I help you?” a man asked.

Strange actually cos I don’t really know who he is.

I cleared my throat…

“Good day Sir! Please am here to see Mr Eric” I said calmly.

“Mr Eric? Do you have any appointments with him?” He asked.

I shook my head in disagreement.

“No but I really need to see him, it’s urgent” I said

“What’s your name?” He asked

“Nicky Sir” I said

“Am sorry miss but he has gone for a party with his friends and I don’t actually know the time he will be coming home” He said

I sighed disappointedly.

“This is really important Mr” I said in tears.

“I know it must really be! But you can wait for him or come back another time” He said

“Oh no! No! No… I’ll wait for him to come home very soon” I said as he nodded.

He led me into the mansion and sat on the soft couch.

I looked around and smiled.

In just one month, everything has changed…

All the furnitures are new and sparkling.

I know he’s wealthy so am not surprised.

I kept on waiting.


He was not yet back.

I was already feeling uncomfortable….

I’ve taken two cans of orange juice yet he’s not back.

I have to tell him this…

I can’t leave without telling him about the child.

I have to tell him before its too late.

I continued waiting until I fell asleep on the couch.

Eric’s Pov:

We staggered into the mansion dead drunk.

We reeked of alcohol.

I believe that once in a while we should try to forget your problems.

We stormed into the house singing so loud on top of our voices.

“Hey! Eric is this one of your $lut?” Davis one of my friends asked.

We burst into laughter.

The girl sleeping on the couch quickly got up.

I didn’t see her face clearly cos I was drunk.

She looked confused.

“Eric I have something important to talk to you about” She said.

We roared in laughter.

“Talk to me about? Who the hell are you? I knew it! So you are Christine the girl that had a one night stand with me… Do you think I want to have anything to do with you?” I laughed

“Come on girl! We do nothing but use and dump girls… We don’t have anything serious to do with them” Davis added as laughed

The girl burst into tears…

“Am pregn@nt for you.. You ba$tard!” She screamed

“Scram! Get out of here Benita… We only did it a day ago…” I yelled at her.

“Benita? Another girl apart from the Christine you were talking about?” She cried

I laughed loudly.

“Get out of here right now…” We yelled at her.

She quickly ran out of the house in tears.

Tears kept running down her cheeks.

We roared in laughter as we sat on the bare ground.


Nicky’s Pov:

I broke my savings box and counted the money….

I have to leave.

I started packing my bags….

I kept pushing my heap of clothes into the box.

I did all that in tears.

He’s nothing but an animal….

I can’t do this anymore….

Am travelling to Quezon City.

I will start a new life there with my child.

I rubbed my tummy.

“Am sorry child! But your dad is such a $cumbag” I cried as I quickly carried my luggage and made for the door but I bumped into my mom.

Eric’s Pov:

I yawned hungrily as I opened my weak eyes.

I was lying on the bare ground with my friend Davis.

It was a golden bracelet.

“Who owns this?” I asked myself.

“I don’t know man!” Davis said

“Steve! Steve!!” I called my cook aloud.

He quickly rushed out of the kitchen

“Who owns this bracelet?” I asked anxiously

“Oh sir! I think it must be the lady that came yesterday” He said

I stared at him puzzled.

“Which lady?” I asked

“She said her name is Nicky” He said

“Nicky?” I asked in shock.

My jaw dropped in shock….



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