SOLD TO MR RUDE: Episode 11-The End





By: Pinky Preshy Chioma?

?Episode 16?

Nicky’s Pov:

“STOP THE BUS” I screamed as the bus screeched.

All eyes were on me.

“Miss what is it?” they asked anxiously

“Can I get off the bus?” I asked anxiously as I got up.

I was already heading towards the car door.

“Weird!” people muttered.

I quickly got down from the bus and they took off.

I was already feeling uneasy…

I wish I followed them to Quezon City.

You know I don’t really understand myself anymore…

I thought I no longer wanted to sojourn to Quezon City.

And I came down from the bus…

How come am feeling bad that I didn’t go with them?

I yawned hungrily…

That was when I realised that I have been starving since morning.

I haven’t had anything not even a drop of water.

I rubbed my tummy as I sat beside the other bus.

I don’t even know what else to do?

I don’t know where to go….

Am so confused!

Thoughts of what Eric said flashed back into my memories and tears began to rush down my face.

How is my baby going to grow up with such a father?

I don’t think keeping this baby is the right thing to do…

I don’t want my child to go through the h.ell am going through now.

I think the best thing to do is to take a poison.

My life is so miserable.

What kind of a life is this?

I quickly opened my luggage and brought out a small pair knife ?

I have to end it…

The place was dark already so no-one will see me.

I quickly raised the knife to stab myself.

But someone held my hand.

I struggled to stab myself but the hand was so firm and manly.

Though I didn’t bother to look at the face, I perceived a familiar perfume.

I quickly looked at the face.

To my greatest surprise, it was Sir Eric.

I became stunned.

“Don’t do this to you and the baby!” He said and I shivered.

“The baby? Who told you about the child?” I flinched

“I know a part of my life lives in you” He said as I became mute.

I remembered what happened last night and flared up.

I kept on hitting him mercilessly without minding my condition.

“Stay away from me! Stay away from my child” I screamed at him.

He only watched me hurt him.

He didn’t say a word….

That’s so unlike him!

I named him Mr rude because he’s a spoilt brat….

How come he’s so calm?

“Am sorry!” He said quietly.

I tried to hit him again but I couldn’t.

I felt my eyes turning…

I became weak and I collapsed into his arms.

Mrs Susan’s Pov:

I rushed into the ward with Daniela and Eric.

I saw my dear daughter lying peacefully on the bed

She was still unconscious….

I breathed heavily in relieve.

Then I turned to Eric who was behind us with his hands folded.

“Thank you so much Eric! Thank you for bringing back my daughter!” I said in tears.

“It’s OK ma’am! What’s important is that she’s safe now” He said

“Oh sister! Just get up already so that I can beat the h.ell out of you for trying to leave me alone” Daniela said as we roared in laughter.

“And the child?” I asked Eric anxiously

“The baby is fine and her condition is stabled…” He said and I smiled broadly.

That’s a relief!

I hugged her tightly.

She’s been through a lot and I really pity my poor child.

Nicky’s Pov:

I gradually opened my weak eyes…

I couldn’t see clearly… My vision was blurry but I forced my eyes open.

I saw mother and Daniella lying close to me.

I smiled broadly.

“Mo…ther! ” I called slowly and she opened her eyes.

She screamed in delight and hugged me.

“Nicky…” She called happily and hugged me again.

Daniella also woke up and they screamed in excitement.

“Hey! You wanted to leave me alone right sister?” Daniella feigned anger

“Am sorry sister!” I said softly as she hit me playfully.

We hugged each other.

I missed them a lot.

“NICKY…” I heard someone call me.

It wasn’t my mom…

And no! It wasn’t my sister neither is it my good for nothing father.

It was Eric….

I became very uncomfortable.

“What are you….” I tried to shout at him but he quickly went on his knees with a box of ring in his hand and a flower.

I gasped…



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