SPEECHLESSNESS : Episode 1 – 10



Two days had gone and Debbie was still expecting George’s call, her maternal aunt, Stella who just wrote her final degree exam visited them,but with the luggages she came with, it shows that she came to stay, she grew up in their house before gaining admission into the university, her fiance lives abroad.

She knew her mum and father’s sisters are stirring up fight, but she’s going to stand for her mother and fight for their father’s property, aunty Stella was feeling their ears with university stories and they couldn’t get enough of it, they were engrossed in their discussion, when Nkeiru and her sister walked into the sitting room, she picked the remote control and changed the channel they were watching to African Magic Epic, They were surprised at her attitude,

“Aunty Nkeiru, we’ve been waiting for this programme to start, and it just started before you changed it” Debbie said angrily but politely

“Will you shut up!!!, dont you have television in your rooms, if you’re so interested in the programme, you can quietly go to your room and watch it!” Aunty Nkeiru fired at her

Aunty Stella who was shocked at her outburst stood up.

“Nkeiru, I think you’re over reacting, you should’ve simply informed us you wanted to change the channel,” Stella tried explaining to her

“Thank you, teach me manners,” Nkeiru replied rudely settling down on the sofa with her sister

Debbie meant to talk but her aunty stopped her, she took the girls upstairs to their room where they told her what has been happening in the house in her absence.

******* George and his family were enjoying their dinner when his dad cleared his throat

“We shall be throwing a party next month to mark our 25th year wedding anniversary”

“This is the best story I ’ve heard so far,i’m so happy dad, i promise to be home for the celebration,” George said excitedly

“Your sister will be home too for it, you know I love your mother so much and will do anything to make her happy”

“thank you so much dad, I’m proud of you, I pray I’ll love my future wife just the way you love mummy”

Mrs Ufomba was busy smiling at father and son, she didnt utter a word,her mind was disturbed, she was thinking of what would happen to her family when the truth is finally revealed. After eating, they prayed together before retiring to their rooms.

George returned from the barbing salon and was about driving into their compound when the gateman rushed at him.

“Small oga, abeg na our neighbours ooo, they have been fighting since afternoon, I wish your papa dey around make he help go check wetin dey happen,befor person die there,” the gateman stuttered grasping for air

A car quickly drove past them and honked, Debbie’s gateman hurriedly opened the gate,a man alighted from the car and joined in the fight, George on seeing what was happening, quickly alighted from his car and went to their neighbour’s compound, he was perplexed at the sight that met him, some people he believed to be Debbie’s paternal relatives were busy throwing out some belongings out of the house while Debbie, Thelma, their mother and aunt were fighting back at them, returning the belongings, he was confused and doesn’t know what to do, by then other neighbours were Beginning to gather, Their gate was now opened for people to walk in, everyone was trying their best to calm them down, Debbie’s mother was busy making calls, within twenty minutes, a siren was heard, an army vehicle and a black tinted jeep packed outside the compound, four soldiers rushed into the compound with their guns, at the sight of the soldiers, everywhere was calmed, mrs Obasi’s phone rang

“Aaah, commander, they’re here, thank you so much, may God bless you” she dropped the call and walked to her inlaws

“Arrest all of them including these two witches!!!!” she commanded the soldiers who wasted no time in carrying out her order.

They all surrendered immediately by putting up their hands in the air

They took the ladies and the two men away in their vehicle, George helped them to put their belongings back into the house, Debbie’s mother received a call and she told them that she was needed at the barrack, she thought of where the ladies will stay until she returns,

“Ma, Since you don’t want them to stay here without you, they can stay in my house” George said without giving it a second thought

“Oh my son, thank you so much, may God bless you”

Debbie and Thelma were surprised he could say that, they quickly locked up their house and followed him to his house while his mother drove away to the barrack.

George soon realized he didn’t ask for his parent’s permission before accepting the girls into the house, he made them feel at home before rushing to his room to call his parents,

“Son, you know I dont like meddling into people’s family matters, next time seek for my opinion before taking such decisions” his dad advised him

“I’m sorry dad, the fight attracted the neighbour’s, I was just a concerned neighbour, I promise it wont happen again” he apologized

“It’s ok, just take care of yourself and make them feel at home, I’ll explain to your mum, we shall be late today, we have an important board meeting in an hour’s time, bye”

He was relieved after speaking to his dad, he did the sign of the cross and had a warm bathe before going down to join the girls in the sitting room.

He met Debbie and their aunt enjoying their snacks and juice, he called the cook and instructed her to prepare dinner, he searched the room for Thelma but couldn’t find her, he then went outside to search for her since it was already getting dark………

He found her in the garden sobbing, he walked to where she sat and sat behind her.

“You shouldn’t be doing this” she heard a sweet male voice

She turned to see George sitting beside her,

“I’m sorry but I cant help it, my family is now a battle field, everyone is after my dad’s wealth, I can’t t face the neighbours anymore, when my dad was alive, it was him and mum that were always fighting, now that he is dead, it’s now my mum and his siblings, I cant bear the shame anymore, I wish I can just vanish to somewhere where I can have peace of mind….
He didn’t allow her finish before covering her mouth with his hand,

She hugged him tightly and cried in his arms, He was almost moved to tears as he cuddled her, she sulked in his arms, he told her soothing words and she felt better, they were still in that position when someone screamed

“What is going on here!!!!!!!” they jerked outrightly

Thelma realized she was in George‘s arms and quickly disengaged herself from him.

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