“Laura Johnson, are you cursed? How can men be running away from you for no just reason huh? What is wrong with Micheal now, tell me?”. My mother challenged me right there as we ate dinner that evening.

I looked at everyone sitting with me around our big dining table.

My father, my younger brother and younger sister.
They were all glaring at me as if it was my fault that men liked breaking up with me for no reason at all.
I was thirty.

I had clocked thirty yesterday and yesterday was the day that Micheal Cole had broken up with me.

Truth be told, I was beautiful with an attractive complexion.
It hurt that they didn’t even use to give me any reason at all for the break up.

I remembered the past, after I had lost Nigel Jack in that fire.

This time it was my sister, Christiana that was fuming at me. “Don’t tell me that you are still thinking of Nigel?”

I scratched the back of my neck like those Nigerian house girls in Nigerian movies.

“Nigel? G©sh! That was a long time ago! It is already twelve years and i don’t think about the dead, remember?”.
“You are not even more beautiful than Christy and she has three young men in her life that are interested in her for marriage”. My father retorted.
I was already getting frustrated at their nagging.

I got off my seat. “You know what? You people should keep arguing with your ancestors!”.

I rushed to the door and it was almost too late before I realized that someone was actually at the door.
No one could be that handsome…

I had never seen.
He was extremely handsome.
A young man.
I bowed. “Are you looking for someone?”.

He was holding a tray of cake but he wasn’t even smiling at all. “my name is Raymond Smith. I just packed in here yesterday and I couldn’t come in because there was a party going on here last night, probably a birthday or something. I brought cake to share here. It is a usual ritual I do to all my neighbours anytime I newly pack into a area”.

I nodded thoughtfully at him and folded my hands. “Actually, we don’t eat things from strangers in our house”.
Guess what!!!

Raymond Smith, our neighbour ignored what I said and walked into our house with the cake and placed the tray on our center table despite what I said.

It was strange…

He was strange…

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