STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10

Genres: Royal ro-mance, action

Tags: Drama, comedy, lies, betrayal, hatred, love triangle


The town is beautiful

The people are mostly commoners

The rich live differently and the poor live differently

The rich hate associating with the poor cos they believe poorness is a disease that can be transmitted

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 - 10.

The rich has the capacity to kill any of the poor who makes even the slightest mistake

And that’s why it’s called a beautiful town void of peace

The town is called Miryang, Miryang dynasty…in Korea

It’s ruled my King Jung Mal whose reign has been the longest in the history of kingship in the city

His queen is Rachel, a queen who hates the citizens with passion, she behaves like a serpent and hates seeing the poor happy

King Jung Mal has a royal concubine who became a queen, she’s queen Sera, she’s as gentle as a dove but she hates taking what’s not right

Rachel hates Sera cos everyone loves her more cos of her generosity

Now the real characters…

Rachel bore the king two children…. A boy and a girl

Prince Cal is the name of the boy while the girl bears princess Royalty

Cal is just as wicked as his mother and hates opposition, he gets what he wants by any possible means, he’s handsome though… Royalty his junior sister is the opposite, she’s kind and rational.. down to earth and beautiful

Sera bore the king two children too … A boy and a girl

Prince Jimin is the name of the boy while the girl bears Princess Suzy

Jimin is the true definition of a cool guy… Handsome, brainy and hates seeing the poor suffer, he was sent to France cos Cal is always not in good terms with him

Jimin is stern and many take that as he’s cold-hearted, he loves and admires flowers a lot and because of that, he has a flower garden at the back of the palace, he’s narcoleptic and allergic to rain water

Princess Suzy his junior sister is his opposite, she’s just like Cal, they both are the two palace devils but funny enough, they hate each other

Royalty loves Jimin a lot and has a lot of hatred for Cal her brother cos she hates his personality

Suzy hates Royalty… A lot

A maid lives in the palace among the numerous palace maids… Her name is Kimora, she’s allergic to flower scent so she’s always avoiding anywhere with flowers, she’s good at medicine and and curing illness with medicinal plants, she’s is in love with the stars and moon and she loves drawing nature

Kimora is known as the most beautiful girl in the palace and that fact gets her into trouble a lot with someone…


What happens when Prince Jimin comes back from France?

When he sets eyes on Kimora, what next?

When the fight for the throne started

When the palace became a burning furnace

When matters of the heart arises

When love became dangerous and when hatred covered everywhere like a shawl?

It’s a lovestory with a lot of trials…. Emotional, funny, breathtaking and interesting

Grab your popcorn and go with me

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


By Naomi Cindy B

Royal palace, Miryang**

The hairpin is the only thing remaining to be fixed in her hair to make it fit to the style it was rolled to, the maid inserted the hairpin gently and the style stood in place then the maid stood and bowed

“I’m done your highness” she said

Princess Suzy stood in all her arrogance and faced the maids with the regular frown on her pretty face

Her prettiness fuels her arrogance a lot and if anyone is so full of herself in the whole of Miryang, it’s her

She looked at the three maids like flies and sighed

“Do I have to tell you fools what to do again? ” She said coldly

” We’re sorry your highness” they bowed and left

Almost immediately, another maid came in with a royal tray containing her breakfast, she smiled devilishly cos that’s what she wants..the maid

Maybe because it’s glaring that the maid is more beautiful and she sees that as an insult, she hates her immensely…the maid’s name is Kimora

Kimora bowed by the door before entering fully and Suzy knowingly placed a leg on the way for her, Kimora stumbled on Suzy’s leg and fell

All the contents of the tray fell on Suzy and she closed her eyes angrily

Kimora stood hurriedly and went on her knees

“I’ve committed a great sin, please punish me your highness” she said, shaking visibly cos she knows what Suzy is capable of

“Anyone there!” Suzy said and four guards rushed into the room

“Take her to the lawn, and lash her till she’ll bleed” Suzy said

” I’m so sorry your highness, it wasn’t intentional…your highness please have mercy!” Kimora pleaded as she was taken away but no one listened

“I won’t stop till I destroy your skin, being beautiful than me is the greatest sin” Suzy smiled and called in the maids to redress her

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


Princess Royalty’s room**

“The meal was delicious but next time don’t add much salt, it’s not salty but I don’t like salt too much like you know, just a pinch of salt is enough” she said and the maids nodded before clearing her leftovers

They left the room and a guard came in

“Yes?” She said

“Time for your lectures your highness” the guard bowed

” Tell father I’m not ready to learn today” she replied

” Your teacher is waiting your highness” the guard said with another bow

” Gosh!, Can’t I just rest today?” She complained and the guard smiled

Royalty strained her ears and can hear the sound of cries

“That’s Kimora’s voice” she said

“Yes your highness, Princess Suzy ordered for her to be lashed cos she poured her food on her” the guard replied and Royalty stood

” What nonsense, why is she always punishing the poor girl at any slight mistake, lead me to the lawn” Royalty said and left the room with the guard

She met Prince Cal on the hallway that led to the lawn and frowned

“Baby sister” Cal said without smiling

“I’m not your baby sis and you know I hate you” she replied

” Why won’t you just be like mother?’ Cal said

” Cos I don’t want to, and that’s why I love Jimin cos his personality matches mine” she replied

” But Jimin is not your brother, I am!” Cal said

” Jimin is my brother for the fact that we share same father!, The fact that we have different mothers doesn’t matter…. and you… despite the fact that we share same father and mother, I’ll forever hate you!, Now you need to excuse me” Royalty said and left

” Really?” Cal smiled darkly

Royalty got to the lawn and saw Kimora tied down and getting lashed by the guards

“Please have mercy!, My back!, Aarrgh!!!, I’m dying!!” Kimora kept screaming

Princess Suzy is at the hallway, smiling as she watched the guards beating Kimora

“Your highness please help,, she’ll kill her” head maid Ambrosia said slowly, bowing in front of Royalty

“Stop!” Royalty ordered the guards

“Don’t you dare!” Suzy replied

“If anyone lashes her again, he’s getting 100 lashes in return” Royalty said and the guards stopped

” And what do you think you’re doing?, I thought I said we should both mind our bussiness in this palace without affecting each other” Suzy said, walking to Royalty

” Why can’t you just be like your mother or your brother Jimin, why are you behaving different!” Royalty yelled”

” Cos I don’t want to be like them!, I love my brother and mother so much but that doesn’t guarantee that I’ll be like them!’ Suzy replied, standing in front of Royalty already

They’re both eighteen and same height so they’re looking each other in the face

“That’s enough” queen Sera said, coming out to them

” Mother she interfered, I was busy punishing this fool!” Suzy replied, pointing at Kimora whose clothes is covered with blood already

Headmaid Ambrosia and Tania are busy helping her up cos she found it difficult to stand by herself

Tania is another maid in the palace… Kimora’s best friend, and lady Ambrosia is the head of the maids

“What have you done again Suzy, what have you done!” Sera said and went to Kimora

” Are you ok?” She asked,”

” I can still manage your highness” she replied with a painful smile on her face

“Headmaid Ambrosia, take her in for treatment” Sera said

” Yes your highness” Ambrosia replied and took Kimora in with Tania

“Suzy, why do you always behave like a devil?, Why are you behaving like an evil Princess” Sera said and Suzy frowned

” Mother don’t tell me you’re about to side with Royalty again, I’m your daughter not her, I and Jimin should be your only concern in this palace” Suzy said defiantly

” Jealousy destroys, that’s all I have to say to you” Sera said and faced Royalty

” Keep being a good girl, it’ll pay off one day” she said and Royalty smiled

” Thanks queen Sera”

Sera left and Suzy gave Royalty a wicked frown before storming back into the palace furiously

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


Maids chamber… kimora’s room**

Headmaid Ambrosia and Tania made her sit on the bed and placed her legs on a stool

“Bring the second white container on the table” Kimora said, breathing heavily

Tania went for the white container and brought it

“It’s a mixture I made from four herbal leaves, it helps in wound healing” Kimora said and Tania immediately started rubbing the mixture on her body gently

“All done” Tania said when she’s finally done

“You should rest for all today, the rest of the maids will do the cooking, just sleep here ok?” Ambrosia said

” I can’t” Kimora replied

” Now why?, You’re weak” Tania said

” I’m not weak, I have to serve princess Suzy’s dinner and I have to join you guys in preparation for the arrival of the second prince” she replied

” I’ll serve princess Suzy’s food myself, I’ll serve her tonight and about the preparations for the second prince arrival, there are more than enough maids just rest” Ambrosia said

” I have to draw and I have to go pick herbs in the forest to make medicine too, I can’t miss watching the stars tonight too” she replied

” You look gentle but you’re cutely stubborn” Tania said and Kimora smiled

” I’m sorry I just can’t help it, I can do it, the herbal mixture you rubbed on me is effective, within an hour I’ll be ok trust me” she replied and her cat rushed in

” Orbit” Kimora smiled…. Orbit is the cat’s name

Orbit jumped on the bed with her and she stroked it’s head when it finally came on her laps

“We need to go now, make sure you avoid Princess Suzy at all costs” Ambrosia said

” Do that ok?, I can’t bear seeing you get beaten again” Tania said

” Ok friend, thanks lady Ambrosia” Kimora replied with a smile and they both left her

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


Cal walked the flower garden at the back of the palace with the usual frown on his face

Darrin is walking behind him, sword in hand

Darrin is like his dog, his personal bodyguard who follows him everywhere

“Foolish Jimin will be back tomorrow” Cal said, suddenly stopping

“Your brother” Darrin replied and Cal swiftly removed Darrin’s sword from it’s sheath, in another second, Cal placed the sword on Darrin’s neck

“How dare you call him my brother” he said angrily

“Forgive me your highness” Darrin replied fearfully

Cal is capable of anything and right now Darrin is aware that his life is as unimportant as the passing wind, Cal might decide to end it

“He’s the son of foolish queen Sera while I belong to my mother.. queen Rachel!, That we have the same father means nothing and you know how much I hate him so anytime you call him my brother again, I’ll slit your useless throat! ” Cal spat

” Y… Y.. yes your highness” Darrin stuttered and Cal withdrew the sword from his neck, he breathed in relief

Cal looked around the flower garden with immense hatred in his eyes

It’s Jimin’s garden and since he left for France, the maids has been taking care of it

“I hate the fact that he’s coming back to this palace, eish!” Cal ranted

He looked at the most beautiful clumped flowers in the garden and without thinking twice, he raised the sword and cut it

“I wish you never existed, Jimin Jung, I wish we don’t share the same surname…. aarrgh!!!!” He screamed.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


” Pack them well they mustn’t fall along the way” one of the palace servants said as they packed bags of rice into the carrier

The rice is for the townspeople whose crops died as a result of drought, King Jung Mal ordered for it to be distributed

“Where is these grains of rice going to?” Queen Rachel’s voice said from behind and the head of the servants looked back, he trembled in fear and bowed with the others

“Your highness!” He shivered

“I just asked a question!” Rachel said bluntly

” His Highness ordered us to distribute them to the farmers whose farms were affected by the drought” he said

Queen Rachel smiled dangerously with a side of her face

“Is the palace now a saving center?, So the people has become so lazy to work, what’s so hard in working in drought…. return the rice to the store….now!” Queen Rachel ordered sternly

“But….but his Highness…..

” I’ll talk to him… return the rice before I lose it!” She interrupted and the servants started offloading the rice from the carrier.

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


“Put that there….that should be there” princess Suzy ordered the maids that are setting and cleaning Jimin’s room

She smiled when she remembered Jimin’s face

“He’d have grown taller and more handsome than ugly Cal” she said

” Here” princesses Royalty said, entering the room and handing a sweet smelling deodorant to one of the maids

Suzy snatched it from the maid

“Hang it in here, it’ll make the room smell nice” Royalty said

” I don’t need anything from you in my brother’s room” Suzy said and threw it out of the window

” Are you really gonna keep doing this?” Royalty said

Suzy took two steps closer and smiled

“Yes, now you should get out of here!” She said to Royalty’s face

Royalty left the room Immediately

“Bad luck” Sera sneered

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10


The maids chamber**

Kimora peeped into the kitchen when coming back from the forest where she went to pick medicinal herbs

The maids are still busy preparing, she smiled and snuck back to her room to make medicine

“Today I’m making the remedy for body redness, let’s start” she said, rolling up the arm of her robe and pounding the herbs and leaves in a small mortal

After that she poured it in a lukewarm water and left it to settle

While waiting for it to settle, she picked her drawing book and ink bowl with the fox fur brush

She sat in front of the mirror and started drawing herself, she smiled throughout at how beautiful she is after finishing

“My fifteenth drawing for this month” she said, staring at it endlessly while walking around the room

” I should sieve the medicine now, it’d have settled” she said and went for the bowl but a knock sounded on her door

She checked and saw one of the palace servants

“Princess Suzy calls for you, in front of the flower garden” the servant said and kimora’s eyes widened

” Flow. . flower.. flower garden?” She said

She’s allergic to flower scent so she has always avoided staying anywhere near the garden

Anytime she inhales flowers scent, she bleeds from the nose, mouth and ears

As she walked to the flower garden, she’s shivering visibly

She got there and met Suzy in front of it

“Here I am your highness” she bowed

She’s perceiving the flower scent already even without entering the garden and it’s already affecting her

“Take the watering can, enter the garden and wet the flowers” Suzy said and Kimora looked up quickly

” Your highness I’m….

” Allergic to the scent of flowers?, I don’t care, go in and wet those flowers and you must not cover your nose” Suzy replied …

STRONG AFFECTION : Chapter 1 – 10

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