Chapter 2

By Monisola

“Serve him this”….
Madam Pat..who do you mean? Mr Brian.

Mr Brian?? Skylar just go and serve him and stop asking me those stupid questions.

Okay ma’am.
Skylar.. be careful!!!…; That was Jenny voice.

I took a deep breath, and walk towards his table.
Upon getting there, I fell down.. and boom all his order came crashing on his head….

Skylar you are!!
What the fk!!!!!…

Am angelic voice said…
That was Mr Brian voice.

I stood up, and I heard some one chuckled.
So it was you.

Yes it was me.. I was the one who make you fall down by putting my legs on your way getting to serve me and my brother. “She replied me in whisper”

That was Brian’s sister voice.

You this little de..mon..
What if I tell your brother??
Trust me he is not gonna believe you… “She said with an ev’l grin”.

Hey you.. ” Brian called”

What?? After you this lowlife poured this thing on me!! You still have the guts to answer me rudely.

I didn’t answer you rudely..
I only said ; what.
You know what?? You’re fired.
I burst out laughing..
Gosh! You are funny..
I am fired?? I can’t believe you…

Fast forward ?

Hey you!! You this silly id!ot.., you bIoody fking silly, grumpy guy..
Come here, come out…

Are you really going…
Please.. please.
That was me screaming..
I am really doomed, he really fired me.

When he told me, that am really fired… I thought he was joking, how can I get fired… When he is not my boss.

But here I am ..
Madam pat really fired me, after working here for almost three years…

Mr Brian come here!!
The little de..mon was laughing at me…

There were in the car..
I was chasing the car..
I can’t really run again.

Then I screamed this “Mr Brian, don’t pray that we should crossed paths.
Because if we, you will regret getting me fired.

I ran back to the restaurant..
I go straight to her office.

Madam pat… please can I continue working here??
You can’t Skylar, you are fired.

But why?? “That’s what Mr Brian said” she replied
Please ma’am..I promise to work harder.

You see Skylar, Mr Brian owns this place..
What!! I shouted.
Thank you ma’am..
I walk out of her office.
Jenny am going home..

“Skylar am so sorry”
I will come over to your house after working hours. “okay”?



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