By Monisola

Chapter 7

Skylar p.ov

Wait did they all see that??

All the maid was just staring at me with shocked on their faces.

I give them the look ‘I don’t care’.

The maid all rushed passed me into the main room. And they all bow their heads..

Orghh…why are they bowing their heads?.

“Skylar”!! Bow down your head. That was Ariana voice.

Before I could reply her, the door opens and the little de..mon entered with pride. ..

Hey you!!
What? I shrugged… You can’t show me some respect.

Respect?…I arched a brow.
Like seriously “some respect”…. As you can see am older than you..

And you are the one who is supposed to show some respect…and because am working here does not mean that I should bow my head.

All the maids “gasped”..
How dare you talk to me like that… “She yelled”

Baby girl easy because if you yelled at won’t like what am gonna do to that beautiful face of yours.

Guards!!! Orghh you are calling the guards at me.
Trust me, I will beat the h’ll out of them.

Yes, I can fi ght… because when my dad was still alive he was the one who thought me how to fi ght.

Guards are you deaf… Be at her.
You must not make a move!!!

Wow that angelic voice again… I gritted.
What do you mean brother?

Like I said earlier no guards is be ating her…

Then the little de. mon started laughing… While the maids who was trying hard not to laugh starts laughing…

Brother… While the face..
Your face looks like tomato.. and with that your red ear.

He, glanced at me…
The look can ki ll… Am sure that if looks can ki ll I will be de ad now.

And I give him the look “serves you right”..
And I bring out my tongue in a mockery way.

Will you guys keep shut!!!
Or you wanna loose your job.
Brother you look like an angry wolf.

And I want to pu nish her..” she points at me”.
Trust me sister, you won’t want to do that..
She does all this to me!!

She looks at me and I return the gaze and give her the look don’t dare me little girl.

That was Brian!! What ??
Meet me in my room.


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