Chapter 3

By Monisola


Where am I going to get another job huh.

That j.erk!! I will make sure he regret getting me fired, in one way or the other.

After getting home.
I prepared some food for myself and my brother..

Because he doesn’t joke with food.

After eating, I watched some movies and I slept off.

Fast forward ?

“Who is that id!ot Playing music”?

The sound of the music was so loud that I woke up from my sweet sleep.

I sat up ready to ki ll the person.. who is playing the music.

And I saw Jenny and my brother dancing crazily with drinks on their hands..

Would you guy’s stop playing the stupid music… “I yelled ”

Finally she has woke up.
That was Jenny.

Hi sis… you were sleeping on the couch that I almost thought you were a log of woods.

Drake, do you want a de ath wish??.
“Good news”! They both chorus

What is it?? I asked with anger..

I lost my job, where am I going to get money to take care of Drake. Money to pay house rent and money for Drake school fee.

And they were here screaming
“Good news”.. Skylar we’ve got a job for you.

You both?? Actually Drake was the one who got the job for you.

Which job is that?? I asked feeling relax.

You are gonna work as a maid.

A maid?? Drake, you got me a job to work as a maid..

Don’t you know, I will have to leave you all alone.

I will not have that time I want to have with you, I won’t work as a..

They both interrupt me
“You are getting paid with $ 100,000 monthly..

What do you just say??

You are getting paid with $100,000 monthly.

I let out a joyful scream “thank you so much Drake, I so much love you.. I hugged him.

You wanna ki ll me with that body of yours..
I hugged him.. like he is gonna run away.

Skylar, what about me??
You are not going to give me a hug?
“No”! I shouted.

I pulled her into a hug.
Thank you girlfriend.

Skylar.. what??
You’re starting your work tomorrow.

“Wow” I can’t wait.
Orrgh, or you can’t wait to collect your pay. That was Drake.

Whatever..”I mutter”
But wait.. whose house am I getting to work as a maid.
I turned to Drake..

Do you really want to know the person.

Actually the person is a woman.
“Mrs Williams”
That’s her name..

Skylar.. you have to change your clothes.. “Jenny said”
Huh?? Don’t tell me you are wearing that cloth.


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