Chapter 6

By Monisola


I opened the door.. and wow.. what I saw make me drool..

Gosh what a perfect body and nice broad shoulders.. and very thick and dark hair so dark.

Actually my boss was backing me, what a straight legs.. he really look familiar.

” Do I tell you to come in”?

That angelic voice I have heard it before.. hope it’s not what am thinking.

Actually, I knocked thrice and when there is no response I decided to open the door.

I took a step closer to him.
“Do I asked you to enter”?.
That was my question.
“No sir”

Then he turned to me.

“What the h’ll!” you again? We both shouted.
I quickly went to put the coffee on the table in the room.

You fired me huh..
And I told you that we should never crossed paths.

“And here you are”. I yelled angrily.
You will regret ever seeing me. “I said with an ev’l smirk”.

And I did the craziest thing.. I jumped on him.

And we both fell.. I draw his ear hard… While he scratched my face.

I sat on him.
How dare you scratch my face!
“I scratched his face.. bite his hand, and his cheeks”.

And I jumped on him..
What’s poking me??
I looked at myself, oh my gosh I was sitting on his dk.

And I was grinding him since.. using my bu tt to jump on him

Gosh… So it’s was his dk that was poking me.
I was distracted by this and he pushed me and now he is on top of me.

He used his legs to pinned my legs..

How dare you b!te me ! And that your stinking hands to scratch my face.

Then I saw his red ear and started laughing.

You have the guts to laugh huh?

He used his hand to pin me and he used his second hand to s¢ratch my face.

Ouch, that was painful.
“He b!tes my cheeks”
“Am sorry please stop that”. I said feeling pains

“So you can beg huh”?
He draws my ear and I b!te my lips.
My ear was hurting bladly.

You even have the guts to use your b utt to grind me.

“You were even jumping on my dk grinding it”.

He then took his hand inside my cloth and pull my tip.

“How dare he touch my bbs”!
He pulled my second tip hard.

It made me more angry and I used all my power to pushed him.

I was now on top of him .
“How dare you touch my bbs” I said in anger

I b!te his hands… and you even have the guts to pull my nip!

I then h!t his dk very hard and run away.

After getting outside, the maid were all staring at me.
“Wait, did they see all that”?


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