Chapter 9

By Monisola

I give you 20 minutes…
I hurried outside of the room and towards my room.

Humph..”.who are you guy’s”. I asked the three lady I saw at my door step.

Actually Mr Brian sent us here. Huh??

Yea, we are make up artist.

Come on.. let’s go get you dressed.

The ladies help me…with the cloth.

The cloth was red in colour and it’s stop on my knees.

And it’s an off shoulder.
The ladies work on my face… and they help me to wear the 8 inches shoes…red in colour too.

Wow ma’am, you are so beautiful..

Huh?? Is this me. I asked looking at my reflection.

Gosh…I look so pretty.
Huh?? Is this how you feel not wearing my baggie cloth.

This cloth really brought out my mastive bu tt…with my h ips.
Okay bye, and thank you.

Now, time to go meet Mr rude.

You are six minutes late,
He said backing me.

Didn’t I tell you ear…”he stammer” …

Brain p.o.v

What I saw make me go dumb…gosh she is so hot.

I just feel like eating her. I feel like taking her, to my room and do her real hard.

What am I even thinking, there is no way I am gonna fk this wtch.

Mr Brian, Mr Brian…!!
Huh?? What the h’ll are you thinking.

Nothing.. do you know that you were six minutes late.

Am sorry.

We both entered the waiting car. While the guards follow us in different cars.

And we move.

I was just stealing glances at my boss.

Why is he so handsome huh?? Handsome d’vil.

I was stealing glances at Skylar…she looks so beautiful.

This little wtch huh? She almost remove my two ear today.

Fast forward ?

Skylar p.o.v

The car stops, at what looks like a club.

Why is Boss bringing me here. Is he crazy huh.

What are we doing here, I asked him with a hard glare.

Can you just keep shut and follow me.

I rolled my eyes at him.

Then he hold my hand…
Goosebumps, I got goosebumps.

I tried removing my hand from his, he hold my hand hard.

Will you go on with the act, do you forget that you are my girlfriend.

We both walk inside… they are…they look so good together, they are so cute.

Tch… She looks so bad, her beauty can’t match mine.
I give the girl a hard glare.

Hey dude, I think they are Brian friends… Hey meet my new girlfriend.

Wow she’s so pretty. One said, eyes eating me.

Skylar can you excuse us…
Whatever…I rolled my eyes.


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