Chapter 8

By Monisola

Skylar p.o.v

Meet me in my room…
I suddenly felt nervous..
To do what?? Stop asking me those dumb question and follow me.

I followed him picking my step until we get to his room.
He turned to me..

You, I feel like sp..anking you right now.. trust me you won’t do that.

As for your punishment, you must be with me … I mean anywhere am I, you must be there.

Huh?? You are only allowed to sleep, when I told you to do so.

And I want you to act has my girlfriend today.

Huh?? Yea.

See I can’t do all you just said. And be prepared to loose your job.

H’ll no, I can’t loose this job. Then an idea popped into my head. If you want me to do that.

My brother must be living here, I want him at my sight.

He looked at me for so long, and I was getting frustrated and he said yes.

He fking said yes…

I was so happy that I jumped at him and hugged him.

Thank you sir, thanks so much. He pushed me away, give me a hard glare and walked away.

I quickly brought out my phone and dailed Drake’s number.

Hello, bossy sister
Drake pack all your clothes, you are living here for now.

You mean I am going to be living in that paradise.

And with that rude girl..
Just pack your clothes huh..
‘I said happily’… Bye.

I dialed Jenny phone number and told her Drake is gonna living here with me.

Am so happy for you guys, but Skylar work here sucks without you… It’s boring here.

Sorry girlfriend.

Am even bored here, I will make sure I see you tomorrow, bye for now.

I start hummy happily not watching my way, and boom I fell down, on my bu tt..
‘ouch’ my b utt.
and I realized that it was someone legs that makes me fell.

You this little wtch.
She shakes her b utt in a mockery way..

And she run off..
You better don’t let me get a hold of you!! I yelled.

My phone starts ringing..
Private number? To my room now!! What again huh.

And I find my way to his room.. his door was open.

Wow, his room was so beautiful..

I found him, in front of the mastive mirror…he was combing his hair.

And he turned to me..
He wore a blue shirt, the with the two upper button undo.

I can see his fresh chest..
Handsome d’vil.

Do you see that cloth, he point towards it, the cloth was on the bed. Take it and wear it.

We are going to a place and you are acting has my girlfriend.

I give you 20 minutes.


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