👩{I never knew her,never met her but she gave birth to my child}👧

Written by Bella writes😊

Episode 11✌✌✌

💨lily pov💨
I sat in the taxi feeling scared, I felt that something would happen and I know that Max would have been searching for us,I just hope that he still keep on thinking of where we could be until we have got into the plane and left this Godforsaken place for good

The taxi man got to the airport and while I got out to pay I heard Dora calling his name

“Uncle max” she said leaving my hand and running towards him

I felt my heart drop as I.turned to find him there with seven guards starring at me

He had Dora in front and he was starring at me coldly

Nervously I walked towards them “Dora let’s go” I said not looking at him

“You leave but without Dora,Dora stays here” he said to me

“But she is my child a……”

“And you are my wife,whether you like it or not,you’ve made a oath in that room and you are breaking it,if you want the curse to fall on you then let it but it shouldn’t fall on Dora,I won’t let her leave,so its either you go into that car with Dora or you leave without her” he said

“But we both know that its all false” I said

“Don’t ever say that out loud again” he said

“Just let us go” i said

“That is too late now? Paul get her in the car” he said and Paul walked me into one of the car while they took Dora into another

“Hey wait,let Dora come here” I said

“You will see your daughter but not now,have got something instored for you and we will be going somewhere else” he said

“I won’t do it again,let’s just forget about it” I said

“One thing have learnt in my whole life is that when you dont make someone pay for their mistake he or she will keep on doing it,don’t worry my dearest,what am about to do.tonight you will enjoy it as much as I would” he said rubbing my th1ghs

I shifted from him and sat in silence throughout the ride

I could feel the anger coming from him
“Be submissive” that was what he had said and I had done the otherwise

I only hope that he would soften up and he won’t try to do anything

But if he does,I promise to fight as well
I thought to myself

The car stopped right in front of a mansion,he walked out and dragged me by my arm not caring if I hurt or not

“Let me go” I said as we walk towards the house

“Good evening master,welcome home madam” a man dressed as a butler greeted us both

“I doubt if calling her a madam suits her,she is someone I picked from the thrash,next time you address her,call her by her name and nothing else” he said to the butler and the man nodded

“Make sure no one disturbs us” he said and began to pull me to a room

“Let me go you pig,you ba$tard,how dare you call me a thra$h” I said

“Because that is what you are or would you have preferred I called you a goldigger,a pr©stitute,a………” He couldn’t finish his words because I slapped him hard on the face

“You are a real creep” I said feeling so furious

“No one touches me, have warned you.the first time in the office right?well it seems like you don’t always listen thats fine with me because tonight,I will make you regret ever crossing my path” he said

Before I could do a thing,he carried me into the room and threw me on the b.ed

He began to unbuckle his belt and I stared at him

“Don’t you dare use that belt on me cause if you do then I will call the police on you” I said moving back and he laughed

“If you think I am taking this off to whip it on you then your nothing but a big fool”he said starring at my body in a lu$tful way

Then it suddenly dawned on me on what he is planning

“No,no no, don’t you dare come close to me” I said to him

“Now you finally know, well sorry to tell you dear,am way past reasoning,all I want now is your soft body under me,I wouldn’t say that I will enjoy it because you pro$titute for a living and a lot of guys would have been there but mine will just be for tonight,indulge me okay, after all this is our wedding night and all wedding night is suppose to be spent doing we both know what,now my dearest come to me” he said

“Never,if you dare come near me,I will scream ” I yelled and got out of the bed

“Why act like a vrgin when we both know that you are not one” he said

“Well I am one and I won’t let you touch me” I said and he laughed

“That’s the lamest excuse ever,just stop with the act okay,now come to me or I.come get you ” he said again

Without thinking I began to walk towards him and when I got the chance I ran past him out of the room

I was about getting down from the stairs when he pulled me back

“Now you’ve really made mad”he said and carried me angrily back into the room

As soon as he threw me on the b.ed,he got on t©p of me,I started to hit him but he pine both of my hands and stared down at me smiling

” you have nowhere to run to now my dearest”he said and kssed my lips
I woke up feeling sore in places I thought I wouldn’t ever be

Flashes of everything that had happened last night came into my head

Max had slept with me and what got me feeling angry at myself is that I didn’t fight, I just let it happen and now the creep I hate so much is my first

Thank God he is not Even here and I hope he never return.

💨max pov💨
“Just get me the necessary documents” I said furiously to my secretary

“Yes sir” she said and scampered off

Have been feeling this way ever since I found out that lily had been saying the truth all along

She had been a vrgn and I had slept with a vrgn

When I woke up to find out that she is a virgin,I had silently went hysteric

I got up and dressed and left for work and since then have been going mad for a while now

Did I really make a mistake about her?is she as innocent as she said.

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