By Quin Tully

Episode 71

(Too late to repent 1)

Dean didn’t know what was going on because since he left the hospital and ended up in Louisa’s house.
He went back to his condo outside the city.
He didn’t want to associate or get himself worked up because of Andre.
For him, he believed that whatever was meant to be would be.
If Gianna’s destined to be his,
fate would bring her back to him if not, there was nothing he could do to change fate.

He’d just came out after a few moment of self isolation and had turned on the TV to get himself busy.
“The Capital’s in turmoil as the grandmaster of the De Marco’s clan has been hospitalized just a few weeks to his birthday.” The newscaster read out,
“The Patriarch of this wealthy family has been in the hospital after he suffered a cardiac arrest at his Stately Home in the capital.
An insider had told us that the old man had been with his grandson’s fiancé when it happened and he was rushed to the hospital.
Now what we want to know now is what had triggered the cardiac arrest?
Is it that the old man had an argument with the lady or what?
Well that’ll be all for today,
Stay tuned to…..”
Dean switched off the TV immediately.

He went to get his cellphone which he’d switched off for a while now.
He booted the cellphone,
Dane’s missed calls and some few texts from his former manager.
“What does Mr Sullivan wants?” He asked himself as he clicked in the man’s texts to see its content.

Where have you been?
Director Selden had been asking after you.’
The message read,
He ignored it and so as all the man’s message.
He was about deleting the last one when he saw something,
Your brother came to search for you today,
He’s saying something about Gianna reported missing.’

Gianna’s missing?
Since when?
He ran back to his room and got out his laptop,
He’d left her with Andre,
So how come she’s missing now.
Andres so irresponsible,
He can’t even protect his woman.
Now she’s missing and none knows where she’s.
Is that the reason why Dane has been calling him?
He picked up his cellphone and called Dane,
The phone rang for quite a while before he heard Dane’s manly but worried voice,
Dean’s that you?
Where have you been?” Dane asked worriedly,

“Brother,I’m fine,
Just had to leave the city to clear my head.
I just saw some texts from my manager and one says that Gianna’s missing,
Is it true?” He asked his brother,
Dane heaved a sigh of relief,
Andre De Marco called two days ago to tell me.” He said,
“That b@stard,
He can’t even protect a woman he claim to love.
Why not leave Gianna to people like….”
Dane interrupted him.
“Dean,it’ll be better I’d you get back home,
There’s a lot of things you have to know.” Dane said immediately,
“Things like what?” He asked confusedly,
His brother hadn’t talked to him in such way before.
Asking him to come home,
That’s so unlike Dean.
“Well talk when you get home but do make sure you come home sooner before things gets too bad.” Dane informed and ended the call leaving Dean in confusion.

Andre was so worked up when he went back to the hospital,
Justin noticed it.
“Daddy are you alright?” The boy asked sitting beside his father.
Andre nodded,
He didn’t want to tell the boy that both his mother and brother are missing.
“Daddy are you worried for great grandfather?
Don’t worry,
The doctor said that he’s going to be fine soon.” Justin consoled him.
Andre looked and the boy and he couldn’t help but smile,
This son of his reminds him a lot of Gianna.
Same pure innocence and cuteness unlike his second son who is a two faced demon.
His second son is more like him while Justin had more of Gianna in him.

“I know that too,
He’s going to be fine soon.” He pulled the boy closer and kissed his forehead.
Meanwhile, Jasmine had left home and was going to meet Andres uncles.
She had been eager to see the men that was bent on trampling Andre to the floor.
She called the man and told them that she was coming,
And they’ve asked her to come.
Unknown to her,
Dane’s men was tailing her as she drove in the direction of the men’s location.

Gianna woke up feeling very hungry. In her sleepy state, she wanted to call Reid and ask him for breakfast as always but when she felt the gag on her mouth.
She tried to move her hands to remove the gag, then it dawned to her, she wasn’t at home and neither was she in the comfy of her bed. She’s being held captive by Andre’s uncles.
She slowly opened her groggy eyelids, both men weren’t in the room rather there were three other men watching over her.

The strange men looked at her like she was a piece of meat waiting to be devoured,
She hate the feeling of being a prey in the eyes of the men.
“The sleeping beauty is finally awake.” One of the men snorted and the rest laughed,
“Thinks she can cling herself with a wealthy man without paying the price.
Hmph!” The man jested.
She looked around the room,
Ever since she was brought here,
She hadn’t seen Reid.
Is he safe?
Where’d this men taken her son to?
She asked herself.

Soon after,
Andre’s uncles came back to the room.
“Welcome boss.” The men greeted Alekhine,
He nodded but had his eyes on Gianna.
He walked towards her,
“Has she’d anything to eat?” He asked the men,
Why?” He yelled,
The men were surprised at the man’s change of attitude.
He’s such a psycho like his brother.

“What about her son?
Has the boy had anything to eat?” He asked angrily,
The men shook their end.
In a rush,
Alekhine grabbed the collar of one of the men and rammed him to the wall,
“How dare you starve my nephew’s woman and her son?” He asked the men.
While held one,
The two other stared in utter shock.
“Now go get something for them,
Do you know who they’re?” He yelled.

The two other men scurried out to get food for Gianna while the other stood and watched the psychopath touched the frightened woman,
“You don’t have to be scared Anna,
I’m your uncle.
Your mother was my adopted sister and I really love her,
I won’t hurt you.” The man said,
It was obvious he wasn’t in his right senses.
In fact he was the main psychopath and not Aleksandr,
He was obsessed with Katerina and seeing Gianna,
He was reminiscing being with the woman he’d once fell in love with.

Gianna’s muffling sound brought the man to his senses.
“Oh,I’m sorry Anna.
I’m so sorry.”
He trailed his fingers to the gag on her mouth,
Then loosened it.
“You don’t have to be scared,
I’m not going to hurt you.
I’m not going to hurt you Katerina.” He whispered to her.
“I won’t hurt you.”
Gianna was scared but mostly shocked,
Was this man seeing her as her mother?
She asked herself.

She tried to push him away but the man was stronger,
The other guard couldn’t come to stop him in fear of the man venting his anger on him.
Alekhine slowly removed the gag from her mouth,
“Katerina,you’re mine.
You’re mine alone,
No one can take you away from me.” He muttered to her trying to kiss her.
Gianna became scared,
What’s the man trying to do?
“Uncle stop!” She cried.

The man jolted from her,her cries seemed to have returned back to his senses.
“Goddamn it.” He moved away and went outside to meet his older brother leaving Gianna in tears as he left.
The other woman’s coming.” Aleksandr informed him,
Seeing his brother’s face,
He figured out something’s wrong.
“What’s wrong?” He asked him,
Alekhine shook his head.
“Nothing.” He said as he went back into the car to catch his breathe.
What was I going to do?
Alekhine, she isn’t Katerina.
Katerina’s dead and Gianna’s her daughter.
Get hold of yourself Alek,
Get hold of yourself.
He cautioned himself.

He went to the car,
“Let’s go inside,
Jasmine would be here soon.
We’ve to finish her up cause she’s of no value to us again.” Aleksandr said to the man.
Alekhine slowly came out the car and went with him inside the dilapidated building.

When Jasmine got to the building, she was surprised,
Never knew the men would use such a place to hide the woman.
She walked inside avoided any body contact with anything there.
“Uncle!” She called the man,
No reply,
“Uncle!” She called again.
No reply.
She walked up the stair till she got to the third floor.
“Where are they?
Uncle!” She called again,
No reply.
She was about calling again when a hand from behind closed her mouth with a white handkerchief,
Her brain went fuzzy and her vision blurred and that was the last for her before she blacked out.

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