By Quin Tully

Episode 73

(Getting his woman)

Gianna was shocked at the gunshot,
“Mommy duck!” Reid yelled from a corner.
But she couldn’t move,
It was as if her body was fixated at the spot as she watched Jasmine fell to the floor,
“Mommy!” Reid yelled again as he rushed out to drag her in safety.
The man who had fired the shot was running towards them while another man was right after him still after them.
Reid forcefully dragged his mommy till they were in the safety of the room,
He shut the door and bolted it.

Immediately Gianna slumped on the floor in shock and exhaustion.
Mommy don’t worry,we’re safe,
Nothings going to happen to us.” He assured her,
Gianna just nodded,
Absorbing the fact that if Jasmine hadn’t pushed her away,she would be the one lying on that floor shot.
Soon the men began to bang the door,
“Open the door!” They shouted angrily,
“Mommy we need to get out of here before they open the door and get us.” Reid said,
He looked around the room for any escape route.

There was none except a window and a sledge then a long curtain veil and other junky stuffs like grease cans and barrels and also some spray cans.
Utterly useless.
He ran to the window and looked down from it,
The down floor is a bit lower than he thought,
So he ruled out jumping from the window.
Slowly, he went back to his mommy and sat beside her,
I’m going to protect you okay.” He said to her,
While she stared out in shocked.
But mostly she was having and abdominal waist pain, so she couldn’t stand up.

They continued banging the door harder and it was obvious that under a few more hefty banging, it might break and those men would finally catch them.
Your watch…” Gianna weakly said amidst the waist pains,
Reid looked at his watch and for the first time he noticed that he was putting on the GPRS Phone Watch she’d gotten for him on his birthday.
Though the watch couldn’t take calls yet cause it’s call app hadn’t been upgraded but it could only connect to someone with a Bluetooth connection close to them.

When Reid checked it,
There was no available Bluetooth connection in close range,
So he removed his interest from it.
He’d to do something fast.
Reid think.
Since they can’t get out,
They needed more time till he find a solution,
So he stood up,
Went to the other corner and pushed the barrel there till it got to the door.
“Reid be careful.” Gianna weakly said,
The pains on her abdomen was getting worse but till she’s finally out of here there’s nothing she could do than just endure the pain.

“Mommy are you okay?” Reid asked, seeing how she twitched her brow, gritted her teeth and also clenched her fist occasionally.
He knew that something was wrong.
But knowing the type of woman she’s, she would always say she’s fine when it’s obvious she isn’t.
“Yes, I’m okay.” She said with a gritted teeth,
“Mommy did you get hurt?” Reid asked coming closer to her,
“Did the bullet touch you?” He asked checking her face for any bruise,
He saw none,
Rather he saw raw pain in her eyes and fear.
She shook her head,
“No.” Her words were coldly slurred,
He knew she was getting worse from not being fine.

Dean drove with all fathomable speed. Gianna’s life was in danger and hopefully, he wanted to be the one to save her and not Andre.
For him,
He’d much chance of being with her if he could save her from the b@stards that held her captive.
While he drove,
He used his car GPRS map to get to the place and in no time he was heading in the right direction with the building just a few blocks ahead of him.
He pulled his car over at a close distance, then took out his shotgun and a .33 millimeter gun and headed for the building.

There was no one in sight as he entered,
Only some banging sound upstairs,
So he slowly took the stairs.
The first floor was empty except for wasted non biodegradable material lying everywhere.
He went up to the second floor,
The sounds were still far ahead of him,
So he tiptoed till he got to the fourth floor.
He was faced with an empty hallway and the banging sound..
A man suddenly appeared from the other side of the hallway.
Immediately Dean shot at him and was man down.
Another man came out,
He hid by the wall cover.

The man continued to come towards the cover,
Dean jumped out with a great force and shot him right on the forehead.
The man shot back on instinct and the bullet got Dean forearm but he didn’t waver,
He shot the man again and in no time, the man slumped.
Now he has to find Gianna and get her out of here before the men came back.
He walked down the hall,
“Gianna!”He called as he walked down the hallway,
“Gianna!” He called again,
No answer.

It was till he got to the other end of the hallway,
Where the men had came out from that he heard some sound coming out from on the room,
“Gianna are you in there?” He rushed to the door of the room and pulled the knob twice,
“Dean!” Her voice called out faintly,
Dean pushed the door with all his might,
The door didn’t open,
He forcefully pushed it again,
This time the bolt broke off and the door opened.
He rushed inside only to see Gianna sitting on the floor with her back to the wall while a little boy,
Who Dean figured immediately to be her son crutched beside her.
It was clearly written she was in pain.

“Gianna!” Dean rushed to her immediately,
“Are you alright?” He asked her,
She shook her head,
“Dean my stomach.” She cried,
He hastily scooped her up from the floor,
His hands touched a warm liquid on her behind.
He couldn’t keep her down seeing her condition,
So he carefully carried her outside while the boy tagged beside them.
Jasmine…save her.” She stammered,
She pointed to the direction of the place they’d left Jasmine.
Dean turned and saw Jasmine’s body lying on the floor.
From where he stood,
He didn’t know whether she was alive or dead,
That wasn’t his main concern,
His concern now is to get Gianna safely out of this……..

“And who gave you permission to leave?” Another manly voice boomed from behind them,
Dean turned to see who the person was.
The man was holding a gun and he wasn’t alone.
Up to five able bodied men stood behind him, pointing their guns at them.
The man left the men with him and slowly walked towards Dean,
“Who gave you the permission to leave without seeing me?” He asked him, pointing the gun to Dean’s back.

“Let her go and we handle this as real men…”
“I don’t think I would be talking to you,
I asked for Andre De Marco and not you unfamiliar piece of punk.” Uncle Alekhine said mockingly,
“Or is Andre afraid to face his uncles?” He asked,
“I want to sit,
I and my older brother, we want to sit and have a few chat with Andre, our little nephew.” He said,
“And for Gianna here,
She’s my niece and I don’t…” He tried to touch Gianna but Reid slapped his hands off,
“Don’t you dare touch mommy.” The boy said in his Reid like tone,
Cold and firm.
Even the men (Dean and Alekhine) became surprised at the tone at which the boy spoke.
Typical Andre’s son.
A De Marco pure blood,
Always cold and inhumane.

Uncle Alekhine squat to the boy’s level,
“You’re truly your father’s son uh,
Tough blood you’ve got in here.” He pinched the boy’s arm,
Reid tightened his other arm’s muscle and grabbed the man’s arm,
“Yes, I’m my father’s son and who do you think you’re to touch my mommy without my permission?” He said to the man looking at him directly in the eyes.
Uncle Alekhine wasn’t surprised at all,
Andre had been this way as a kid, so his son acting just like him is no new thing,
Like father like son.
Blood never lies.

He bent to take the boy’s arm to scold him but unexpectedly a shot ran across the man’s arm to Reid’s shoulder and immediately,
The boy fell.
Another shot and this time it got it’s target,
Uncle Alekhine.
The man has stood up.
The shot hit the man’s thighs.
In anger, he pushed Dean and in the moment of distraction,
He grabbed Gianna from him forcefully.
With Gianna being taken and Reid been shot,
Dean scooped the boy up,
“Get back here!” The men with guns started shooting shots everywhere.
To avoid being hit,
He took the boy to a safe corner and lay him down.
“Mommy.” Reid weak voice called.
Dean shook his head,
Even in his weak state,
He’d still thinking about her.

Meanwhile, when Andre and Dane with the other men got to the building,
Andre assigned each to different position,
He was to go up and see whether he could get any help but the sniper sent words across them that he’s found Gianna and Reid and they were being held by some men,
Andre had ordered he shoot but unfortunately for the man,
Uncle Alekhine had unexpectedly moved out of target range and now Reid’s the one with the bullet instead of the kidnapper.

Rushing into the building, he was running up the stairs when he bumped into Dean,
Seeing the young man carry Reid with a bullet wound in the boy’s shoulder and one in Deans forearm,
He feared the worst for Gianna who he hadn’t seen,
“Dean where’s Gianna?” He asked with a scared pained and angry voice,
“Andre your uncle,
He has Gianna.”
“Daddy go save mommy..” The boy slurred,
Those words got to him and in anger, his adrenaline surged and he rushed upstairs,
Not minding the shots that flew everywhere,
His main concern was his woman,
To get his woman and make his so called uncle pay for ever laying a hand on his woman.

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