By Quin Tully

Episode 72

(Too late to repent 2)

Jasmine woke up and found herself tied to a pole,
Her mouth was gagged and her hands and legs were tied too.
She looked around the unfamiliar dilapidated room.
It was filled with some old junks and hell, it stinks.
In fact it looks like it had been abandoned for ages.
How did I get here?
She asked herself.
Recalling she’d come to see Andre’s uncles when someone came from behind and used a drugged handkerchief on her.

Who’s responsible for this?
She looked around the stuffy and stinking room she’d found herself in.
Had Andre’s uncles……
No, Uncle Aleksandr had promised he would help her get what she wanted.
He’d promised that they’re going to pay her off.
Or is it Andre?
Maybe he figured out that she was responsible for Gianna’s and their son’s kidnap and had kidnapped her too to get to his son and Gianna.

Her thoughts went wild when she noticed two shadowy figures come from the door.
Who are these people?
Are they here to kill her?
She asked herself and tightened her eyes so the men would think she’s still asleep.
“Oh,she’s still asleep.” One of the men said,
Jasmine didn’t dare open her eyes for the fear of being killed immediately.

The two watchmen sat on the floor and face her,
“Those men are psychopaths.” One said to the other and he giggled.
“They’re more than psychopaths,
They’re sick,
So sick.” He blurted.
Jasmine was shit scared,
Who’re these men?
She asked herself.
Soon she felt one of the men walking up to her.
Her body stiffened at the man’s touch.
“Pray those men hand her over to us,”
He said.

“No, the other lady is more pretty just that the second boss has an interest in her.” The other said,
Then her mind wondered.
The other woman?
That means she isn’t the only woman here,
If the other woman turns out to be Gianna,
It just simply means that Andre’s uncles had tricked her.
“Yeah, she’s such a pretty soul.
The man who married her is very lucky you know,
Beautiful mother and son pair.

It struck her.
Gianna’s the other woman and those despicable Uncles had tricked her.
But why would they trick her?
She has been doing all what they’ve asked her to do and was even planning on keeping her pregnancy because they’ve asked her to.
Initially, she’d wanted her to get rid of the pregnancy then claim she had a miscarriage but Uncle Aleksandr had asked her to leave the pregnancy.

That he was going to pay her an astronomical amount of money to take care of herself and her baby.
Unknown to her, those men had an evil ulterior motive for her.
Now she’s caught up in the web of her lies and deceitful nature.
What a shame?

Andre was with Mr Lee when he received a call from Dane.
He excused himself to take the call.
“Hello Dane,
Any progress? “He asked the man,
” Yeah,
There’s been a good progress,
My men traced your fiancé Jasmine to a dilapidated building almost at outside the city,
Just a few blocks from Lake view.”
He informed,
“I’ve asked my men to stay put till we get there.” He added,
Andre smiled, for the first time in days.
“Okay,I’ll be right out to your place.” Andre said,
“Thanks a lot Dane.” He thanked the man,
All this is for my brother’s twin and her son.” Dane said to Andre,
Thanks though.” Andre said and hung up.

“Mr Lee,
We’ve found Jasmine and we’re going there,
Tell your men we’ve a clue where your boss is being held and tell them to go station at the dilapidated building that’s close to Lake view.” He ordered the man,
“Then you come with me.” He said,
Mr Lee made the call immediately and ordered the men,
“Tell them to station at least five meters from the building and get the best sniper shooter as fast as possible and let him stay at a far range to target those b@stards that’s holding my woman.” He ordered the man.
Mr Lee passed out the order to the men immediately and they drove to Dane’s.

When they got to Dane’s,
Dean was present and was fully armed to go get Gianna,
Though he wasn’t going with them,
He’d his own plans.
“The irresponsible lover’s here already.” He snorted as he saw Andre,
Andre heard him but didn’t react, he rather pitied Dean cause he didn’t know that Gianna’s his twin and he’s in love with her.

“President….” Dane wanted to say,
“Cut the formalities man,
Call me Andre.” Andre said to him,
The man nodded,
“We leave in ten,
To have the rest stationed properly before we interrupt.
Andre nodded but within him,
He just wanted to get there as fast as he can to get his woman back.

Gianna was tired from being tied to a seat for long. She was thirsty and hungry, but most importantly she was worried about Reid. She hadn’t seen the boy since they were brought here, she doesn’t even know how he’s faring and what’s going on with him.
Is he hungry or thirty like she’s?
Is he being tortured or is being tied to a seat like her?
How’s his health?
All this questions seemed to have bothered her so much she’s now feeling weak.

Please come and get us out of here.
I’m scared please,
I’m scared and worried.
She cried.
I won’t be stubborn again and I won’t argue with you,
I’m going to do whatever you ask me to do but please come and get me out of here please.
She cried within herself.
Like a whisper,she heard a voice,
” Mommy.”
The voice whispered,
She turned and saw the shadowy figure of a small child,
“Mommy,I’m here.” The voice whispered again,
She peered closer and saw the child’s face,
“Reid.” She whispered to avoid the man turning his attention to them.

“Mommy keep still and let me untie you.” The boy whispered to her,
She nodded.
Slowly Reid came from behind and slowly untied her hands avoiding to get the man’s attention.
“Mommy are you alright?” The boy asked,
She nodded,
“You okay?” She asked him in a hushed tone,
The boy nodded too.
“Mommy,there’s only one way to get out of here…..”
“I know the way out of here.” Another voice said,
Both mother and son froze at the interference of the other voice.

Unknowingly to the man who’d come closer to Jasmine, she slipped out his knife from his knife holster,
Slowly she cut the rope tied around her hand.
“I just hope those men allow us take this…”
She pinned the knife to the man’s chest with great force,
“Aargh!” The man cried,she pushed him aside and threw the knife at the other.
The man was too slow to miss it and the knife stabbed his right arm.

“You!” He cried,
She pulled herself from the pole and the ropes tight around her body loosened.
Grandpa Colin martial art training hadn’t been in vain.
The man was rushing to her to get her back,
She slid past him and forcefully kicked him to the pole thereby making him ram his head to the pole.
He picked his gun,
A silence .49 colt and fired at her,
The bullet hit Jasmine’s back at close range but she still escaped the man, hoping to find Gianna and getting her out of the place before things get messy.

End of flashback.
Gianna recognized her immediately and drifted her son and her son from the lady,
” I just want to help you.”she said to them.
Gianna found it hard to believe, but when she looked at the lady’s back and saw blood, she was petrified.
“What happened to you?” She asked in a loud whisper.
“Mommy shhh,
Keep it down, those bad guys might hear you.” Reid warned,
Gianna nodded.
“Let’s get out of here first.” Jasmine weakly said to them.

Slowly, Gianna helped her up while Reid led the way.
“There’s a warehouse at the extreme of the hall, its leads to the emergency stairs.” Jasmine pointed to the hall,
Actually shed used that hall when she first came.
Gianna nodded and helped her walk towards the hall.
“Stop!” A deep voice yelled,
Then followed a gunshot.
Gianna slowly turned and saw one of the men,
“They’ve caught up with us.” She cried.
“Mommy let’s get into the place.” Reid yelled at her,
Before she could pull Jasmine out of the way,
A shot was fired at them….

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