By Quin Tully

Episode 77

(Baby Alicia True De Marco)

” Its a lie,
What evidence do you have to back your claim?”
Dean asked,
He wasn’t believing what his brother and Andre were telling him.
He believed they were just trying to make him stop loving Gianna, to make him forget about her and move on.
Silly people.
“Dean,it’s the truth,
Gianna is your younger twin sister.
Remember after that accident, you couldn’t recall anything that had happened to you in the past right,”
He nodded.

“When I did a check,
I found out that you and Gianna were in the accident on the same day,
Your mom had told father that the accident was within Brookfield.
There was no other accident case of Brookfield on that day apart from the one that had killed Aunt Katerina.” He explained.
Gianna didn’t say a word, she just sat and listened to what Dane had to say.

“It was recorded she gave birth to a male and female twin and they were all in the car after going to shop for groceries.
But after the accident, only her body was found in the car.
The kids were nowhere to be found.
And checking the geographical closeness, both you and Gianna were admitted in the same hospital.
Plus the fact that both you blood matched each others,
It became obvious that the both of you are from one person.” Dane explained,
Gianna turned to Andre,
“Since when did you know about this?” She asked him with tears in her eyes,

“Dane told me about it after you got kidnapped by my uncles.” He replied her,
She only nodded.
Why isn’t she saying anything?
Andre asked himself.
Dean was finding a hard time believing all what they’re saying,
It can’t be true,
If he was Gianna’s twin,
Then it means he’s a De Marco and not a Wilson.
Which implies that he has been crushing on his younger sister.
He isn’t buying it.

“All these might be just assumptions,
Give me a real proof.” He said to Dane,
His older brother sighed.
Dean hasn’t been someone to believe something without have full proof and now he’s really going to have to believe them cause Dane came prepared.
He brought out an hospital report and handed it to Dean
“Here you go.”
Dean collected the reports from his brother and opened it,
It’s a blood test report and it says that both Gianna and Deans blood are match,
He opened the other one,
It’s another blood test report on Dean and Dane. It says that their blood doesn’t match at all.

“So what do you have to say about this?” Dane asked him,
He was speechless.
Dane equally brought out some old photos of Gianna,
Photos of her as a kid and two photos of Dean as a kid her age,
He handed the photos to Dean,
It was obvious that the both of them are twin looking at the photos.

Dean looked at Gianna,
Tears were free flowing from her eyes as she looked at him,
He couldn’t believe this,
The only woman he had loved and was willing to fight all odds for was his sister,
His twin sister.
Then he recalled the movie that had brought them together,
Green Love.
Green Love was a movie about two sibling falling in love with each other and realising that they aren’t sibling later on,
While both of them who’d starred in the movie where two different people who’d liked themselves and find out that they’re siblings afterwards.
What a fate?

He stood up from the seat and went to Gianna,
She couldn’t move from where she was crying,
He sat beside her and wrapped his arms around her,
“Gianna.” He whispered to her,
“It’s okay Gigi,
Stop crying.” That was the only words he could tell her,
He didn’t really know what to say to her to stop crying.
In everything,
She’s still the first woman in his life.
Whether as a his crush or friend or even sister,
She’s still the first.

Gianna couldn’t even say a word to him,
It was just like they’re just meeting for the first time in their life and she found out that he’s her elder brother,
She did relaxed in his arms but didn’t say anything.
This is too much for her to handle,
Andre knew all along but didn’t tell her,
He made a fool out of her by not telling her.

The drive home for Gianna and Andre was a quiet one,
She didn’t talk to him and when he did talk to her,
She ignored him.
They got home to the boys,
Gianna took the boys to bed and told them their bedtime stories,
After they slept,
She went to her room and lay on the bed,
Thinking on what had happened that night.
Andre came into the room.
The doctor called.” He said to her,
She didn’t even turn,” He said that the operation on Jasmine would be by 9am tomorrow and he would want us to be there.” He informed,
She only nodded and covered herself with the blanket.
“Anna.” Andre called her again,
No response.
“Sorry for not telling you about Dean.” He said to her,
She didn’t reply him,
But deep down she isn’t angry at him,
She’s just surprised at the news and as well looking for away to blackmail him to carry Jasmine’s baby.
He thinks he’s the only one that can play dirty right?
He should watch her trick on him.

The next morning,
Andre drove Gianna to the hospital before the appointed time,
She was still not talking to him and it bothered him a whole lot.
Getting to the hospital,
She left the car while he did park.
“Miss McKenna, you’re here?” The doctor asked seeing her,
She nodded with a smile,
“Good morning doctor.” She greeted the man,
The operation section is about to begin.” He informed her,
Gianna nodded and followed him to the ICU to bring out the still unconscious Jasmine.
When they brought her out,
Gianna did come to the stretcher and touched Jasmine’s hand,
“Don’t worry,
Your baby would be safe.
Goodluck.” She whispered to the unconsciousness woman.

The nurse then pushed her into the operation theatre while Gianna waited behind.
Andre came awhile later,
Seeing her seat by the waiting room,
He knew for sure that the operating session had begun.
He sat beside her not saying a word to her and she did none to him.
After waiting for almost two hours,Andre stood up,
“Would you like something to eat?” He asked her,
She shook her head,
“I’m not hungry yet.” She said to him.
Actually she’s far from hungry,
Her main concern for now is the baby and Jasmine,
Most especially the baby.
“Anna,I said I’m sorry already.” He pleaded,
She looked at him.

The cold and high profile Andre is begging her,
Telling her sorry.
Such an amusing sight.
She thought to herself.
She almost smiled but held herself,
He shouldn’t know I’m just pretending to be angry at him.

Soon the doctor came out,
Gianna stood up immediately at went to him,
So did Andre,
How’s she?” Both of the asked simultaneously,
Gianna looked at Andre and was surprised he asked,
Too fast uh.
The good news is that its a baby girl and she’s premature but safe,
But the mother is still in a critical condition.” He announced,
Poor Jasmine,
Her daughter had been the one holding her lifeline.

Can we see the child please?” Andre asked,
Gianna looked at him,
The baby is in an incubator but you can still see her.” The doctor said to them both,
Gianna followed him while Andre towed behind them.
He took them into the ICU for kids.
One of the nurses there gave them clinically protecting gloves and surgical masks,
Both Gianna and Andre wore the items given to them,
“There’s your daughter.” He pointed to one of the two babies in the room,
Andre and Gianna followed his direction to the little creature in a transparent crib like ceramic box.

There was a lot of tubes and wires attached to her tiny red body,
“Those are for nutrition, oxygen and medication to keep her alive.” The doctor said to them,
Gianna nodded.
“She’s so small.” She said to the doctor as she peered through the crib like box,
She’s premature and hasn’t fully developed.
But with good nutrition,
Standby oxygen,proper medication and time,
She’ll be fine.” He said to her.

“Doctor can we touch her?” Andre asked the doctor,
Not now.
Her body is still frail and fragile and is probed to infections, so I’ll advised she isn’t touched to avoid the infection.” He advised,
Gianna couldn’t take her eyes off Andre,
Is he doing this intentionally?
Or is he real?
She’d wanted him to be likely this but not so soon.
As long as he’s being good and caring towards the child.

What’s your baby’s name?
We’ll need the name to put in the name tag to be able to identify your baby.” One of the nurse said to them,
Andre looked at Gianna and smiled,
“Alicia True De Marco,
Her name’s Alicia True De Marco.” He said to Gianna with a smiling face,
“Alicia True De Marco.” The nurse repeated,
She wrote down the name on her tab and left both Andre and Gianna.
“Why that name?” Gianna asked him,
He frowned,
“You don’t like it?”
He asked,
“No, I like it.
Just surprised you gave her your name even when you don’t like her.” She said,
“Anna,I love her and I’ll treat her like my daughter from now onwards,
She’s Alicia a True De Marco,
That’s her name,
Alicia True De Marco.” He repeated kissing Gianna slightly on the forehead.

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