By Quin Tully

Episode 78

(All in order)

Through the next few months,
Things went very smoothly for all except for the fact that Jasmine didn’t survive the operation.
Dean finally got over his feeling for Gianna and accepted the fact she’s his younger sister.

They even went along to see the old man at the hospital several times and the man so happy to see them.
Seeing his long lost grandchildren and his other great grandson,
He felt nothing but immense joy.
“Now I can die peacefully and so my soul can finally rest since I’ve met my complete family.”
He said to Andre,
He smiled,
You’re not dying anytime soon,
You still haven’t seen the last of your great grandchildren.”
He was referring to Baby Alicia who was still in the Hospital ICU.

Ever since he named the baby,
Andre had started having a new light on the baby.
He’d ordered she got transferred to his private hospital and had ordered five nurses to be taking care of her day in and out.
Since she was to be coming home in the next few weeks.

Andre made all necessary arrangement to lavishly accommodate a new baby in the house.
A golden basinet,
A Louis Vuitton baby pacifier and music box.
A nursery room and baby closet.
In fact,
Every arrangement made by him to welcome his daughter was cost more than a fortune.
It became way too costly Gianna started complaining about it,
“Andre were just welcoming a baby and not a goddess.” She complaints and after her came home with a customized Fendi stroller with Alicia’s name over it.
Not just any baby but my baby girl,
Our baby girl Gianna.” He said,
Gianna sighed,
“And what are you going to welcome me with?” She asked him,
He pushed the stroller aside and pulled her closer,
“You have me and my all to yourself,
You own me,
My kids,
My properties,
In fact,you own my whole existence.” He said planting a kiss on her forehead.

He fumbled with her blouse,
Not again,
She pushed his hands away,
“Not now Andre,
The boys would be back soon and remember Dean’s coming over with Louisa for dinner,
So you let me go so I can finish up before….” He shut her up with a very pleasant and alluring kiss.

“You don’t have to worry about anything while with me.” He whispered between kisses.
He wasn’t given her the chance to catch her breathe with his demanding kisses,
She tried forcing her mouth close but he neebled her lips and in no time, he started biting her……

” Daddy!” Gianna heard the boy’s yell from outside,
Immediately she pushed Andre away from herself and went to the door to welcome both her sons.
The door opened and both boys ran into her,
“Mommy!” They called simultaneously,
Gianna hugged them both and kissed each on the cheeks.
“How’re you my champs?” She asked them,
“We’re doing fine Mom.” Justin replied on his and his brothers half.

Dean had taken a great liking to Louisa, after the shocking revelation.
He decided to give himself a chance on love again by dating Louisa.
He’d introduced the girl to his brother and also to Gianna,
And they all seem to like her.
Currently the both of them have been out of the city and are returning that night.
Same time, having dinner with Gianna, Andre and the boys.

While for Gianna and Andre,
their wedding date is to be announced of the old man’s birthday like earlier planned.
The old man had also wanted to rewrite everything,
Since he’d met two of his grandchildren,
He wanted to give some asset to both Gianna and Dean and also to the boys but Dean had refused.
He wasn’t the type of person that believed in will and heirloom.

Don’t worry about it,
Andre is the best person to watch over everything while you aren’t no more and you still have more years to live,
So you both gat things under control.” He’d told the old man.

Although, the old man frowned to it but still did agree.
He couldn’t leave without keeping anything for Dean,
Since he was in love with Entertainment, he decided that being the CEO of Denver Tower and a few more Entertainment House he’d under his name will do the job.

Dean, after much persuasion he couldn’t decline the old man’s offer,
So he accepted it.

While to Gianna,
He decided that since she and Andre are about to get married,
Everything under Andre’s name before was configured to both their names.

But the old man did pull a real trick on both of them,
While signing the Will,
He’d told his attorney to include another document there.
In this document,
It was stated that the both of them can’t separate from each other on no account.
Neither can they both get an annulment on their marriage or leave separately.
Breaching this contract was going to cost them everything including their kids.

Dean had helped the old man in this trick,
Seeing how much Andre loved Gianna,
He didn’t want them to ever be apart from each other,
So he told the old man about this trick and it did work.
Not until after signing the documents did he and the old man tell the couple what they’ve actually done.
“It’s no big deal,
Cause we’ll never ever breach that deal.” Andre said,
“Anna here,” He pulled Anna closer,
“She’s stuck with me for life.” He tickled her earlobes with his tongue,
“Andre!” She playfully cried,
He’s squishing me.” She complaints end to the old man,
“Hey big baby,
Let her go,
Stop squishing my Ekaterina.” The man warned,
Everyone laughed.
He’d the habit of calling Gianna Ekaterina,
As in Katerina and Ekaterina.
And everyone finds it funny.

In just two more weeks,
Baby Alicia would be coming home and grandfather would be celebrating his birthday and also handing over the Staff of Authority of the family to Andre.

Andres and Gianna’s wedding date would also be announced on that special day,
Since everything was about getting better, Andre decided its the best time to tell Gianna the true identity of their son Reid and also let her in on some things concerning himself.
He’d spoken to Reid about telling his mommy his big secret but the boy was reluctant about it,
“But what if mommy hates me and decided to kill me for murdering those people?” He asked with fear written all over him,
She’s never going to hate you or kill you,
You only killed that man cause he tried to kill your mommy and you,
It was self defense…”

“Then aunt Camille and grandma Carol?” He asked.
Andre gasped,
“Wait, were you the one who had ordered their death?” He asked the boy,
Reid nodded.
He never knew his son had gone that far.

He’d met the man who Reid had given the job,
Seeing the man act suspicious,
He called him on to tell him what he was up to,
The man had refused to tell him,
So Andre blackmailed him that he’s going to call the cops and tell them how he does illicit deals and also tried to r@pe his woman.
The man was scared,
He has been to jail countless times but going now because of Andre, it would really be hard and tougher than him,
So he decided to tell Andre but he didn’t disclose Reid’s identity.
Andre opened the trunk and saw Carlo and Camille unconscious,
He paid the man not to kill them cause he believed that it might be someone they’ve owed and can’t pay back or someone that they’ve both mistreated that was going back.
Rather he asked the man to take them somewhere they don’t know and have them live there,
He doesn’t want them to be pestering his woman or his son,
But little did he know that it was his son who’d issued that death sentence on the mother and daughter duo.

That was so harsh of you.” He said to the boy,
“Let’s do it this way,
We wouldn’t tell her about those murder part,
We’re just gonna tell her about you being the CEO of Dunnex Toy Empire and also Dream Land Fair.
It would be better that way right?” He asked the boy,
Reid nodded,
But deep down,
He couldn’t still let go of the fear that was overriding him.
He looked at the man in front of him,
“What if she ask about…
Daddy, I’m scared.” The boy said,
Andre pulled him closer,
“You don’t have to be son,
I promise I would make this as easy as possible for you,
That’s if you would allow me take care of things my way.” He said to the boy,
Reid nodded.
“You’ll right?”
“Yes I will.”

After dinner that night,
Gianna was watching over baby Alicia in a webcam,
A Webcam she’d set up by the incubator so she can be able to watch over the baby 24/7.
All she just had to do was get it connected in her phone,
And have her baby being watched by her.

She was sitting on the couch watching Baby Alicia sleep when Andre came in with both Reid and Justin.
“Anna.” Andre called her,
She looked up from the phone.
Seeing the three of them with long faces,
She felt uncomfortable.
“What happened?” She asked Andre,
He didn’t say anything but did come in front of her and squat,
“I and the boys have something important to tell you.” Andre said to her.

Reid was carrying all the files concerning his true identity.
Andre made the boys seat.
“What’s it?” She asked them,
Andre collected the files from the boy and gave it to her,
“But promise you aren’t going to get mad at Ried or myself or Justin.” He said to her,
Gianna didn’t know what was going on,
So she innocently nodded.
She opened the files and read the content,
After reading and studying it for over some minutes, she turned to Andre and the boys and began to laugh.
Andre and the boys were surprised,
Does she think they’re joking or playing a prank on her?
They asked themselves as she continued to laugh hysterically.

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