THE CONGRUENCE Episodes 22 – 26

Those memories seared my heart and I daily pray to God to give me the strength to completely forgive my dad and wipe those memories.

 After all, I still learnt something from him…how not to treat my wife”
 I was feeling so close to Folahan that night; I laid my head on his left shoulder as I shared my own story of the abuse I witnessed as a child.
“Wow, I guess abuse is not a function of class or societal standing.

 May God help us to do it right and make our children tell better stories about us in Jesus’ name”
I wasn’t sure whether to say Amen or not…that was the second time Folahan was hinting at marriage or at least, a future together.
 He looked at me intently and said “Or we are not planning to have children?”
I just smiled
That was the day I got to talk to Folahan’s siblings abroad, we didn’t feel like sleeping so he called them…he had talked to them about me and they couldn’t wait to talk to me.
 My new job at the bank required that I also traveled to Lagos for a 3-week New Employee Orientation and Training. The bank provided accommodation and bought the flight ticket. It was my first time on a plane and Folahan had encouraged me because I was a little scared. I was going to miss him so much; I had gotten so used to seeing him every day. 

 “Don’t worry, I won’t be too far away…I could even surprise you with a visit”
He dropped me off at the airport and waited for me to go through security. It was so hard to walk away from him I had intentionally asked not to be put on a window seat, I wasn’t planning to look down from way up there…not a fan of heights, landscapes or aerial views.
When I finally found my seat, guess who was sitting next to me…


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