THE FALLEN ANGEL: Chapter 11-20

?The fallen Angel ? ?

? Chapter 11?

? JUN Pyo’s POV ?

I was heading to my car when i saw them in that position.. pumpkin was lying on top of Shin hye..

Suddenly I was clouded with rage.. what’s wrong with me??

Maybe i should ignore them .. but why is she not standing up?? Am sure she is enjoying going to teach that shin hye a lesson..

I angrily went over there and dragged her up…

“Didn’t i tell you to stay off her” I screamed giving him a punch on his face

“Stop it Jun pyo!! can’t you see he is bleeding” she worriedly said rushing over to shin hye..

I can’t believe this, so she is taking his side instead of mine..

“What’s wrong with you dude?? Is not what you’re thinking”Shin hye said holding his bleeding lips…

” I don’t care!! all i know is stay off her” I thundered

“No!! I and shin hye are friends and i was just trying to help him” she intruded

Why is she supporting him??

Is she in love with him??

No!! That can’t be possible

“Let’s go” I said to pumpkin,who was busy cleaning up his wounds

“No Jun pyo, can’t you see that am nursing his wounds,go I will come shortly” she said

Why should I even bother myself,I don’t care if they are together..

I decided to leave, but then I had a weird imagination..
I saw shin hye kssing pumpkin and she was busy m0aning and enjoying his touch.. she even told him that she loves him…
No!! No!! This can’t happen..I quickly turned back and went to her

“You’re coming with me now”I commanded


“But nothing.. let’s go” I said dragging her forcefully by her wrist

“Let me go Jun pyo” she cried

“No!! You’re my bodyguard and you have to follow my command” I said still dragging her.. until we got to the car..

“Get in” I commanded

” Fk you Jun pyo” she said before entering the car

I really don’t know why am doing this..

I sigh and drove off..
We got to the house.. she refused to speak with me…looks like she is angry…

Anyways,I don’t care..Am her boss and I can do whatever I want..

“Hey pumpkin,I don’t care how you your boss and you have to listen to all my wishes” I angrily said to her

“Do you know what your problem is?? You’re so full of yourself and that’s why nobody wants to be friends with you” she screamed

“I don’t care what others think,I rule my world and everything in it” I said

“And yes,am not doing this because I love or care about me you’re nothing but a sl.ut” I continued

“Really… you know what?? You’re a sc.umbag and that is the reason why your girlfriend left you.. fk you Jun pyo..I… HATE… YOU..”she cried throwing the pillows on the couch at me before running upstairs..

My heart seemed as if the world was crushing on me..

Why does she have to remind me of my past??

I held my chest and cried as the pain of that day came afresh….

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